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Chubblings commented on Nintendo of Europe Launches Its Cyber Deals We...:

Woah...Nintendo such good sales . This is honestly a huge disappointment, especially when you compare to how Sony does sales. If they really wanted 'major discounts', then 3D World should be £10-15, Wonderful 101 should be £5, 3D land £10, and Puzzles and Dragons £5.



Chubblings commented on Feature: Our Top Wii U Games - Third Anniversa...:

@VeeFlamesNL A sad truth of the industry today, is that games are much more expensive to develop, yet the prices of games hasn't accordingly risen, so that's why we see things such as DLC, and games not being complete at launch. I do agree, scoring really shouldn't be a thing, I think words should do it along with an overall recommendation, kind of how like GameXplain, Kotaku, etc. do reviews.

@abe_hikura I didn't know IGN re-reviewed it, so I just checked it out. I think they're complaining about voice chat too much. It is a thing to mention as a fault, yes, but lack of voice chat in no way ruins the game (as evidenced by its popularity). Nevertheless, IGN reviews tend to be all over the place (too much water, anyone), so I generally don't put too much faith in them.



Chubblings commented on Feature: Our Top Wii U Games - Third Anniversa...:

@VeeFlamesNL Nintendo really outdid themselves, it's a fantastic game, that is a breath of fresh air, not just amongst Nintendo games, but rather across the whole industry. Splatoon has truly been one of the best games of this generation. But on a side-note, the main complaints at launch from reviews were lack of content...but by now, I think that negative has been solved. Since all the add-ons were free and available to all, don't you think Splatoon should get a re-review?



Chubblings commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

It seems like the gameplay is solid, but the content is just too bare-bones, at least that's what I got from this review and the GameXplain one. Honestly charging full RRP for this is highway robbery. This should have been an e-Shop budget title, £15 would have easily been fair. There's no defending Nintendo on this one—it was a simple cash grab, understandable considering they have nothing else for the holidays (Xenoblade is fantastic, but it's a niche title that just doesn't have the casual appeal). At the very least, Nintendo could still market this and get a lot of money from the casual market, simply because of the Mario name.

In no way do I condone their actions (if that's what you got from the comment), and it is rather sad to see Nintendo doing this. At the very least, they could redeem themselves by supplying the game with constant free DLC adding contents and modes, à la Splatoon, but I don't see them really caring that much about it, as this was clearly something they knew was destined to be filler.



Chubblings commented on Video: Watch Kids React To The Original Pokém...:

@VIIIAxel It's weird, I was talking about it with a bunch of my friends, who also watched it growing up, and we all agreed that Hoenn was the last good season, and Sinnoh was when it all went downhill. The games have always been fantastic, but I just wonder what happened in terms of production/writers/etc. that made the show go downhill in Sinnoh.



Chubblings commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

Honestly, I like having physical copies, but I'd be perfectly Ok with a download only future. The problem is Nintendo just has a TERRIBLE digital infrastructure. The fact that games are tied to the hardware and not the system is RIDICULOUS (especially since the PS3 and 360 had account based systems and those were back in 2006-07). Also, Nintendo has awful pricing for digital games—just way too expensive. Having played on all platforms (PC, Sony's consoles, Microsoft consoles), if any of those three went download only, I wouldn't mind (in fact, disks are dying out on PC anyways), but Nintendo is in no position to move to retail downloads.



Chubblings commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma Plays Dress-Up As He Shows ...:

I have so much respect for Anouma and his works, but Triforce Heroes just doesn't cut it for me (it's not my cup of tea, but if it's yours, then by all means go ahead and enjoy it). But I do have to admit after that demo, I can say that the music is still fantastic, and that jingle mini-game is so addicting (the one where you hit a ball-like object and you juggle it by slashing your sword, and so long as you juggle it, classic Zelda tunes play).



Chubblings commented on New Details Emerge Around Phoenix's Story in P...:

This was a Day 1 buy even before it was 'officially' revealed. I LOVE Ace Attorney (especially the Phoenix games), and am looking forward to see some familiar faces who we haven't seen since T&T but were referenced in DD (like Maya).



