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Caliko commented on Resident Evil: Revelations Returns to Series' ...:



I love the classic exploration and fear. I thought the series was going downhill. Part 5 had too much 007 action and ammo. I love when you feel unsafe and have to manage your ammo, it makes the game feel more real instead of mindlessly shooting. Even better is when you run out of ammo and get cornered with only a knife at hand!!

This is good news and I expect no less for the 3DS.



Caliko commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

Is this a new trend to say Melee wasn't "HARDcore"?
I remember fans whining and complaining about Brawl being "nerfed up". There was a video with some of the best Smash players in the world talking about this.

I just think they balanced Brawl out more and I Love it.
This is good news to me. I thought Brawl was more accessible/fun.

1. Pick your favorite character.



Caliko commented on Review: FlingSmash (Wii):

Haven't had a single problem with controls. It's a perfect demo for what MotionPlus can do. It's true 1:1 and more developers should take notice. I have no idea why many people can't get the controls right.



Caliko commented on Nintendo's CES Presence is All Behind Closed D...:

This probably has to do less with showing off features(why it's closed to the public) and more with pitching ideas to industry insiders.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the 3DS' ability to play 3D films. CES is very popular for introducing future display tech.



Caliko commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

YES!! I've been hoping for this since the 3DS was announced.

It's just too inconvenient to find a Virtual Boy to play such games as Mario Clash and Wario Land 3D.

PLEASE Remake the games and add COLOR!!!



Caliko commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:


A good reply from someone who disagrees with me. THUMBS UP.

You may be right about people not ready to handle the extrovert transition. Problem is, we now got to see how Samus interacts with other people. That's something we hardly, if ever saw in Samus. So you got to understand this, characters should change according to their environments. But if people don't want to see evolution in game franchises then maybe we should never see a Zelda that takes place in the future, a Mario game with lots of cut scenes or a FPS Luigis Mansion.
Maybe that's why Zelda hasn't changed much in 24 years?

But about the 2/5 review being accurate.... I have been reading reviews since I was in kindergarten and the G4 review was the worst in my 2000+ reviews I have seen. Highly inaccurate, false claims about the game. Oh geez it was horrible.



Caliko commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:


Umm i think we're all intelligent enough to know it's an opinion. But his post was also highly flawed. For example number 7 was explained in the game. This is something most of the negative reviews missed, it's almost embarrassing.
Maybe he didn't like the reason behind it? Then that would make it an opinion.



Caliko commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:


1. Enemies can hit you from off screen in 99% of games, that's why developers let us move the character.

2. Not sure what you mean here.

3. I agree that she moved too slow but How is pressing right to move right and left to move left "horrible controls"?

4. This game was shooting for more realism. This was removed along with other "video-gamey" elements. It just doesn't make sense to kill a plant who awards you by dropping an item somehow. It's just too unrealistic.

5.Not sure what you mean here.

6. Well then, Samus is lame then. Samus never spoke before, now that she expresses her feelings she becomes more personal so you actually get to see what she is like. Your opinion. I thought she was awesome though.

7. Again this was added for realism. I'm not gonna go in depth but the game explains the reason. Another thing, it's far too unrealistic to find armor for a VERY specific suit out of nowhere in a foreign planet.

8. Controls were very easy, but could have been improved.

9. Being able to move in first person would have made this game an FPS and that was not the goal of the developers.

10. Your opinion. This was one of the best features to many people who played the game. I would rather have it then not. It was especially cool toward the end.

11. Maybe they could have fixed this? I don't know, but it wasn't very hard to do either way.

12. I agree. This could have been executed a lot better and should have been more obvious. For example, you can't jump on all enemies but you're never sure which ones.

13. No. That would have ruined the game bad.



Caliko commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

This is how things seem to work:

"Casual" gamers buy what they want regardless of reviews. They're not the type to constantly search gaming news nor read gaming blogs. They usually hear about a game for the first time once they've seen it in-store or on a commercial.

"Hardcore" gamers are usually always on the internet reading up on future games and reading reviews. Always going to game stores and usually know the release date for a game months before it gets a commercial.

Metroid Other M caters to the "hardcore". This means most gamers bet their dollar on the reviews. There are TONS of Nintendo haters(for reasons beyond my understanding). YES they hate the very reason gaming and gamepads exist today.

Hate from media such as Game Informer and G4 crushed the hopes of "hardcore" gamers looking forward to Other M.

Morgan Webb did a heck of a job ruining Nintendo's sales, why she would spill buckets of negativity on hard working game developers is yet to be understood. With a VERY uninformed review(s) at the head of Metroid Other M, it was doomed.

Had they told the truth about the game things would have been a lot better. Instead of writing you an essay, watch these guys who perfectly explain the truth.:

Clearing these lies up to gamers would have easily given Other M a more favorable review. Averaging more of a 90 than 79.

I'm in no way saying it's perfect, I personally think it deserves an 8 but would definitely be more of a 9 if they had fixed the game breaking bug and some control issues(holding B in 1st person to move). It is DEFINITELY my 2nd favorite Metroid game. My first being Metroid Prime 3. So this game seriously did not deserve the false media coverage "hardcore" gamers relied on.



Caliko commented on Mario Sports Mix Gets a Little Square Enix Boost:

I'm not hating the idea, but this seems like marketing randomness.

Mario series games never include characters outside of the Mushroom Kingdom (except for that one game by square).
Now the name "Mario Sports Mix" seems kinda odd.

I'm not hating but let's be fair. Throw in Star Fox, Samus, Link and Tom Nook!!



