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Thu 19th May 2011

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cinnamon commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

A very interesting point about MP3 > CD argument however, there is something undeniably fascinating about physical media. A big advantage is that it holds memories and nostalgia that digital copies just can't. For example, most people nowadays definitely don't carry CDs around true, but, go yo their homes and you find CD collections. Same with DVDs. these things also hold value, you can SELL or trade these - sometimes at high value especially to collectors. I bought a Gameboy Colour Dragom Warrior III (dragon quest 3) cartridge for £50 - and I'm not rich, but I paid it as the physical media is something I cherish. Nintendo must know this and realise that such things ultimately add value to them - a physical object creates a tangible evolution of it's brand and it's legacy is far more potently displayed physically.

25 or whatever years later, people STILL cherish their Super Mario Bros cartridges - 24 years from now, they still will most likely. Do you think people will reminisce over Angry Birds? perhaps (whatever your opinions it has been a benchmark in the industry for it's impact alone) but what tangible link will there be I wonder? iPhones and smartphones will LONG have moved on and they certainly won't be kept by people (to an operational level) the way people do their old NES systems + games.

Even with music, look at LPs and vinyls - that's the lasting legacy of that generation and I just feel that games cannot be directly compared. Who knows how the Market and fans will absorb entertainment moving forward. The rate things are moving, I'm sure physical media will be less and less practical. I totally agree with your point being valid on that practical level - maybe the way forward is to allow people to transfer a digital version (kind of like owning a CD/DVD but we can ourselves move it onto mp3/mp4 players) of course that brings up the skeleton surrounding piracy but that is a plague affecting all digital media already. If technology and advancement in anti-piracy can be achieved (if ever!) then this idea could really be a win-win for collectors and also remain practical.

Who knows what the future holds, time will tell. As a gamer, I just want quality games and a memorable experience.