Chubblings commented on Next Splatoon Patch Drops October 20th, Rapid ...:

Been so pleased with Splatoon since Day 1, and each update does really let it "stay fresh." Such updates really give me a reason to come back to Splatoon each week, and the best part is, this is all free (and not paid DLC). I'm aware that some of the earlier updates were timed unlocks, but that hasn't stopped other developers before from cutting things out from the main game and charging money for it.



Chubblings commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

I'd love TP HD because the visuals of TP today can be a bit difficult to look at (mostly because its beautiful art style deserved better than the Wii's hardware). Wind Waker didn't need a remake IMO (a re-release on VC would have been fine) because the original still looked good (though I will say I LOVED Wind Waker HD). It should be a remaster of the Cube version though, as anyone can get the Wii version (while Cube one is a bit rarer).

Also with a remaster, there are some things they could add, such as Hero Mode (TP is the easiest 3D Zelda—it's nearly impossible to die in the game), more little quests on Hyrule Field to make it less barren (simple things such as, challenges, etc.), no loading screens (so entirely seamless gameplay), maybe make the intro to the game shorter, improve the wolf sections, etc. Personally TP is my least favourite 3D Zelda (though it is by no means a bad game), but I'd still be pumped for this. It's obvious that if TP HD is real, that it's a compensation for Zelda U coming out in 2016 as opposed to 2015.

The thing about remakes/re-releases (as seen on PS4/X1/WiiU) is that I wish Nintendo set up a "remaster studio" like Sony does, because then you know that these projects don't take away from developing new games.



Chubblings commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma's Zelda: Tri Force Heroes I...:

@HenFjo The 30th anniversary thing really does work out perfectly, but yeah, TP & SS were both delayed, so a 3D Zelda being delayed doesn't really surprise me too much. I've got no problems with this delay; I'm all for Nintendo making the best possible Zelda they can (cue Shigeru Miyamoto quote about delayed better than rushed).



Chubblings commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma's Zelda: Tri Force Heroes I...:

@rjejr I also remember how sure they both sounded,esp. Anouma. He was so confident, like "Zelda U will DEFINITELY be out in 2015". The fact that he was so confident back then leads me to think that something happened in development—perhaps dual NX release, maybe technical problems related to hardware, or maybe they wanted to add more to the game so it really is the definitive Zelda experience.

As for Star Fox though, I'm glad they're spending more time on it, but at the same time, delaying it by a few months won't exactly allow them to completely change anything; the final product will likely just be a more polished version of what we saw at E3.

But yeah, I've learned, NEVER trust Nintendo with release dates for games, until the game is literally out in stores.



Chubblings commented on Animal Crossing amiibo Triple Pack Confirmed F...:

Going to try to keep an open mind about this, but it's starting to grow on me, and oddly enough, to me this looks better than Happy Home Designer. If only we had gotten a proper Animal Crossing for Wii U as opposed to this, though.



Chubblings commented on Video: This is How Single Player Works in The ...:

I'm a massive Zelda fan, but I guess I'll have to skip this as single player doesn't look that good. Even the multiplayer itself doesn't look THAT amazing. First with Happy Home Designer, now with Triforce Heroes—A lot of this E3 line-up that was announced just hasn't felt that enticing to me (I would normally never skip a Zelda or Animal Crossing title). Don't get me wrong, there are still solid games that are coming, but overall I feel that Q4 2015 is one of the most disappointing in years (it's only just barely been saved by games like Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, etc.).



Chubblings commented on Rumour: Data Miner Uncovers Evidence Of Twilig...:

IMO in terms of graphics, TP needs the remake/HD remaster because the original just doesn't look that great, or hasn't aged well, which is most likely due to the realistic art-style, which was better suited to HD than SD. SS on the other hand, is fine because like with WW, it's art style makes it timeless, to where it'll always look good.



Chubblings commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015 - Q4 Ed...:

Yokai Watch & Mystery Dungeon, but those are all coming in 2016 in Europe, so I guess nothing really holds my attention (no Triforce Heroes, because single player might not be great). Might pick up Butoden when I have the time though.

