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Fri 26th Mar 2010

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bofis commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Had the black, smaller new 3DS come out in the US, I'd have bought it on launch to replace my smaller 3DS, but I never wanted the XL and so stuck with mine this point, it might be too late, esp since they don't seem to want to release the smaller new3DS other than in white in combos.



bofis commented on Shadow Puppeteer Publisher Suggests Installing...:

So for those of us who have had an external drive on the WiiU for years, since the most it has internally is a pathetic 32GB, how exactly do we install this to the internal memory besides just moving it after it's installed?



bofis commented on Asteroid Challenge Is Bringing Classic Arcade ...:

@tomjscott Understood...also apparently it was merely a reflection of the vector screen onto something clear so you could see through it:
Perhaps as an easier 4th retro mode, the backgrounds could just go away entirely (even without border artwork) to give it a look more like the original, just with nicer 3D ships and asteroids (maybe black and white?) Regardless, this looks awesome and I appreciate that it remains a top-down 2D playfield like the original, will definitely be picking this up!



bofis commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

I just hope any NX announcement doesn't make the WiiU suffer, like if it pairs up with the gamepad, and can transfer over our content and games and finally link all purchases to an account system, that wouldn't discourage purchases on WiiU as much as if it didn't...



bofis commented on Zen Studios Re-Affirms Support For Wii U But H...:

Aren't we still waiting for the last set of tables to come to WiiU?? I'd pick them up as well as these on WiiU once they come out, I enjoy playing on the gamepad screen so am only buying Star Wars Pinball tables on my WiiU



bofis commented on Review: FAST Racing NEO (Wii U eShop):

No course map overlay? I hope they add that in an update like Mario Kart 8 did...or even have the option to display it on the gamepad screen...either way, picking this up on Thursday!!



bofis commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

Whatever it is, if there's a portable system component to it, I really hope they include Bluetooth (with apt-X codec) for use with wireless headphones, as finally getting good Bluetooth headphones has made me not want to use wired ones or listen to 3DS audio on the subway anymore.



bofis commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

Ugh, the badge arcade is SO SLOW, it takes FOREVER to load, requires internet, and I haven't won any badges in the past two days with my single free try after not finding any additional badges in the training. I think the free-to-play model is awful, and I do not really approve of Nintendo moving into that sector. It just cheapens games and makes them all about getting you to waste more money without realizing it. I like the idea of being able to assign icons to folders on the home-screen, but would almost have rather this just be a system update to allow that, and have a bunch for free. All of this could and should have just been a fun/free theme addon to the system, not some dumb game I have to spend 15 minutes on each morning. That and why have they not had any system/controller badges since the first day?



bofis commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

This is the silliest thing ever, why would I want icons cluttering up my screen that don't even do anything? This would be better if you could stamp them onto existing icons or set them as folder icons instead...won't even bother downloading now that I understand what this is...



bofis commented on Review: Toki Tori 3D (3DS eShop):

I already have this on PC and WiiU, but I think I'll pick it up for 3DS since the price is low and I never really did finish the entire game...would be neat if there were cloud-saves so I could pick up from where I played through on the WiiU though. That or cross-buy for loyal gamers



bofis commented on Review: PictoParty (Wii U eShop):

@Kamalisk Yes! We were just playing Sketch with friends on Halloween this weekend and lamenting it's 5-player limit. This will be a must-buy for us as having 15-player and ability to add words (and use color!) is awesome! Kind of a low rating for one of the best possible uses of the GamePad in a party setting.



bofis commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

As long as the portable system has real, physical buttons like the WiiU gamepad, and then works with a home console, I'm game. Especially if they allow the current WiiU controllers and gamepad to work with it as well.



bofis commented on Nintendo of America Distributes The Legend of ...:

Not that I got the email or anything, but it's unfortunate that the online portion of the demo is just this weekend during 3 narrow time periods...also that there's no single player to try out at all :-



bofis commented on Review: Race the Sun (Wii U eShop):

This is a great, and very addicting game, I have it on Steam already, and it's fun that each day it plays differently and unexpectedly...might consider picking it up on discount to play on the TV



bofis commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

@KingofSaiyans I dunno about you, but I might spend more time playing Indie games, of which there are SO MANY coming out on WiiU and already out. Between that and the already-announced Nintendo releases, I have way more games than I have time to play on WiiU and will continue to prefer that to play things anyway.



bofis commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

pfft, there's Yoshi's Woolly World, XenoBlade, and plenty of other great games...that and Splatoon and Mario Maker will never get old, and should remain driving forces too. Why is everyone always so negative about Nintendo at every step??? I love my WiiU, more than any other console available, so I'll keep buying every game on it I wanna play.