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Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Cesco commented on Book Review: Before Mario:

I still heartly reccomend "The history of Nintendo", it's a collection of three books written by the french author Florent Gorges that describe the history of Nintendo from the beginning till the late eighties. It's a very pleasant reading with lots of illustrations and photos and you can find them on Amazon.



Cesco commented on Despite the Rumours, Nintendo NX Will Not be A...:

Nintendo NX should have its own OS, BUT they should also allow to run Android games and applications through a sandbox, so the Android stuff is always set apart from the Nintendo games (to be more clear, no android exploits should be possible in this way... at least in theory)

This is the same approach used by Blackberry first with their "Playbook" tablet, and then with their new line of mobile phones. All their new hardware has BBOS but they can still run android apps and games in a sandbox environment (and download new stuff via Amazon App Store).



Cesco commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

@BulbasaurusRex Nintendo still refuses to sell GBA titles for the 3DS, and the market price for many used cartridges is keeped insanely high on purpose.. 70 bucks for an used Final Fantasy VI advance for example, it's the lowest price I found yesterday on eBay.
Well, yes... for these reasons and some others I'm taking the pirate way...



Cesco commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

I just purchased one of those babies. I think that the real problem is not finding used consoles, but finding used cartridges for a decent price. Yes, you can find plenty of cartridges for 5-10$, but at least where I live some of the games I'd like to buy are really expensive: 30-35$ for a used Final Fantasy VI GBA cartridge for example.



Cesco commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

IMHO Nintendo should do with its VC titles the same thing Netflix is doing with movies and tv series: they should offer them on a subscription model, where you pay 5$-10$ and you have full access to every Nintendo game published on NES-SNES-N64 and GC (minus the games based on other characters and for which its license is already expired, like "Popeye"); and someone should be able to access those titles on both Wii U and 3DS with the same account.

IMHO: 5$ per month (or 49.99$ / year) to access NES, SNES, Gameboy mono and color games, and an additional 5$ per month (or 99.99$ per year) to access N64, Gamecube and the DS titles.



Cesco commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

IMHO Nintendo should copy the same model that blackberry is using right now:

proprietary hardware + proprietary OS

** BUT **

A virtual environment that could run any Android application / game inside a sandbox.

So you could have the best of both words: games and app downloaded from the Google App Store, plus original games made by Nintendo and third parties that cannot be pirated easily and ported to other android devices



Cesco commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

@clvr Io invece sono tristissimo. Volevo aspettare il giorno in cui sarebbe uscito il modello XL ma questa email mi ha messo addosso un sacco di dubbi ;____;

I'm really sad. I was prepared to wait for the white XL edition, but now this email got me into troubles. I don't know what to do anymore ;_____;



Cesco commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I've got the email from Nintendo and I live in Italy. I've never been in the ambassador program before.

Unfortunately I'm not going to buy it, I'm so old and half-blind and the screens on the handheld are so tiny, so I'll have to wait for the XL model. ;______;



Cesco commented on Nintendo Releases Drop in UK Charts in Face of...:

@whodatninja I can only speak about what happens in Italy, well here a console without FIFA or PES is a dead console, and this is the ugly truth. The funny thing is that when you take a look at the charts of the best-selling games, in the top five there are always... ALWAYS... in any given moment of the year at least one game from the "Call of duty" franchise and one game from the "FIFA" franchise; most often the top five includes 4 titles from these two franchises equally divided between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 version.
And I guess that in many other european countries it's more or less the same...



Cesco commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Italy here. Still not working on both 3DS and Wii U at the moment.
I'm start wondering if Nintendo servers have been hacked or if there was an attempt and they're trying to put a patch on it, just as like as what happened on the Playstation Network some time ago.



Cesco commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

I don't know if this is a problem of the poor italian DSL lines, but I have personally experienced a lot of lag on every match and i have also heard the same thing from other users on IGN Italia: there's a lot of lag when you play WSC: TENNIS online, so much that it's almost unplayable.



Cesco commented on Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit,...:

IMHO it's quite natural that the Wii U is not selling in Europe.

No FIFA 14

I strongly believe that the lack of both these top-selling football games is a death sentence for a console, as the Sega Dreamcast has teached us in the past.