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Sun 27th Jun 2010

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Cats commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I preordered this when I preordered the 3ds... It was supposed to be a launch title. Just like Duke Nukem Forever, only time will tell if they've been actually doing any work on it. By now they should have a full scale MMO with a complex storyline, spaceships, an ecosystem that gets impacted by your every decision, and a way to build a business/empire. Oh, and bring back in-game games like the first one had.

Only time will tell if my expectations will be fulfilled. I'll hold my breath.



Cats commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

The whole concept is amazingly AWESOME, the rpg elements, the monsters... One HUGE complaint, the controls! I would LOVE this game if the controls weren't so frustrating. Honestly, it's like they've got the same 3d control engine from 1996 and they were mediocre/BAD even for that time.

Fix the controls and I'll buy 3 copies. If not, I won't even buy 1.



Cats commented on Picdun 2: Witch's Curse:

This game is an odd mix of dungeon crawler, pixel maps, and dating. It plays just like if you were by yourself, but in a comical twist, the women attack (when you press the button). It's quite an imaginitive perspective. Some of the puzzles are pretty tough and there are elevators every so often that allow you to go back to other levels. I like this game, you may not, but I do. ~9.5~



Cats commented on "Trustworthy" Third Parties Get Microtransacti...:

DLC is a great concept that works well by adding new life to old games.

That being said, games USED to have several (if not hundreds) of things to unlock which increased the life.

It used to be "enter this secret code" or "finish the game with this character" to unlock that thing. With DLC, a partially developed game can be released, or extras can be held back.

I don't think there's a word for it yet, but it's somewhat related to racketeering and extortion.



Cats commented on Review: myDiary (DSiWare):

@WaxxyOne - NO, and I was thinking the same thing. They could have saved texts which take up less space, added SD card support..

For what it's worth, this is the best calendar for the ds, but it makes me wish Nintendo would just drop everyone a Dev kit.



Cats commented on Flipnote Studio:

The 3DS would have sold a lot more units if this was available for it. Here we are almost a year after launch and we still don't have it. If you don't move to a 3DS, Flipnote is probably the reason.

Hatena would have been perfect if it had 1 rule:
1 - Anyone that even mentions "stars" in a flipnote receives a 2 week ban and full erasure of all of their uploads.



Cats commented on Review: Glory Days - Tactical Defense (DSiWare):

I've seen this type of game before, I'll probably get it just because it's so cheap. Still it would have been nice to see: the ability to send your armies after someone else's base while defending your own, multiplayer so your friends can play cooperatively or competitively, or some other third thing.

Odenis studios does make good quality DsiWare games, so I hope they continue making them for quite some time.



Cats commented on Review: Just Dance 2 (Wii):

Out of curiosity...
Did anyone own the 1st Just Dance that can tell me how long it took before they got bored of it? My kid wants it, but I think it'll lose it's luster in less than 2 weeks.



Cats commented on Review: Frobot (WiiWare):

I wasn't even going to bother with the demo, but I saw a 9 here and watched that video. Now I MUST play the demo, and if it's any good, I'm getting the full game.

@Andrew Lum - That funny promo video with the binary code really made me laugh. Is there a downloadable version of that video online?



Cats commented on Review: Biorhythm (DSiWare):

Guess I'll have to wait for the US release to find out. I bet a lot of people buy this and say that they won't. Just a hunch.



Cats commented on Review: Biorhythm (DSiWare):

@moosa ~ what if it uses your name and dsi mac address as some kind of randomizing factor? Well, it would make each thing unique anyway.

I'll probably get this and foolishly live my life by it. Maybe not, but I'll probably still get it because it's weird... and because then I can use the excuse, "Sorry, but my physical biorythm is in a low state, so don't ask me to do stuff." ...or not... my ambition biorythm is low today too.

Seems strange/fun, but I can't wait for a Ouija app so I can make my Dsi float and talk to dead people... omg that would be fun. Hi Grandma! speak into my Dsi Mic, I can't hear you!



Cats commented on Review: Rytmik: Rock Edition (DSiWare):

@Martin - Normally when a dev. tells me, I'll like something, I brush them off, but given your last two titles, I'm pumped. ~ New features? Now you've got me guessing... The best thing I can think of after making a few tunes would be a balance (left-right) slider on a per note basis. That would make it 100X easier to write music that has the stereo depth that I enjoy.



