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Thu 16th January, 2014

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brewsky commented on ​Playtonic Confirms Post-Release DLC as the ...:

I don't recall them saying that this is the final stretch goal....just that any additional money raised will be used to polish and improve the game in addition to adding the DLC. They said the same exact thing with the orchestrated music stretch goal.

Not that I'm saying that they will continue to add stretch goals after this one is met, only that we can't assume that this is the final one.



brewsky commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X is so Sizeable That It ...:

@Sir_JBizzle Again, Wii U discs are single layered and only hold 25 GB. Seeing that we haven't seen a single game use a dual layered disc, and that the developers of this game said they were thinking they would have to use two discs, it's obvious that the Wii U simply doesn't support multilayered discs for Wii U games.



brewsky commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario Wor...:

"For completionists, a results screen can be pulled up with a tap of the Select button to see which levels have had all their 5 special Dragon Coins collected; not that finding them all does anything all that special but, you know… completionism!"

Actually, doesn't collecting all the Dragon Coins turn them into Peach Coins? Sure, it's a palette swap, but it's like you're implying that collecting the Dragon Coins does absolutely nothing when that's not the case.



brewsky commented on Guide: The Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals in...:

@DiscoGentleman @TruenoGT

Oh, perhaps I shouldn't have said that, otherwise it'll get people's hopes up. But, I'll explain regardless.

I work at Walmart, and if you work anytime from Thanksgiving morning into Friday morning, they'll give you 25% off an entire transaction. And I work Thanksgiving morning, so I get the discount. I think you can connect the dots from there. Sorry about that, but that's how I'll be getting eShop cards for 25% off, among other things.