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Mon 15th October, 2012

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CM30 commented on Dear Nintendo, Please Let The Next Wario Land ...:

That looks absolutely incredible. Seriously, if that's what the next game looks like, I will buy it day one, no question asked.

Just a shame it's not actually being made as a fan game or something...



CM30 commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

This is depressing. I mean, not only does this mark the end of a long history (the Nintendo Official Magazine days were awesome, right?), but also the end of Nintendo's only property to actually get how to connect with their fans. Seriously.

Maybe I'll buy the last issue just for nostalgia's sake...



CM30 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

1. And it matters how? Fact is, Mario Kart 8 will help sell the Wii U, and likely end up being the best selling game for the system overall. There's nothing to dislike there, especially when you fail to consider that past games were on consoles which for the most part caught on fairly quickly and had larger audiences in general.

2. I don't think this change ruins the game. Yes I'd prefer proper arenas (ideally ones with interesting things to do in them), but come on, Yoshi Valley makes a far more interesting arena than say, Palm Shore or Tart Top.

3. As for the diversity crap... yeah what a freaking joke.It's a freaking go kart racing game set in a fantasy world. One where 'race' in the sad, stupid human sense (and yes, it is a stupid concept, people are just people) probably doesn't exist. Besides, characters in fiction are meant to be... well, characters. This ain't Tomodachi Life, they're not representing you, nor are they representing anyone else. They're just Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc.

But hey, apparently a certain percentage of the political/social 'left' seems to be so far gone in terms of delusions that they think all games should somehow match reality 100% and that people are evil for not agreeing with them.

It's pretty much the 'left wing' equivalent to religious people complaining about video game content and moral guardians treating games like they're violence encouraging tools of a world fallen to evil. Except because they're coming from the other side of the political spectrum, a certain amount of people will never call them out on their crap.

TDLR: Yes sales will be lower, but it's fine. Battle mode will be fine. Diversity isn't an issue in a Mario Kart game.



CM30 commented on Review: Wario Land 4 (Wii U eShop / Game Boy A...:

I loved this game when it first came out. Bit disappointed you said the enemy design wasn't too good though, the bosses are some of the more interesting ones in any Mario universe game (especially the clock used as the boss of the Ruby Passage).

And yes, the music in this game is awesome. Especially given how it's on the GBA, a system who's sound capabilities were for the most part, limited.



CM30 commented on New eBook Will Analyse Wario Land 4 In Nearly ...:

As someone who's both talked to the author of the book about game design and matters and does really like Wario Land 4, this book seems kind of interesting to me.

Although you may also want to check out the articles on his site beforehand, since they go into a bunch of stuff, including some more on the game.



CM30 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

Okay, this is the most stupid Nintendo has ever made. At least about the 3DS anyway.

It's not their job to police the internet and people's communications. And thanks to their stupid 'think of the children' crap, the tool is now completely useless for me and about 80% of 3DS owners outside Japan. Thanks Nintendo, just thanks...



CM30 commented on Talking Point: The Challenges When Writing Abo...:

Yes, there's definitely a worry of advertising dollars affecting review scores and what not, it was bad enough that I remember one writer getting fired from Gamespot due to giving a heavily advertised game a bad review.

But I don't think it's generally as much of a problem outside of the big gaming news sites and print magazines to be honest. I mean, I don't trust Gamespot, IGN and others like them at all, because they're fairly likely to be paid off in at least some way. But for a site like Nintendo Life, I doubt they're being told what to write or influenced too much by Nintendo's marketing team.

And hey, any bias a site like this has is normal, it's a fan site about Nintendo. Of course they're going to be all positive about Nintendo franchises, the writers likely grew up playing them up and are fans of the games.



CM30 commented on Counterfeit Nintendo Games Seller Faces Jail Term:

Anyone saying that lower prices would have fixed this, read the Croyden Post article that's linked. He was either selling multi game carts or flash cards, you can't legitly sell games for less than that (and no, Nintendo can't sell games for less than a dollar/pound each). He's just a thief trying to profit off Nintendo's hard work, and deserves all he gets.