Cats commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

@ HapsNinFan "I Never Got To Play The VB"
How can you judge a game you've never played?
Some things have to be experienced in order to be appreciated.
i.e. - You can't fully grasp the experience of skydiving by watching a video of it.

I never got a headache from playing the VB, but I'm sure there will be a number of people that get them from the 3ds as well. That's one of the reasons they say that children 7 and under shouldn't look at 3d images. Also, you probably shouldn't play it for 10 hours straight, but some people probably will.



Cats commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

I still have my old VB system and if it wasn't so HUGE/heavy/awkward I'd still play it. Why wouldn't you release these classics that were designed for a 3d system? Honestly, I'd buy all of them again just so I never have to bring that clunky HUGE VB system out again.

They should also consider bringing something like that old arcade game "hard drivin'" out for the 3ds as it probably won't be as difficult to make into a 3d port as some other things.

Seriously Nintendo, VB games are a perfect fit for the 3ds. Although there weren't many, it'll be a nice trip down memory lane. Furthermore, it'll give us something to do while waiting for the more ambitious 3ds titles to come out.



Cats commented on Lend Your Support to Get Renegade Kid's MUDDS ...:

Post # 28 is dead on. It could be a lot of fun if it doesn't use the stylus, it's not worth carpal tunnel. If there is a more traditional control option, I'd buy it. (does anyone know for sure what the controls will be like?)



Cats commented on Review: Mix Superstar (WiiWare):

Good Review. Mix Superstar is really an apt name, it isn't designed for you to compose fully original masterpieces like the Rytmik series on DsiWare, but the ability to add your own voice into something you just mixed up makes the music seem that much more personal than the aforementioned game.

The quality of the samples is good. Even thought the singers are good/great, I don't think you can appreciate this game fully without having you (or someone you know) sing the vocals. Think about it man, a tune about your rise to power, odes of war, love songs...

Without lyrics, the best you can hope for is someone to hum or whistle your music. I want people to rock out with me and wonder what I'm smoking, and thanks to this tool, people CAN!



Cats commented on Review: Rytmik: Rock Edition (DSiWare):

I bought this as well on the day it came out, I bought points just because I wanted this actually.

I love the instrument choices, and the new instrument variation ability allows much more freedom.

I'd like to see even more Rytmik things in the (near) future.
I have a couple ideas for you for future Rytmik games: Classic Orchestra, and another rock version with note bending capability, and a little oscillation feedback. YEAH!

When you told me that you were working on a rock edition, I anxiously awaited this version, and you've surpassed my expectations. Purely awesome.



Cats commented on Nintendo Sold a Boatload of Hardware in November:

Still, I'm glad the system is still selling strong, it means I have a higher possibility of seeing more titles and further expanding my library. I like not having a defunct system around the house.

Hopefully they can get Namco to make a real Soul Calibur game that uses the classic controller. My favorite is for the dreamcast because of the Edge Master, and the customizable opening movie.



Cats commented on Nintendo Sold a Boatload of Hardware in November:

Like many of you, I've owned a Wii and DS for quite a while now. I'd still like to see more interaction betwixt the two.

For example: The original animal crossing allowed you to upload the pattern design tools to the GBA. Why did they toss out all but the suitcase? I was mildly disappointed.



Cats commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

I agree with your last sentence Corbie. Maybe if you used the words "more accessible to people new to the series" it wouldn't have offended anyone.

Obviously none of the GS games are insanely difficult, and there's a reason that some people never play battletoads again after they beat it. Furthermore, difficulty is really subjective, so if Corbie felt that this game was easier than the others in the series, he's entitled to his opinion as are we all. No explanation needed.

Nice review.



Cats commented on Review: Animal Crossing Clock (DSiWare):

To me, this is like paying real money for a screensaver for your PC. Honestly, they may sound like a great thing, but when would you use it? $2 is just $2 but still, you multiply that by the amount of unsuspecting victims and suddenly you have $20k. Maybe I can get my game put on DsiWare, I call it picture gallery and it allows you to look at pictures that you took with your Dsi camera with a realistic looking frame !!! Only $2



Cats commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

I have been playing DQ9 a lot. The DQ series has evolved the way games of all genres should imo. The core gameplay is exactly the same, but everything has been refined and added to.

I absolutely love downloadable quests and items. There are almost infinite possibilities with DL's which gives it that much needed replay value.

