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Thu 8th Oct 2009

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brokenpavement commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:


I'm still waiting for a new Animal Crossing. The Wii version was just the DS version rehashed on a home console... After putting hundreds of hours into the DS title, the Wii one was an enormous disappointment to me.

In my dream world, Nintendo announces an online system similar to Steam where I can access my Wiiware titles on a friend's console as long as they are logged into my account. That way I can show people that there are a lot of great titles that you can't find in retail stores (and so I can laugh at Muscle March wherever I go).



brokenpavement commented on Review: Ultimate Shooting Collection (Wii):

Nice review; I got this soon after launch. I was one of the few that was waiting feverishly for the GameCube release of Radilgy, but I was not too disappointed when it finally made it to the States along with two other games (albeit on a different console...) For the price, it's a top-notch collection. It ranks with the Williams Pinball Hall of Fame for best bargain software on the Wii.