Granted Q4 might be disappointing, but 2016 definitely has 2015 beat in 3DS games, including Fire Emblem Fates, Project X Zone 2, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, and of course Yokai Watch and Mystery Dungeon for the non-US people (though tbh, Fire Emblem Fates already does the job for me for next year).



Chubblings commented on Video: Here, Have Some More Zany Japanese Zeld...:

@Dawn-Shade It's great that the game has download play, but what's a bit of a bummer is that, you NEED three players to do local co-op. This makes sense because the game functions best with three players, but I was hoping you could also do two-player co-op, with the third character being a clone type figure (similar to the ones in single player).



Chubblings commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

$4000 goal already reached by now. I guess technically, the Pokémon Company has rights to their IP, but as many have said, they could have just given the guy a cease and desist. Also, it seems more like the guy wasn't trying to make a massive profit of off the IP, but rather just make sure the expenses for the party were covered. And the event would have only given them extra publicity. Now I'm not one of those who are saying that they are going to outright stop buying Pokémon products just because of this incident (no, I will still buy their games)—after all, these companies do this kind of stuff on a regular basis (doesn't make it right necessarily, but they still do it): the Pokémon Company is no exception. Although they're being pretty stupid, as sure, they're squeezing $4000 from this guy, but all the negative press and loss of faith in the company, leads to them losing sales from multiple people (so they're losing money from this). Their greed ironically makes them lose money, and I'm overall glad that the man was able to reach his $4000 goal.



Chubblings commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Don't get me wrong, I love Xenoblade and some of these games on the list are good (i.e FAST Racing), but this is one of most lackluster holiday line-ups I've seen in years. Star Fox wouldn't have changed anything (as it's not a big title). If Zelda U had been on for this year (along with Star Fox a bit earlier), then perhaps this line-up would have been decent. Otherwise, I'm very disappointed to say the least.



Chubblings commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

@Artwark You probably saw Dr_Lugae's comment, which pretty much summed up what I had to say. Sure, 500,000 may not be a lot for a game, like Mario Kart per se, but for Fire Emblem, this is the best it's ever been, and considering it was initially a niche series, 500K is fantastic. Nintendo was more than pleased with Awakening's sales, enough that they continued the franchise, and with Fates, they likely anticipated around the same sales target. The fact that Fates is going to easily be the best selling title in the ENTIRE franchise (more than Awakening) is all that matters (the relative quantity is what's important, not the quantity in general). The Advance Wars franchise is great, but they sold poorly—Fire Emblem at this point, is WAY above the Advance Wars sales level (which, even though I loved them, they did sell poorly).

I understand the concern, and to answer your question as to why it's not on the charts this week, it's been on the charts for months since its debut, which is impressive in itself, and FE, like many other games/franchises, isn't exactly known for long-standing legs in sales (only a select few franchises like Mario, fit into that category).



Chubblings commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

@Artwark I might have missed the sarcasm, but Fire Emblem Fates sold extremely well in Japan (considering the series' history). I believe it not only had the best FE launch to date, but I think Awakening has sold 500K+ (lifetime sales) in Japan, and Fates has already broken 400K+, and is on its way to 500K. Fire Emblem has never been a multi-million copies seller, and they're actually doing well, so I don't see the "DOOMED"



Chubblings commented on Capcom Announces Anime Adaptations Of Monster ...:

@Discipledoctor I thought so, especially when NintendoLife said it was based on AA6, but they casually throw around the old Edgeworth design (whereas he had a new one in DD), and just show Maya like that (when she hasn't even been in an AA game since T&T, if you don't count cameos in the Edgeworth games).

Definitely going to watch the Ace Attorney anime, as it's been something that just perfectly fits (visual novel gameplay translates well to anime).

But that Ace Attorney 6 trailer, a trial with defence attorneys and spirit mediums as prosecutors (though I saw that Payne cameo in the trailer)...that sounds so ridiculous that I can't wait! But geez, with all the "Kurain" and "spirit medium" talk in the game, if that doesn't confirm Maya or Pearls, I don't know what does (though, I hope Gumshoe sneeks in somehow). Also, that T&T/DD Objection theme remix in the trailer...I like it.



