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Mon 2nd Jan 2012

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boz111 commented on Club Nintendo Now Lets You Buy Download Games ...:

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11. Crafton United Kingdom 14 Dec 2011, 12:33 GMT

Looks like these codes don't redeem on British 3DS's how annoying

Crafton are you 100% sure about this im about to do the same thing i have 100 coins on my USA nintendo club account but i am from europe with PAL 3DS.

Are u you sure you cannot download the Xevious 3D code on PAL 3DS if you change your country/region in your 3DS to USA/Canada ??

I did this for PAL i am in a unsupported country but changed to UK and it worked `??

It would be awesome if u answered this i really need an answer to this question vefore 9th january, if it works im getting Xevious 3d hopefully !

PS how do u do internal messages here so i can reach crafton to try this `? if i he doesn´t look here ?