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Male, 17, Rest of the World

I play pokemon x and y, for trading i like non english pokemon and shinys. Also pokemon with pokerus (please don't just lie to me). go ahead and add me even if you are not interested in a trade. I'm always willing to get an extra friend for the safari zone.

Sun 27th Oct 2013

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ccg1998 commented on Data Says - Choose Squirtle in Pokémon Red & ...:

honestly in gen 1 i believe that charmander is the best choice. Now hear me out. Most of the area at the start of the game is grass... so there will be grass type and bug type mostly so charmander is a good match. Then yes you must face brock, but just catch a nidoran (spelling may be off) and get it to lvl 12 and it will learn double kick which will destroy brock then later in the game you have the pleasure of owning a charizard