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BulbasaurusRex commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

Yeah, I knew this, although I would've admittedly had no idea pre-Internet. Of course, the restore point makes it pretty much meaningless these days outside those still playing the original NES version, the original All-Stars version, or on the Wii VC without upgrading to the Wii U VC version.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I don't know why you'd want a Wii U remake of Wii Sports Resort over Wii Sports. Wii Sports had more to gain by getting MotionPlus controls, while the more in-depth sports offered in that title are better for the online multiplayer that was added. Still, I agree that Wii Sports Resort is a good option for this list, although playing it on an HDTV does mean that we have to live with the motion delay that is more of a detriment to this title than most others.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Family Tennis SP (Wii U eShop):

Isn't "tripping over" when the ball is just out of reach preferable to not hitting the ball at all?

Anyway, I have no interest in non-motion-controlled tennis when "Wii Sports Club: Tennis" is also available.



BulbasaurusRex commented on First Impressions: We're Really Feeling It Wit...:

Well, that confirms it. There's no point in getting this when I already have the Wii version. I much prefer the full scale of the graphics on a TV screen over portability and stereoscopic 3D, plus I'd have to start the whole game over from scratch. I still haven't finished my first playthrough (only completed up to Mechonis Core)! Once I do finish it up, I'd rather just try the New Game+ rather than start over on this graphically watered down port.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

@DanteSolablood Socialism isn't just a yes or no answer. It's a sliding scale between completely unregulated capitalism and a completely government run economy. Any kind of government assistance is a form of socialism. Brazil just happens to be on the higher end of the scale than most countries that aren't communist. The United States usually prefers to stick to the lower end of the scale, particularily the Republican Party, although everyone nowadays recognizes that some government assistance and regulations are necessary.

By the way, there's a major difference between national healthcare (making government run health insurance available to everyone) and flat out free healthcare, insurance being a moot point. Also, you guys are paying for your additional benefits at the register (and likely with other taxes as well), as the sales tax is much lower on this side of the pond. It varies from state to state, but for example, here in Missouri it's about 4% for food and about 7.2% for everything else.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

@Savino We have free education here in the U.S., too (except college), as well as a recently enacted yet very controversial national health care insurance system; but no wonder your country has all those ridiculous taxes and tariffs if they're handing out completely free health care as well as free credit to anyone with a job. I wasn't aware that Brazil had such a socialized economy.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Here's a Handy amiibo Compatibility Infographic :

So basically Link, Toon Link, and Kirby are the choices that currently provide the most variety; while Mario, Luigi, Samus, Fox, Zelda, and Shiek are also good choices; and the compatability for Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong is pretty decent.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Child of Light (Wii U eShop):

The gameplay sounds quite a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles except with no character positioning and a turn-based component as to when you fire off each attack. Now that I have a Wii U, I'm in. Adding to Wishlist...



BulbasaurusRex commented on Code To Unlock Contrary Serperior In Pokémon ...:

@MegaBeedrill Yeah, but most HA Pokémon have been made available in all regions for players to obtain on their own (through either the Dream World, Hidden Grottos, Dream Radar, Hordes, or an occasional online giveaway) rather than relying on the luck of the draw on the GTS. There will still be many Overgrow Snivy mixed in with the Contrary ones, and some Japanese players will probably find it amusing to intentionally breed and offer Overgrow ones knowing their vic-, um, trading partners won't know the difference until it's too late.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Code To Unlock Contrary Serperior In Pokémon ...:

Don't get too excited. According to, these are Japan-only serial codes. Still, they're finally releasing the Unova starters with their hidden abilities for the first time anywhere, so hopefully the Western versions will get their own events for them before too long.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Weirdness: The Pokémon Timeline Seems as Craz...:

It's an interesting theory, but I prefer to stand by the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid).

