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Capt_N commented on Australian Classifications Out Western Release...:

I'd say "first comment", but there would be no point. Anyway, I'm looking to MMXtr. I'm also looking forward to the sequel. Sad that somebody else doesn't give us release dates that are even fairly/somewhat accurate(eyes shift toward Nintendo of America/coughSMB3cough, ahem ).

I do know that, if you're like me, MMXtr has good chiptune variations of the themes found in the first 2 SNes titles.



Capt_N commented on Capcom Investing $80 Million in Two New R & D ...:

@Chomposaur: Capcom may not necessarily sell to Nintendo. If they sold off MM, they probably would consider multiple offers, since they would want to make the most off the sale.

@Everyone else: Well, if it will help them make more money, then great for them. I wonder how Capcom will react, should Mighty No. 9 be profitable? Will they think a Mega Man title won't sell hot on the heels of MN9, & wait to release? Will they release a MM title anyway? Or will MN9 not have any effect on Cap's view of their own ip, that fans want something from?



Capt_N commented on Subtle Character Design Changes Spotted for No...:

@Dark-Link73: That's not all Americans. Not all Americans are into the same stuff, especially when it comes to sexual orientation, or the sexual behaviors they practice. Sexually, some Americans are conservative, some are liberal. Others might be a little of both.

@EveryoneElse: I think ponytails on guys look odd, but I don't think if the character had one, that it would prevent this game from any sales, or popularity. Maybe it would have, or the people behind this thought it would have? Perhaps it's would have? Don't know. Also, there is the distinct possibility that someone at Inti Creates told Inafune to have the character not have any similarities to Zero, on grounds of consumers either calling Inafune lazy, or, & this is a stretch - legal reasons. I really doubt, though, that it was for legal issues. It probably was for being gender-relatable, although American guys do wear ponytails.



Capt_N commented on Yoshi, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus Confirmed as...:

In my opinion, Nintendo never de-sexualized Samus from the undergarments/underwear-thing. Zero Suit Samus is lets-go-this-way-while-still-that-way. Full body suit, but skin tight, & conveniently form fitting, for showing off form, though no skin. Fan-service indeed.

Sheik - If a family member of mine gets back into console gaming, even just for match-ups, she will now have another character to play as, but will now have to decide what she wants, graceful Zelda, or fast-paced Sheik. I hope the splitting of forms into separate characters, will still be handled with character balance in mind.

Yoshi - Never really liked playing as him too much, or really at all. I never liked how he handled, even back in SSB.

Hope it's all balanced.



Capt_N commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

I'd lovd to know how long(per-individual instance of standing still that) you can idle, before you are deemed to be idling. Otherwise, you literally can't stand still for even a moment. Also, unless this "idle banning" is handled correctly, it could potentially interfere with strategic cat-and-mouse techniques in-game.

Edit #1: I'm a little concerned over how strict this new concept of can't-continually-attack-a-certain-player is going to play out. I can understand how everyone/all-players should be involved, but I just have this very bad feeling that this isn't going to end well. This, to me, alters the strategy of the game to one of a pattern strategy: hit opponent 1, then 2, 3, & repeat. I feel this, & the idling may get me banned, even though I never harassed individual players, or purposely sat idle.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

Great for those that own a WU, & either have never played some, or all of these, or have owned them previously/still own them, & wants to play them on their WU. I don't own a WU, & I really feel the 3DS should get these games, in addition to the WU. Speaking for myself, these games don't make me want a WU. I have a still functioning Limited Edition Nes GBA SP. I still play it, too. So, while Fusion is the only one out of this bunch that I own, I can play it any time I wish, & I can also do so, thank God, on my still-functioning, years old GBA SP, & GCN GB player hardware. That all said, I'm glad these are here, for the enjoyment of those that have never enjoyed them before. Metroid Fusion is an awesome game, in my opinion.

Edit: @FluttershyGuy: The thing is, if Nintendo doesn't keep up their game on the 3DS, then it will be the new squeaky wheel.



