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Thu 12th Jan 2012

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bowlerchris commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

What is with you people? Does resolution really matter that much to you? All HDTVs and Projectors upconvert the signal to their native resloution for you. It might not be as good as the method you are complaining about, but why do you care so much? Does beautiful graphics make the game that much better? I play my Wii on a 97 inch projector, and it looks fine. If it was native 1080p graphics, it would not make the game any better. I still feel that some of the games I played back in the SNES era were better than any game I have played thus far. Those graphics were horrible compared to now, but the games were awesome. They are ingrained in my memory too this day. Graphics don't make a game, gameplay does. Just for your information my Skyward Sword game on my projector output from my Wii looks nearly identical to those videos posted in previous comments. So why not just live with upconversion by your TV, and enjoy the game the way it is.