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Tue 9th Feb 2010

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brothamannp11911 commented on Blaster Master: Overdrive:

I posted this on the Facbook Fan Page last night, thought it might be helpful to some of ya'll still wavering on purchasing.. Sorry this is typed on my mobile phone so its full of TXTING shortcuts, but you will get the point.

Quick impressions after 3-4 hours play and defeating lvl 3 boss:

It is more Metroid than Blaster Master..tighter halls, bland levels, a little less exploration, zoomed in view, a ton of backtracking. Save feature makes it a little easier than original.. overhead levels missing some extra umfph to make them worth exploring, though multiple guns fun.. overhead play can get chaotic with a ton of enemies on screen.. that is overhead plays saving grace.

SOPHIA looks and feels great.. you feel like u r driving a super tank that jumps, drills, hovers, etc! other enemies have been so-so lots of reptition. music rocks.. i think all have been redone versions of originals including epic opening level song.. bosses have presented a challenge (died once on each) and have been fun battles with variety of attacks.

Addition to this: I took on the level 4 boss (a giant bat) and it kicked my butt 2-3 times so far with full upgraded weapons, had to go to work and be a dad for awhile that stuff takes precedence.