Capt_N commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

I voted for Taizo Hori, Dig Dug's name in other games the character is in. Though, I would rather have another Capcom character, like Zero, or X, who should handle like the difference between Link/Young Link/Toon Link. Or perhaps, another Capcom character relevant to Nintendo, such as Phoenix Wright, or Arthur. More unique, or niche Nintendo characters would be just as well. Edit: Maybe Chun-Li fighting Peach?! :P



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (North America):

I'll try the Conception 2 demo, & d/l any other demos I might have missed. The Chess game sounds interesting, but I'm going to save my current e-Shop funds for Shantae And the Pirates Curse. I may even get another points card, & either d/l Risky's Revenge, or what I've been thinking on doing is wait until Pirate's Curse drops, & see if it(RR) goes on sale temporarily. Edit #1: I suspect PC will drop (to/on the e-Shop) early summer; I would say mid-May-mid-June. Edit #2: Maybe even as early as mid-late April.



Capt_N commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@unrandomsam: "If the legend is true and Christ is real and was present now what would he do about this ? (That is the important question)." - That's a fair question, but to be honest, I could not speak what Christ would say exactly, but to base my opinion on what is in the King James Bible, I would assume that Christ would probably point out how this game, if not taken in light of the proper context, could really cause confusion, & possible hate toward Christianity. In that sense, I'll say that this game is what it is, offends me personally, but I don't have to buy it, nor will I. Neither will I make fun of gamers that do like this. Same thing with SKB. So, in that regard, while I personally wouldn't d/l it, I am not against it coming to the e-Shops. Because after long thinking about it, Christ doesn't want His followers to stuff our faith down others' throats. We are to present it to them, but not force it on them. So yeah, I am not against this coming to the e-Shop. I will not be d/ling it, however.

@Doma: Isn't it already available elsewhere? I thought it got released last year...



Capt_N commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@WesCash: That's why I said to Yorumi to, "keep in mind that may not have been his goal. It's easy to say he intended to, though, even if he actually didn't." It easily looks like he did intend insult, though I wouldn't say with certainty that was the goal Tyrone had in mind. I'm just saying it's easy to accuse, & in light of that, I'm not going to accuse Tyrone of intended insult.

@EveryoneElse: Edit #1: Slightly related point - This totally reminds me of the Muslim chant in the Ocarina of Time Fire Temple music, that was removed in later versions of the game. Supposedly, the change was done by Nintendo themselves, after the initial wave of carts were shipped. Also, while I am not Muslim, I have read from people who supposedly were, that the issue was the particular chant(s)/prayers were not to be spoken during music, & that such was blasphemous to Muslims.



Capt_N commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@theberrage: "Someone somewhere can always perceive anything to be offensive" - I just wanna say, that you make a good point about that. A good, fair point.

@WesCash : "Speaking of reliable sources, where's your proof that Edmund McMillen specifically created Binding of Isaac to insult and attack Christianity?" - I know you're talking to Yorumi, but to answer the question, it has to do with the presentation/theme of BoI. Good, & bad assumptions could be drawn from that. McMillen may actually be a Christian/Jewish. Again though, the presentation, & theme of BoI can make people assume that he is attacking/mocking Christianity, &/or Judaism.

@Yorumi: Lots of game series have some sort of spirituality elements to them. While it does appear that BoI's creator had intention to insult, & mock by theme alone, keep in mind that may not have been his goal. It's easy to say he intended to, though, even if he actually didn't.



Capt_N commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

"Would you like the big N to reconsider so that the new version can arrive on Wii U and 3DS?" - That's a broad question, so lemme answer some rephrased questions.

1. Would I personally(key word) like to see it on the e-Shops? No. Regardless of game genre, I feel the themes expressed in this game are deragatory to my faith(I'm a Christian). To me, this is similar to my issue with Senran Kagura Burst's theme, except Binding of Isaac's theme to me is derogatory to my faith, while Burst's theme, to me, is perverted.

2. Do I care if it's on the e-Shops? Yes, because I personally find it offensive. There are other games by Nintendo, as well as other game co.s that now, & have in the past made games that I have been offended by for one reason, or another. So what's the difference? The difference is Binding of Isaac is much more offensive, since it actually takes a piece of my faith, & parodies it. I don't find satire of Christianity funny, & I'm not going to pretend I don't care. I also am not going to insult those that do find that kind of satire funny.

3. Am I going to badmouth anyone that wants this game? No. Matter of fact, I would highly encourage those gamers, if you want the game that badly, to inform Nintendo of your desire to play BoI. It can't hurt. Again, I find satire of Christianity, & of other faiths very disrespectful, & not funny. However, I know others do find it funny, & I'm not some better-than-they-are type of person, so enjoy it if you do. I personally do not.



