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Fri 6th Jan 2012

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boondoklife commented on Millions of Wii Games Pirated in 2011:

If one looks at the titles mentioned; they either were terrible games, remakes, or had fatal flaws in releasing.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 — Garbage release, the same as the original just with a Yoshi.
Mario Sport's Mix — More garbage with a racquet and basketball thrown in for sport!
Xenoblade Chronicles — Released in the EU 9 months before the NA release, what were they thinking!!!
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean — Really yet another Lego game?
FIFA 12 — Yea... Garbage

This in mind is it really hard to see why they made the top of the list? They should look at some good titles like Monster Hunter Tri or Metroid Other M and then compare the pirated numbers.