The main dimension's timeline goes like this: R/B/G/FR/LG, G/S/C/HG/SS, R/S/E/OR/AS/Colo, XD, D/P/Pl, B/W, B2/W2, X/Y/(Z?). Whenever new lands, mechanics, and features are added to the remakes and new generations, the previous games are then automatically retconned to have included those things all along, with the exception of a few things that may still be undiscovered in certain regions like perhaps Mega Evolution. The Ranger games also fit into this dimension, although I don't keep up with them.

Other dimensions include the Mystery Dungeon dimension (where Pokémon build their own towns and freely communicate with each other, and humans are legendary creatures that either live in far-off lands or come from a different dimension, possibly the main series dimension), the Poképark dimension (which may or may not be the same as the Mystery Dungeon dimension), the Rumble dimension (where all Pokémon are living wind-up toys), the Smash Bros. dimension (where a select few Pokémon exist as living trophies in a mega-crossover world as seen in the Subspace Emissary), the TCG dimension (where trainers battle and enter tournaments with Pokémon cards instead of actual Pokémon), and the animé dimension (whose timeline runs parallel to the main series dimension but with notable differences and includes the animé itself, Pokémon Puzzle League, perhaps Snap, and possibly the huge wildcard of Yellow Version which might also just be another part of the main series dimension).



BulbasaurusRex commented on Video: New One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Tr...:

Wow, they really picked a wide range of characters for this, including a couple of whom are dead at this point in the timeline. It looks very impressive. I hope this comes to the West.

I'm disappointed at the spoiler in the trailer for the current arc for those of us, myself included, who keep up on the story by watching the subbed animé, although at least it's one that I expected to happen.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

It's nice that they're focusing on the gameplay first, so as long as they nail that part of the game I'll be okay with just a clichéd storyline where a small mercenary team of pilots overcomes incredible odds to save the galaxy. Just make sure to finally tell us which ending of "Star Fox Command" is canon.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Wii U):

Actually, I consider the lack of an open world to be an improvement over the previous game. Gotham City was a huge pain to navigate, and the controls and lack of guidance for doing so only made the problem worse. Did they fix the flying controls in this game (or at least give you the option to flip the Y axis), because those controls are absolutely horrible in Lego Batman 2?



BulbasaurusRex commented on RCMADIAX Confirms Two Wii U eShop Releases Thi...:

I don't get the hate for this guy. While he settles for making very simple games without much content, most of them seem like pretty decent games for the prices he charges. I for one plan on buying "Shut the Box" once I get a Wii U, and this "Toss 'n Go" game looks like it has some potential as well.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Feature: 12 Days of Nintendo Christmas - Day Four:

@B3ND3R But there are 8 Monado Arts, not just 5. Two of them are optional side-quest aquisitions, while the last one isn't unlocked until late in the game.

Anyway, shouldn't it be 4 Calling Chatot? I thought the plural form of any Pokémon species (as well as "Pokémon" itself) was the same as its singular form.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

@Varoennauraa That's part of the DX update that's now been released for the WiiWare version. Go ahead and get it.

His arguments are absolutely correct. The game is already available on the Wii U, and the game would hardly benefit from an Wii U port in the first place, so wasting all that time and effort just to make a small extra profit on the game is almost completely redundant. The Wii U eShop may not have a sales threshhold so that he might make some extra money off it, but it's still not worth all that extra work for it

Also, some of your guys's arguments for avoiding the Wii Shop on Wii U are just silly. You guys are passing up on loads of great WiiWare and VC titles (which may or may not ever see an updated Wii U release) just for minor issues like inconvenient loading, awkward control setup for off-TV play, wasting a few bucks that'll be ultimately leftover from buying Wii Points once you've bought everything you want, or some paranoid fear that Nintendo will steal your credit card info. Yes, Nintendo screwed up in numerous ways with the implementation of the Wii Shop Channel, but that doesn't mean you can't fight your way through a few headaches if it means access to such a huge and wonderful back catalogue of goodies.