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Sun 11th Dec 2011

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casualgamer commented on Nintendo Takes Home Four Awards at Spike VGAs:

@ aviator and ennon

CHILL its the freaking spike vgas. its been horrible since the dawn of this inaccurate award "show." its a freaking joke. i was surprised by the inclusion of the Wii at all. The year Mario Galaxy 2 came out it wasn't even nominated game of the year despite being the most critically acclaimed game that year. i was almost positive there would be no wii games at all.

the vga awards are for the h@rdc0r3 geek who thinks blasting a virtual military gun makes him "cool" or manly".

its actually a shame miyamoto attended at all. he has much better things to accomplish with his time than attend a biased "video game" awards show(if we can call it that)which only cares about advertisement and immature "man" humor and has little to do with the art of gaming itself.

ya know, questioning why Zelda didnt win more awards at the vgas is like questioning why Twilight won so many awards at the Kids Choice Awards.... only worse