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Sat 13th Feb 2010

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c0ldfire16 commented on Nintendo Announces Mario & Luigi: Dream Team F...:

I hate the Mario and Luigi series. Its nothing compared to Mario RPG legend of the seven stars. I wish they'd just make a true sequel already. The isometric view of Mario RPG would lend itself superbly to the 3ds. I wish they'd get the ball rolling on a new Mario RPG already :/



c0ldfire16 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) Japanese Trailer:

looks so sepic, grand scale. like what a modern day final fantasy VI would look like. the music also looks just as legendary, i can just imagine the other tracks this game has. hope it comes to U.S. ='(



c0ldfire16 commented on New Nintendo Console at E3?:

I really hope this is true, that Nintendo is working on a system with HD graphics. I woud love to see Nintendo be as they once were back in the SNES days, they were the cream of the crop in the graphics department AND they made the best games, hopefully they can go back to the glory days.