Capt_N commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Se...:

@Peach64: Actually, not all young adults have the finances to purchase more than one system, or even just the one. Regardless, I always tell people that I'm the type of fanboy that doesn't insult other gamers for their tastes in games, or their system(s) of choice, & that I call out Nintendo when I think they need to be. Also, I go on to explain how I feel Nintendo isn't perfect, & other co.s have done, & still do things deserving of praise by the gaming community as a whole.

@ricklongo: I actually feel the same on that, though I still want to get a WU.

@electrolite77: To a degree, I kinda did, too. But in a polite way. Though, I feel for the most part he is legitimately praising the PS4, & nothing wrong with that.

Edit: @EveryoneElse: Also, I would imagine opinions on the form factor of the PS4, like most consoles/handhelds, is divided. I kinda like it. On the other side of the coin, I think the XB1 looks like a VCR. Again, it's all opinions, though. :)



Capt_N commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

Minus the lack of worlds 9-D, this is actually a really good GBC title. The sad thing is that the Game Boy Printer will not be supported, & that unless the rom is tweaked, there is a glitch where you can not get, I believe, just 1 photo, (Edit #2: if you accidentally do a precise thing in the game unintentionally). I'm interested to see if NA gets it soon. Edit #1: The banners/photos had a little feature, where you could make music, too.

Also, speaking of peripherals, Nintendo could totally modify the GB Camera rom, & release it for free, or with a price on the e-Shop, since the 3ds obviously has a built-in camera. Nintendo really should tackle emulation of peripherals, in both their VC systems; consoles, & handhelds respectively.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

@Barbiegurl777: Nice to know I'm not the only one without a WU, or the only one saving for one. $300 is expensive, as far as I'm concerned.

@rjejr: It's a shame Nintendo doesn't allow pre-system-ownership (d/l) software purchases. I would totally take advantage of Runner 2 right now.

@EveryoneElse: I'll be checking out AI2, though I'm saving my e-Shop funds for Shantae:AtPC. I expect it will drop by early summer, as the original did last year. & I just last Friday d/l'd Cattrap(original/monochrome Gameboy), & I'd recommend it to anyone that likes puzzles.

Anyway, enjoy your games, everyone! :)



Capt_N commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Taking a Couple...:

I would prefer the game not be glitch-ridden, or have graphic/audio issues. I am not surprised, but glad WayForward is doing this. I want the complete, polished, bug-free game. This will probably be a very late Spring, or early Summer e-Shop drop/release. I can take that. This will also give me time to finish the 1st 2 titles, though first I have to buy RR. I'm cool with this. Edit #1: I have the funds for Pirate's Curse now, so I'm good. I'll just hold 'em a while longer, & get around to RR very soon.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

@unrandomsam: No doubt, since that had a share of online Wii hackers/modders. Nintendo should allow, via patch/upgrade, for their games to run on non-co. servers when the time comes that they shut down the official co. servers. Of course, Nintendo would see this as a counter-intuitive business move.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

@KoopaTrooper: It is indeed possible (that) we may get SMB3, as a 3d Classic. I can totally see Nintendo doing that. I can also see them releasing SMA4:SMB3, if they think they could make more that way, which they could, alone on the fact it's a GBA game, rather than Nes. However, I doubt that Nintendo would make proper, or/if any use, of the e-Card section of that game, which would totally be smart for profits. Unless they're willing to do such, I see no real reason to d/l the game, other than to have SMB3 on the go. For that, however, I still have the actual cart, & an Nes GBA SP.



Capt_N commented on Gargoyle's Quest II and Street Fighter 2010 Co...:

The lack of cross-play(cross-platform-play) is just bad. I still say Nintendo should allow people to purchase the (WU) upgraded/version VC titles, they can d/l, & play the Wii version in the meantime, then get the upgraded version, when Nintendo releases it.

Edit #1: Lemme be clear on what I mean. I mean that Nintendo should allow people to purchase the WU variant of a VC title, & play it, even though the WU emulator feature set for that title may not be ready. Then, rather than releasing titles each week, since they would/could hypothetically be already on the e-Shop, Nintendo would release the "upgrade" for those titles, & people could pay in-advance to play now, & then later-on receive those upgraded automatically when they're available. The upside to this, is that Nintendo could basically dump the entire(save certain games, due to licensing) Wii VC catalog onto the WU e-Shop.



