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In the end, my deaths might outnumber my kills, but I did it my way. :P

Fri 23rd November, 2012

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boywundr commented on Walmart Lists Blue And Red Smash Bros 3DS XL C...:

@MeWario .... I'm buying it, mostly because I like the design and, well, I want to. I don't have every 3DS either, like you don't have every comic. Just because the latest tech is coming doesn't mean some of us have to buy it right away. There's still good games coming for the 360/PS3 and people buy those (I understand the backwards compatibility issue, btw). It's a preference. Plus, has the New 3DS been given a firm release in NA? So when would I be waiting for.... ?

Also, I'm sure my Famicom or Zelda GBA SPs are worth more than a micro, but I could be wrong....



boywundr commented on Guide: Getting Into The Swing Of Mario Golf: W...:


I'm having the same issue in America. I can't access the tournaments in the basement at all. I really want to check them out as well as snag the Gameboy clothing, but there are two bars blocking my way. Does anyone know how to access them? I've won 2 of 3 courses and completed some of the challenges, but still blocked from the online. What is going on?!

Thanks for any help!!!

EDIT: I figured out I had to go to the board and enter from there. Ugh, sorry for being so dumb.



boywundr commented on Video: Nyamyam's Jennifer Schneidereit Talks T...:

I'm a huge fan of pop-up books (making them and reading) so I was already pretty excited for this game... but that was pushed over the edge when I saw they used MODO to create the assets (quick screen shot at 00:30)! It's the 3D program I use for work/freelance so it's great to see it in action for games. Very cool!



boywundr commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN Hmm, sort of a close minded comment. I know I love games, love to collect "non-English" games and game related toys and manage to have a beautiful family, friends (gaming and non), a full-time job (animating, no less!!!) and a whole lot more. It's not flushing one's life away, it's just a passion and hobby some of us happen to enjoy...

... but I will say, my first 3DS has been "flagged" for bathroom duty, so you may be half right.



boywundr commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

That is fantastic! Have a great time and congratulations!!!

I'm a huge fan of baseball, so I went to a Yomiuri Giants game. The atmosphere there was nothing like American baseball, in a fantastic way - massive banners, designated cheering sections, people running around with kegs on their back to sell you "beverages"!!!. There was a man that worked in the hotel I stayed at that was a huge fan of baseball as well and loved to talk to me about MLB, every day! The point is, the people are great and are welcoming, from my experience. That's really the biggest reason for me to go back.

Be prepared, though... I liken the experience of stepping off the train in Akihabara to Stendhal syndrome <--- Google it. HAHA!



boywundr commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

I used to import games and systems (handheld only) to the States, but stopped abruptly... because I took a 2 week "shopping trip" to Japan! It was place I always wanted to go before we had kids, so my wife gave in to the whining. I can remember my first day in Tokyo and the childlike amazement I experienced (at 33!). I researched the great places to go (Super Potato!) and had a hard time not spending all my "allowance" in one day - a Famicom, N64, tons of games for each. I had to buy 2 new suitcases to come home... I'm not kidding.

Since then, I want to buy more, but there's a something lost in buying it online compared to the adventure I was lucky enough to enjoy. I'm going back, and I know I'll repeat the process of over indulging in my favorite hobby... it's just when and how to afford 4 people this time without cutting in to my game budget!



boywundr commented on Burnout And Need For Speed Studio Criterion Do...:

@Peach64 - Basically what you said. They don't need bored bodies sitting around while they transition. It's good for the company, trust me.

I worked for a company a few years ago that did the same thing. They had become larger (about 70 people plus contractors) and transitioned to a new "product". In that transition, they slimmed down to less than 15 people and now, 3 years later, I'm working for them again in a contract role but higher up the food chain and earlier in the process. It's not bad, especially if any of those guys made a good impression... Criterion won't forget them and will look to fit them in when it's time.

I see this as a good move towards change.



boywundr commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April - Virtual Consol...:

@bonham2 Yeah, I'm slightly disappointed in that price as well. You can pick the cart up for about the same amount (of course, you do need to own and hook up the system, but still...). It has me concerned for the GCN prices if/when they hit the eshop. These prices go from impulse buy to nah...



boywundr commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening SpotPass Content Going ...:

@Haywired I for one can tell you I bought the game because of the free content. It's marketing. When someone looks at a product and sees so much content for the initial buy in or the words "FREE!", they're apt to take a second look or make a purchase they were borderline on making. It is a great business decision because not only did I buy the game, but I rushed to buy the discounted content before the price went up... In my mind, I saved $2 but Nintendo made $49.99 off me so far.