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Fri 2nd May 2014

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bryce951 commented on Miitomo:

A game? Doesnt sound like it.

I was hoping the whole wii/mii cross eyed b*stards were gonna be jettisoned for NX but it looks like they'll never let it go now.



bryce951 commented on The NES is Now 30 Years Old:


Listen i understand that NES was the second coming of the digital jesus for you good old boys in the US of A but over here no one gave a snitch and still dont!

NES by the time it was released in Europe was really old hat tech wise and people were knee deep in 16bit computers and consoles.

My grievance is that even the UK centred (r then e yes its called english) retro press like retrogamer magazine especially like to tell us uk readers that Nintendo saved the day from the video game crash with their grey block and tha Megaman / Contra/Zelda/Mario/Metroid et al were what UK gamers remember with fondness.

However the truth is that there was never a video game crash in Europe (mainly because we didnt buy the poopopoptypoo Atari 2600 either) and very few people had a NES later in the decade.

The popular talked about games of the time were on Sega and Amiga. SNES came later and then was also popular. The way the retro press hype up the nostalgia for the NES classics is just a fabrication of reality.



bryce951 commented on The NES is Now 30 Years Old:


In the UK/Europe NES was not that successful!!!! Please stop this revisionism - video games were fine in the early and mid 80s in the UK and after that we all had Amigas/Sega consoles. The NES was popular for one Christmas when Turtles came out. It did not 'save' video games ffs!!!