Capt_N commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

I wonder if pirates have started playing head games w/ Nintendo? Really find no exploit, but trying to see if Nintendo themselves can/will find an exploit area that needs to be patched. In turn, hackers then know a vulnerability that Nintendo found for them, & all they had to do, was trick Nintendo into fine-tooth combing their (own) code, & release a patch, that points the hackers exactly in the code, where the exploit flaw was.



Capt_N commented on UK Retailer GAME to Open Two Pre-Owned Only St...:

@unrandomsam: That sounds expensive, actually importing them I mean. I've read many accounts online of importing (both games, & systems) having been common during the 16-bit days, due to Pal 50Hrz vs. NTSC 60Hrz.

@edhe: "I often wonder what sort of life these games have lead. Some of them can sit on shelves for years! Then when the little game shop goes out of business, the stock is confiscated and the games are bought by another shop where they sit on a shelf for another 5 years..." All apart of acquiring a store's inventory, I suppose. Dumping/destroying the stock would be bad, since that method disregards any possible profit to be made off those games, & even worse, it creates a possible (game existence) timeline precedent, that other (video) game retailers may decide to follow, in addition to games that may not be deemed profitable enough, get the prejudice of destruction. That, in turn, can lead to "ripples" going back to the game devs, & they would never again do a product of that kind, or risk future experiment.



Capt_N commented on UK Retailer GAME to Open Two Pre-Owned Only St...:

@Peach64: Destroying retro games/consoles does not sound cool. What makes it worse is that not all retro games are legally available in virtual form.

@Everyone else: Unfortunately, it seems most "used/pre-owned" video game stores are not only stocking only from the current, & last-gen, but also getting away from being a game-centric store, & dealing in other electronics. Although, I can remember almost 10-some years ago, talking over w/ my dad, the inevitable blending/crossing/combining of cell phones, & pdas. So, I really shouldn't be surprised at this, since "mainstream" gaming is now possible, & more so profitable on phones, & tablets.



Capt_N commented on Month Of Kong: Meet Donkey Kong's Extended Family:

I'm not too big into the DKC series, but I'm pretty sure most "relations"(parents, grandparents, nephews/nieces, cousins, etc.) are not 100% consistent w/in the series. So, the arcade DK might be Cranky, or not. Diddy may be DK's nephew, or not. Dixie may be Diddy's cousin, or not. That said, I think it's mostly open to interpretation, so I guess this article has it fairly mainstream accurate, I guess(?).

Edit: I will be checking out Tropical Freeze, though.



Capt_N commented on UK Retailer GAME to Open Two Pre-Owned Only St...:

"will be selling and purchasing used tablets, TVs, smart phones, MP3 players and various other tech in addition to games; there will also be a limited range of 'mint' condition items on sale."

Then it's like GameStop, here in America, plus the tvs, & smart phones, since, at least the GSs in my area, don't sell those,... yet.

Edit: This will be good for UK gamers, I guess.

Edit 2: I just wish used game stores still sold games, & consoles, from prior to 5th, & 6th gen.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (North America):

@ricklongo: Thanks, looks cool. Yeah, it does resemble an N64 title. I may give it a shot.

@Cyberbotv2 : I assume b/c it looks bare bones graphically. I thing it looks good. & $6 isn't bad, depending on the game, though.

I'm also trying to save up for Shantae: Pirate's Curse.

Edit: I just took notice of Percy being on WU. My mind was saying 3DS e-Shop. Still, if it's a good game, graphics shouldn't matter too much. Although, I was ok with the graphics, due to my mind saying 3DS, not WU. Again though, as long as the gameplay is good, then it looks to be solid. There's quite a few things on the WU e-Shop that I would purchase, if I had a WU.



Capt_N commented on Review: Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii U):

I feel safe in saying this will have a home to some WU owners; not myself, though.

@Philip_J_Reed: I would have thought you would have reviewed this. You're like NL's AVGN, except, fortunately, you don't share "The Nerd"'s less-appealing traits.(Yes, I am aware The Nerd is not really Rolfe, just his character.) Oh, & uh,... totally get this instead of SM3DW. :)

Anyway, in all seriousness, I hope this game goes to good use, for children's entertainment.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Still Seeking a Product to Define the...:

The thing is, they keep emphasizing the Gamepad. Like motion controls, it is not needed for every game. Lower the price of the system overall, release at least a few really good first party games to get some income, Still include the GP, but don't focus on it being the center of the system. Some days, you just can't get rid of,... No, I'm just kidding, sometimes you just can't get a square block into a round slot.

