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Wed 19th March, 2014

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buckminster commented on Rain Games' Upcoming Wii U eShop Title Teslagr...:

It's been $10 on Steam since it came out and totally worth that price. I bought it and it's great, but anything over $20 would be pushing it IMO. There's not a lot of replay value, but it's a great looking game with some decent platforming.



buckminster commented on Nintendo Unleashes Some Awesome Wii U eShop Tr...:

I have Nihilumbra and Teslagrad on Steam, Nihilumbra is okay, but I would totally recommend Teslagrad. Great puzzle platformer with a beautiful hand-drawn art style.- only Metroid-vania-ish in that in order to achieve 100%, you need to retrace some steps and explore old areas again. It's definitely worth it.