Caliko commented on Sega Creates an Animal Crossing to Promote Son...:

@Nintendo-64 wait, so people catch hedgehogs and give them shelter in Germany? Or do the hedgehogs run for shelter at residents home? That's sweet.

I don't think I quite understand any of this. Can someone help?

So Sega is paying a person to walk hedgehogs safely through a highway? How permanent is this? Will anyone even see the crossing guard while going 70MPH? This might cause a bad accident. Shouldn't they have funded a passageway for the hedgehogs instead? And how does this promote Sonic Colors?



Caliko commented on Iwata: More Developers Interested in 3DS Than ...:


That's rubbish. I bet that number will rise to about %80 BEFORE the 3DS even arrives. It's nonsensical to reveal the number of people who are unaware of a product far before it's even released.

Most of the public didn't even know what a Wii was until it was on display, got its first advertising, after release day etc.



Caliko commented on You Can Gaze At This Super Mario 25th Annivers...:

@48 It's the same gift you got christmas 1993 rewrapped.


Unlike the haxors, Nintendo has way more resources/computers/money, original developers and a host of other programmers and insanely talented people. If this game was a download it would have made sense. But this is on 4.7GB disc!! What a waste!

If I were at Nintendo I would have treated the fans with a complete revamp. This "25th Anniversary gift" is just the old games we've had for years.



Caliko commented on Frontier Preparing to Blow You Away With More ...:

The second improved on the first one so hopefully we get that trend going.

My biggest complaint though was that it seemed the only enemies you encounter 99 percent of the time were those ridiculously easy blob things. I really like the part on Winter of the Melodias where that centipede creature popped up and tried to eat you appeared, I thought we'd see more of them but unfortunately that was the only one. Weird.



Caliko commented on We Love this Michael Jackson Wii Glove, It's S...:

Man who thinks up these puns?!?!?!

@the shpydar

This could still be a cash in on his death. It doesn't matter if he's been dead for over a year, it takes over a year to make a game. I just hope they put in some quality development into the game.

let's not with the insults, plz -- TBD



Caliko commented on Features: Fear In Gaming:


I looked up Penumbra and you're right! Would work beautifully on Wii. I also read that the developer considered it, but figured it would be more trouble than good.



Caliko commented on Features: Fear In Gaming:

I've been working on a story for a video game, it's a survival horror, and this article here was very educational. THANK YOU.

What made the redeads so scary was the fact that they can increase panic by completely freezing your character. They moved at a snails pace, but the fact that their screams froze you as they slowly inched closer was VERY panicking and disturbing.

Without getting too religious, I genuinely feel that Eternal Darkness is more than a game. It feels very demonic just powering that game on. My scariest moment playing the game was when I turned up the volume and one of the characters was going insane from what he saw and began screaming loudly and all the electricity went out in my house. I never turned that game on again.



Caliko commented on Red Wii and DSi XL Coming Stateside on Novembe...:


If ur still reading. That's a tough choice between those 2 bundles. Depends on whether there more into motion sports games or if they grew up with mario games.

And yes it's been confirmed that Wii Remote Plus will retail for $39.99! Great value.



Caliko commented on Features: Staff NES Stories:

and Philip Reed(chicken?) has a fascinating point. I'm a child of the digital age but I keep noticing that as time goes by, more and more people disconnect themselves from reality and humanity. Emotions and friendship is lost through gamefly or youtube.

I really miss walking into blockbuster after my dad promised he would rent a game for me. Just entering that world, the smell of game cases and gazing anxiously through the library of games all available to touch and see. "This game has a cooler cover, but this one has an amazing description". But I could only choose one.



Caliko commented on Features: Staff NES Stories:

Most of these stories don't sound too pleasing, the NES is touted as the peak of the gaming golden age. I hear incredible stories about it all the time. More than just slapping a cart into the slot. And where I live finding someone who owned a Sega master system... well let's just say you're better off finding a fossil.

The Corbie story reminded me of another story a man once told me.

He said his parents couldn't afford an NES and on christmas day he had opened all his presents and was disappointed to not find the coolest toy of the 80's in sight, about 30 minutes after all his presents were opened his dad left the living room and returned with one final present.... A brand New NES he had been hiding to surprise him!!
He said it was one of the most joyous moments of his life, and said he has bought every single Nintendo console since, for that moment alone.



Caliko commented on Red Wii and DSi XL Coming Stateside on Novembe...:

These bundles are ok.

The DS should've came with New Super Mario Bros, seems strange to celebrate Mario with Mario Kart DS.

And the Wii bundles doesn't come with Wii Sports Resort, yet comes with the Wii Remote Plus when ironically you don't need MotionPlus to play either game.

I still praise Nintendo for replacing the old remotes, hopefully this will push more and more developers to make MotionPlus a standard.



Caliko commented on Super Mario Collection Heading to Europe in De...:

So the game is just a re release of Super Mario All Stars??

Why not release some more recent adventures with it and a few rare/obscure mario games in it too?

Mario RPG
Paper Mario
Wrecking Crew
Dr. Mario
Mario Vs. Wario
Marios Super Picross



Caliko commented on Marvelous "Working to Meet Needs" of Little Ki...:

Not many people have heard or care for Little Kings Story. If they make a part 2 they will need to focus more on marketing the product. Some people don't care how much a game sells, but this is not the point here. The devs need to make their money to stay in business and I think it's a shame that great games like Little Kings Story and Beyond Good and Evil go unnoticed.

I think the problem with the first one was that at the time of its release:

1. It didn't get enough coverage/advertising

and importantly,

2. The box art looked like every other cheap bargain bin 3rd party game.