Edit: I like the GP concept, it allows for. The thing is, properly utilizing it, only when necessary. As well as utilizing it for only mundane things, like map/inventory when/where appropriate. My point is, Nintendo should use the GP, but only when/where necessary, & only how it is necessary to utilize it, for any given game.

Edit 2: Don't over-focus on the GP, if the features it can appropriately provide for a game, are more than enough for that particular game. If it's not needed, don't use it.



Capt_N commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

Could be anything, from dlc not being their definition of profitable on WU/3DS, hard to emulate, their WU/3DS divisions on Smash; these are all reasons stated by others here, not myself. Give credit (for theories) where credit is due.

Odd, but there may be a respectable reasoning. Remember, no co. likes to lose any amount of money, no matter how small the loss.



Capt_N commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

"We'll change the way we sell products, by managing customer information via the Internet. ...We'll offer discounts to steady, regular customers. We are considering M&As [mergers and acquisitions] as an option. For this reason, we'll step up share buybacks."

They need to realize their customer base; who they are, & cater to them. That, would be most of us here, I believe.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Share Price Drops In Reaction to Inve...:

Joan, & her Turnip prices. Ahh, those bells... Buy low, sell 'em high. Joan, & Nook,.. quite a pair of financiers, those two.

Seriously, Wall Street wants what it realistically can't have all the time from any given co., & that's fat wallets!



Capt_N commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

Y'know what would be really smart? Nintendo literally releasing everything they legally can, from the Wii shop, to the WU e-Shop; they could release those games "as-is", then every week release just one, or 2 updates to one, or two of those "as-is" games, bringing them up(graded) to WU emulation (functionality/standards). Whilst not perfect, it would allow them to pretty much dump the entire(again, what they legally can) Wii VC over to WU.

As for how purchases would be handled, you could still Wii-mode play any, & all (of) your (previously purchased) Wii VC titles for free, if you wanted to. There should also be an option where you could (also) purchase the WUVC ver.s of those games, have the game, but only in its Wii VC, & then since you already paid for the WU variant, you get the upgrade free, when it hits. This guarantees you can still play the game, just under its old Wii VC emulation, until the WU VC emulation variant is released.

Another way to purchase would be that the e-Shop would be updated to allow dividing of funds, & you could set aside on your console, the funds, & set them to automatically go for the upgraded WU VC version of a game. In the meantime, you could play the game, but under Wii VC mode. Again, it's not perfect, but it could work very similar to everything I just mentioned before this sentence, & above.

DS games on WU sound alright, save for upscaling issues. I imagine at most, Nintendo will use some softening filters, to de-sharpen the image, & make it less pixalted. While it would be smart to also(emphasis on in-addition-to) release an adaptor that plays DS carts, I imagine Nintendo sees digital as cheaper, that hardware(like a dongle) would just (turn people off to the idea, or) encourage people to (just) go, & buy a used (physical) DS(which, availability-wise, would be easy enough currently), or that a company would start knock-off dongles(The GameBoy Player actually had knock-offs in the market, that I could easily get in my local stores years ago).



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

If I had a WU, I'd check out those indie sales(MSF:HD, Runner 2, & Toki Tori 2+, not interested in the other 2)! I'll still check out the games, but I'll have to wait to purchase them. Shame too, those are good sales. I mean, the price differences! From what they usually are for those titles! Edit: Oh, for anyone interested, I have MSF (3ds), & it's good if you like platform/action-puzzles. I assume the WU ver. is the same, with other levels.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Is "Wonderful" To Work With, Says BIT...:

I love Gaijin Games Bit.Trip.

@unrandomsam: I'm really not looking forward to hiccups in Saga. But I know they are there. Thanks for the info on the Steam variant, though. Some games I get on more than 1 format, if they are inexpensive, & I really like 'em.

@theblackdragon: Maybe they will start doing that in the future. I just hope they don't get "too big for their own pants"; as that can breed arrogance.

@dmc79: I wouldn't say Nintendo needs to sell their soul to third parties, but they do need to cater just a bit more to them. Maybe they still can this gen. Who knows?