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Manaphy2007 commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

the few problems wii u has are and one is a huge problem, more games, some more marketing and more 3rd party support. thing is 3rd party support is like getting a job, you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience but cant get a job without experience and the cycle continues, its the same with wii u, you need the wii u to have a lot of sales in order to get 3rd party support but you cant get any sales without 3rd party support and the cycle continues. and @cheetahman91 i hope too but not in the smartphone direction, if nintendo did then i will stop support them until these retarded investors realize they are retarded and caused permanent damage to nintendo that will never mend. full nintendo games on smartphones=no profits, look at square-enix and capcom, the proof is right there, no one actually wants full games on smartphones despite what the "trends and popular" beliefs say. nintendo games on smartphones would be like the kinect 2.0 and no one wants nightmares



Expa0 commented on Feature: Nintendo 64 Let-Downs, Head Scratcher...:

The controllers truly are awful I have four and all of them have their control stick broken.

Really? I think N64 graphics have actually aged fairly well, much better than other consoles in that gen at least. Blurriness > Jagginess.

I was actually quite impressed by the graphics when I tried some N64 games few days ago. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and DK64 still look quite nice.



kitroplious commented on Nintendo Download: 9th May 2011 (North America):

@cheetahman91: I think the demo promotion is over. It's been running for almost half a year now.

Excellent week this time around - which is a first in a long time. Nice to see it expecially on DSiWare.

Finally my DSi Shop points are drained, and now I'm getting ready for the big system update expected near the end of the month! :-)



Omega commented on Nintendo Download - 10th December 2010 (Europe):

@cheetahman91: What? Musha runs with 50Hz? As far as i know there never was a european release of this game. What were they thinking? It's okay for me when they keep the games in their original form even if it means that we europeans always get the 50Hz PAL stuff. But when they alter a game from 60Hz to 50Hz that just makes no sense.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Review: UNO (WiiWare):

@cheetahman91: Every WiiSpeak game to date requires Friend Codes to work. It's part of Nintendo's "children and online interaction" paranoia; you're not allowed to talk to strangers online. They'd better adopt Xbox Live-style parental controls on the next system...this Friend Code BS has GOT to go!

@fudgenuts: At least with the DLC decks on the 360, you get new graphics, music, and gameplay options. All the decks in this version are exactly the same, but with different-colored backgrounds. So I'd say the 360 DLC is a positive optional upgrade, and not something to complain about. In fact, I wish OTHER games would have DLC like that (I want a Monopoly game with downloadable theme boards)!

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