Chubblings commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Wii U eSho...:

I've played all the FE games that have come to the West (haven't played the Japan exclusive ones though), and I'm going to ignore the 'waifu simulator' comments (because I have to admit, I actually do like that as a side thing), but although all FE games are great in their own right, Shadow Dragon's always been my least favourite in the series. The predictably boring story, lack of character development (the characters just weren't as interesting as ones in other entries in the series), killing your own units (I HATED that) to unlock bonus chapters, and messed up growth rates make this my least favourite FE game.



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

@RedDevilAde They do say great minds think alike...but I'm pretty sure the October trailer (if you saw it) was a turning point in the minds of many people in regards to 3D World. And you look at a game like 3D World, where Nintendo proved us wrong, I'm hoping that's the case for the titles they announced at E3 this year (like Star Fox, and Federation Force).

Overall, I think 3D World is to the Wii U as Wind Waker was to the Gamecube: both fantastic games, which were criticised pre-release for appearing to be disappointments to their respective franchises, and then they came out, and proved to us that Nintendo knows what they're doing (for the most part).



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

3D World is definitely my favourite Mario game, and this is coming from someone who prefers 3D Mario titles to the 2D ones (both 2D and 3D Mario's are superb though). I played through the game mostly without co-op (with co-op, is where it especially shines), and I loved everything about it—level design, visuals/art style, performance (60fps was much needed). Though I got it at launch in 2013 and beat it shortly afterwards, I'm still struggling with 100%ing that last level (especially, with all 5 characters), easily one of the hardest Mario levels I've ever played.

It's really funny though, that at E3, I was incredibly disappointed (even though I did like 3D Land on 3DS, I expected something grander for Wii U), thinking this would be the worst 3D Mario, but I believe, around the time Nintendo released the October trailer for the game, that I realised just how wrong it was, and it's not only one of the, but rather, the best Mario I've ever played. I have no idea how they're going to top 3D World with the next 3D Mario (though I feel like I always say "I don't know how they're going to top insert current Mario title with the next one, and then they always do_.



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

Galaxy was great (and it had the superior story, music by slightly), but I found Galaxy 2 to just be superior in terms of gameplay. Galaxy was way too easy, and though I did like it, Galaxy 2 just refined everything in the first game + increased difficulty, and was overall a more fun experience for me. Both are superb games though.



Chubblings commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

I stopped using Game as soon as Nintendo Store UK came, as I've found that for new and upcoming games for preorder, it simply has better offers, and deals (+ more collectibles). Was luckily able to grab the Super Mario Maker t-shirt, amiibo, everything bundle before it sold out on Nintendo Store. I will say though, Nintendo Store struggles severely with the issue of scalpers.
Though I had to use Game for the Splatoon amiibo bundles (but they disappointed me with that too, with their whole lorry truck being ransacked and all that)
As for general ordering, I've found Amazon and the gamecollection to have better prices and better delivery options than Game.



Chubblings commented on Gallery: Phoenix Wright is Looking Sharp in Th...:

Yes! My hype meter is definitely going higher and higher, as I learn more about this game (I hope it comes out soon), and I've been craving for a new Ace Attorney game for a long time. The original trilogy consists of some of my favourite games of all time (Trials & Tribulations is definitely in my top 5 list for favourite games of all time), and I really liked Edgeworth 2 and Dual Destinies (AJ and Edgeworth 1 were decent though). I can't wait to explore the Ace Attorney world once more, and am excited to see Maya, Gumshoe, Franziska, etc. again, who missed out on Dual Destinies, but simply HAVE to be in AA6.
I'm a bit bummed that this will be the first main series Ace Attorney game without Udgey/Judge Fickle as the judge (hoping the new Judge is good).



Chubblings commented on Weirdness: Bask in the Madness of The Legend o...:

It's definitely...a unique Zelda experience (with the story, and overall theme of the game), but hey, it looks to be a fun game, gameplay-wise, and I'm definitely getting this day one (Treehouse at E3 was convincing enough for me). I do worry about the release of Zelda U (I mean, they could at least show us some footage).