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United Kingdom

Mon 4th May 2009

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cagool commented on Brand New Infinite Space Trailer:

I agree Fantasia. If a girl like that crash-landed a space-ship at my feet I think it would be common courtesy to enquire about any injuries that she may have sustained before I demanded that she take me away.



cagool commented on Review: Pic Pic (DS):

I've had this game for months and it's amazing. I was sold on it by the eurogamer review, which basically reads as a love letter to the game. I disagree with the above review that Magipic is weird and the weakest - it's minesweeper if all of the flags made a picture, and it is just very hard. There are all sorts of subtle rules to work out. I agree that Drawing is amazing though. And something the reviewer didn't mention - there are 400 puzzles in each of the three categories. Which adds up to a lot of puzzles. Buy ASAP