If you don't like turn based RPG's, you won't like this, but if you do, this is a MUST-BUY. I bought it twice, and might buy 2 more copies and DS's just because of this game. That's how much I enjoy this game.



Cats commented on Review: Rhythm Core Alpha (DSiWare):

This plays like Rytmik looks, and Rytmik plays like this looks. If you enjoy reading tech manuals and theories, get Rytmik. If you like laying down a backbeat and then jamming out to it all freestyle like... get this.

P.S. - they both have some really good points, and their faults.. this for instance doesn't have stereo. but I still love to jam out with it. I'd have given Rytmik and this very close to equal scores for very different reasons... 7.5 - 7.8 ~ a really solid number for a first attempt. I hope they both earn enough cash to make more improvements and make a second showing.

If you're the designer of RCA ...things that could make this an absolute must buy.

  • stereo
  • the ability to record your own samples with the built in mic
  • sort the instruments a little
  • pretty colors and contests to attract the masses ;D


Cats commented on Review: Rytmik (DSiWare):

For all it's worth, DIY should have a score of 10. I really want the indie developers to succeed, and I think this has potential as does Rhythm Core Alpha.

This plays like RCA looks, and RCA plays like this looks. If you like laying down a backbeat and then jamming out to it all freestyle like... get RCA. If you enjoy reading tech manuals and theories, get Rytmik. I'm somewhere in the middle, so I got both.



Cats commented on Review: Rytmik (DSiWare):

Thanks for the info James. Maybe a future iteration of this thing will be exactly what I would envision. The UI in this looks pretty intuitive, and that's probably the biggest hurdle. Even though it's not really comparable to flipnote, it still looks decent, I'm going to get this anyway. Anyone that's used Flipnote in depth knows that it's insanely flexible. Even if this has a fraction of the freedom, it's probably quite good. I mean, I doubt you guys would give it a 9/10 if it wasn't. I just wouldn't use flipnote's name quite as flippantly. :S



Cats commented on Review: Rhythm Core Alpha (DSiWare):

I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison of: KORG DS-10plus, this, Rytmik, and Warioware DIY by someone that loves making music. I make music on Warioware and I found it to be limited, but more flexible than when I first glanced at it. Making stereo in WW DIY eats up 2 of my measly 5 tracks! O.O really! Q.Q

Well, something this ugly has to have something good under the hood to get a 7... (I hope) :/



Cats commented on Review: Rytmik (DSiWare):

Is it the flipnote studios of music editing? If so, good. I'm looking forward to using my DSi Sound files in conjunction with the built in Mic tweaked to perfection with the sound editor to rock a massive monster mamma jam, back it up onto my SD card and upload it to the site.

...Am I right on the money or am I setting myself up for a letdown? I don't even care that much if it doesn't have online as long as the other features are present, then I'd agree it pretty much is the flipnote of music.

If they do make a Rytmik2, I hope they include Rock -> Metal instruments because it's my favorite genre and it's far too neglected when it comes to music composing tools.



Cats commented on Dark Void Zero:

@25 - They gave the box art the Megaman treatment. Brings back memories.



Cats commented on Review: Retro Atari Classics (DS):

The lack of download play for such an old set of classics that has made more than it's share of money over time is just a bad decision. I might have bought a copy, BUT it's not worth buying 2 or 4, so I won't even get the one.



Cats commented on 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life:

Ahhh... thanks for mentioning the Virtual Boy. Even Nintendo seems to want to forget that it ever existed. That thing was neat, and clunky, and disorienting at times, and's stuffed on a shelf in my closet. Didn't they start slipping those dumb seizure warnings in everything right about the time the VB came out? I hope I'm wrong, but I think the 3DS is going to have the same issues the VB had.



Cats commented on Vektor Tank 3D+:

This looks like it'll make you sicker than playing Virtual Boy while spinning in a chair followed up by a 'jumping flash' marathon.



Cats commented on Dead or Alive 3D:

I liked the original DoA when it came to the PS the best out of them all. So many costumes and simple fun gameplay.



Cats commented on Review: WarioWare: D.I.Y. (DS):

DIY for the DS is great for people like me. The tools are robust enough that I don't feel too limited but simple enough that I finish something. On those developer videos they all seem to take "one hour", but for me as a nondeveloper it's a few hours, except maybe the "suck goo" game. Like most people here, I also wish you could post your games like on flipnote and store things on your SD card, but DIY is still a great buy imo.