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Re: Review: UNO (WiiWare)


@cheetahman91: Every WiiSpeak game to date requires Friend Codes to work. It's part of Nintendo's "children and online interaction" paranoia; you're not allowed to talk to strangers online. They'd better adopt Xbox Live-style parental controls on the next system...this Friend Code BS has GOT to go!

@fudgenuts: At least with the DLC decks on the 360, you get new graphics, music, and gameplay options. All the decks in this version are exactly the same, but with different-colored backgrounds. So I'd say the 360 DLC is a positive optional upgrade, and not something to complain about. In fact, I wish OTHER games would have DLC like that (I want a Monopoly game with downloadable theme boards)!

Re: Review: UNO (WiiWare)


This is my only online Uno option, and I don't care about talking to my opponents (WiiSpeak or given canned lines), so I'll get this eventually after it comes to North America.

@cheetahman91 What was Gameloft supposed to do when Nintendo requires friend codes for friend games and only allows WiiSpeak among friends (although Gameloft should've allowed friend-of-friend chat)? There may be a better method that Nintendo could use for registering friends (What do the other systems use?) or at least make your friend code the same for every game, but I don't want a random stranger cussing me out when I make him draw 4.

Re: Review: Wii Fit Plus (Wii)


@cheetahman91: Yes, it is. Quite a nice deal, I think.

That multiplayer button alone is worth the upgrade for some friends I have who often use the game in a group setting; I'll just need to convince them of that. Given the low price of the upgrade, I don't think it will be too hard, though.

Re: Review: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)


@Egg_meister, @cheetahman91
It's a 1 point difference on a decades old game. CALM DOWN. This is why reviewers get pissed off - people overreacting just cause they liked a game more than the reviewers. There's even been people arguing about IGN giving a 0.1 difference between scores on entirely different games.

If you like a game, you're going to buy it none the less. Don't overreact cause someone had a different opinion than you on a game or console.

Also, some Wii games just aren't that good. Look at the score aggregates. We get less top tier games according to more reviews than just IGN.

Re: Review: Ghost Mansion Party (WiiWare)



Ooh, yes you are correct. I should have remembered it was from MP2, because you get to wear themed outfits on the board, and I don't believe they did that for MP3 in general. I also believe I remember the fight with Bowser at the end, where it names the SuperStar who will challenge him.

Re: Review: Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem (WiiWare)


@cheetahman91 and jbrodack - The graphics weren't the only complaint. He also complained about the sluggish controls and brutal difficulty. Personally, the brutal difficulty is what's keeping me from getting it, especially since someone in the forums said you can only play the modern soldier levels at the end of the hard difficulty.

Re: EarthBound


@cheetahman91: Regardless of what people say, Earthbound is likely to appear on the North American and Japanese Virtual Console (Europeans, not so much). However, the game is under legal issues with lots of copyright issue they Nintendo needs to sort out for the games Virtual Console release.

I'm sure Nintendo is doing that right now.

Re: System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right and Centre


Properly? The way of doing things properly isn't to put out an update which updates the boot sector using poorly-written code. At the very least properly is to withdraw that part of the update (or the entire thing) until you have found and solved the problem. They did neither.

The poorly written code in question regards the error correction code being re-written to the new boot2. It is a case of a small probability of that part of the Wii requiring error correction code (to skip corrupted blocks or whatever) and then a small probability of the error correction code not being re-written.

It has the potential to brick a number of Wiis but only actually will brick a few. Of course had Nintendo thought, "hey our ECC code is rubbish since the hackmii team wrote their own for bootmii*" they would have re-written their code so that it would brick no Wiis. But instead they seemed to be preoccupied with "if we delete the channel with title ID HAXX we've gotten rid of the homebrew channel...whats this? A day after our update the homebrew channel has a new title ID, back to the drawing board"
*-A homebrew application which writes to the boot sector.