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Thu 16th January, 2014

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brewsky commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (North America):

@gatorboi352 That I understand. I was disappointed when Mario 3 did not make it to the VC by the end of 2013 like was promised, and was hurt a little more that Europe got it (and a promotion, to boot!), but to say things like "I'm not buying anything until Mario 3 comes out," is completely asinine.



brewsky commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (North America):

@Axed84 Yes, it is, but it has been strangely omitted from this list. I think the reason this was late today was because they never got the eShop releases so they had to wait for the update and then check the US eShop for the listings. And they happened to miss this one.



brewsky commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Just to confirm because some people don't know for certain: Mario Kart 8 will run at 60 fps 1080p natively. There is no up scaling. However, frame rate and visual quality will suffer when in 3 or 4 player multiplayer.



brewsky commented on Review: Young Justice: Legacy (3DS eShop):

This game is a shambling mockery of a game. You should be insulted that someone thought you were dumb enough to even consider buying this turd. If you ever see a rating of a one DO NOT even consider buying this game. RUN for your life!

An apt description for a game earning a 1.



brewsky commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

I will concede that bringing GBA to the Wii U VC is a good move. I just dislike the fact that because the Wii U is struggling, the 3DS is not getting the GBA VC that it rightfully deserves as well. I'm not saying that GBA games don't belong on the Wii U. I'm just saying the the 3DS should get it as well. I hope the next Nintendo Direct proves me wrong.



brewsky commented on Review: Ice Hockey (Wii U eShop / NES):

Hmmm….a little low in my opinion. This game is pretty good. Don't forget you can enter in the button combination on the start screen to get rid of the goalies. Then you can have a really chaotic match!



brewsky commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

So sad and disappointing....but I was expecting it.

Maybe this will be a wake up call to Nintendo to finally ditch Artoon/Arzest. But, at least Good-Feel is making Yarn Yoshi.



brewsky commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

Guys, the reason this issue is taking so long is because Nintendo is remaking Four Swords Adventures for the Wii U with the 3DS as controllers and second screens. Extensive technology, yes. Because, you know, games are better than online services and operating systems and whatnot, right??



brewsky commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are In For March:

@Than64 January 2012. When they first started offering them for a "limited time" (apparently using coins to buy games wasn't going to last long). Among the mix of four games was Majora's Mask for 150 coins. You could've registered your Wii or 3DS and got the game for free.