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Sat 8th Dec 2012

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bound4earth commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

@Sinbad I love Fantasy Life and have played through most of the content and am currently Demi-God in 6 of the Lives and loving it, but would agree with the review score here. The story is was disappointing and can be beaten without even working on a Life. It really is an oversight. The story also gets bloated at times, wannabe Navi chimes in constantly telling you to go to the place you were already going to visit. They pad the chat with two to three times more words then are necessary without adding anything meaningful. Don't get me wrong, the story is still charming, but it could have been written better and been just as charming if not more so. More like Earthbound and less like today's overbloated JRPG storylines.

The bounty system isn't as flushed out as it could be also. having three bounty boxes and killing a creature to get through should not replace your valuable ones with a garbage wolf one. All of the boxes should stay or you should at least get to choose. They could have also left the boxes on powerful mobs instead of adding them to every above average mob. So tired of having to break most of the junk bounty boxes.

The game also uses weird concepts for the mount travel. I don't mind how they handle rented mounts, but why not allow me to corral my own horse and bring him with me everywhere. Also why am I stuck with a horse when they have other cool options that I can only rent. I was also puzzled why they used the head to plane store to fly to certain locations. Why not allow the player to fly the talking engine airship around ala Final Fantasy and other SNES games. Would have made travel epic instead of the current chore of multiple airships and boats.

The party system is lacking and often removes party choice unless you like bringing along useless or low damage mobs. You would have to be clueless to not have Queen Ophelia in your party. She is stronger at 50 friendship then just about anyone at 100. Why not have a weapon system or at the very least normalize their damage based on friendship, so you can bring who you prefer.

It would have been nice to see more interplay between Lives in the game. For example, Some of the high level crafting items require cloth that only a master tailor can make. Why not do this more often for the more powerful items earlier in the profession? I have thoroughly enjoyed leveling the Lives regardless.

The worst part about the game is from Nintendo. Why do they still force friend codes on people. It just keeps people away from your already limited online service and shop. Friend codes should only exist for children with parental controls on. It changes nothing in the long run as most players just swap codes with random internet people. The outcome is the some only a much worse experience then random matchmaking on any other system. Where are the permanent demos for all of the games that offer one? Just another reason why Nintendo is losing popularity. They refuse to fully change with the times.

TL;DR: Fantasy Life is a great game, but far from perfect. They did run out of development time and that was why multiplayer and other features were removed on launch and added later. Great game that is very polished, but missing the finishing touches that another three or four months could have delivered to make it a 9 or 9.5/10. Hopefully sales improve, especially in America or we won't be likely to see a sequel. Get out there and tell your friends about this game. Make it an underground hit like Animal Crossing, because if the game sales don't exceed 200-300K we might never see a sequel.



bound4earth commented on Struggling Silicon Knights Ordered To Recall U...:

There seems to be some confusion tied to Eternal Darkness, so I thought I would register and chime in. Nintendo owns the IP rights to Eternal Darkness along with the patent for the insanity effects. Any work Silicon Knights was doing for the Eternal Darkness demo were for Wii U. Further evidence was given by Dennis himself during an interview back in 2008 he said "a complicated question with a complicated answer" in reference to who owns the IP. Dennis Dyack is a control freak. It's the reason why he left the supervision of Nintendo. It's also the reason why he didn't just come out and say that Silicon Knights does not own the rights, or at the very least only owns a partial right to create a sequel. See not so complicated after all.

I still hold out hope for Eternal Darkness as Nintendo applied for a trademark in 2010. Along with the fact that when Silicon Knights goes bankrupt and dissolves, so do any IP claims that might have had. Nintendo would be able to make a sequel free and clear of the Dennis Dyack plague. Retro Studios is currently working on a secret project that should be revealed soon, hey I can hope right. At the very least it's going to be something new from Retro Studios that is big enough to veil in secrecy.