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United Kingdom

Sun 3rd Oct 2010

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capsulejoe commented on Review: Kirby Squeak Squad (DS):

i have no idea how squeak squad got a higher rating than kirby 64, i beat squeak squad in ONE SITTING, all chests, everything. It took me months to beat kirby 64, and I had a blast while doing it.



capsulejoe commented on Review: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Virtual ...:

to be honest, i have no idea what everyone here is on about. Kirby 64 to me is the second best kirby game after kirby super star. YES it was easy but finding all crystal shards was as difficult and FUN and hell. What about the music? the character design? the awesome bosses- by the way who the hell thought the second boss was difficult? you just jump and attack!
And of course, you're missing out the best point, the final boss, with zero twos awesome music