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Fri 26th March, 2010

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bofis commented on Video: Check Out Kirby's Adventure Wii on the ...:

After Epic Yarn I never got around to picking up Return to Dreamland...though without GamePad controls, I don't really see the point of buying it digitally on WiiU when playing it inside Wii Mode is the same exact thing...



bofis commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

I agree, and refuse to buy the New 3DS XL as I wanted the SMALLER ONE, not just for the faceplates and colored buttons, which I prefer, but because I like the size of my 3DS now, and was excited to upgrade it slightly to have the better stable 3D, but not at expense to the size. If they want me to buy another 3DS, they'll have to release the normal New 3DS in this country or remove region locking so I can import one.



bofis commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

I would download it to play entirely for free and never spend a cent, but equally I'd just assume NOT download it to show Nintendo that I'd much rather pay them up-front for a game than get tricked into spending upwards of more than the console I'm playing it on costs!



bofis commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

The fact that they'd have to set such a high max spending limit for under 18 shows how absurd this sort of a game is, unfortunately. No way is this kind of a game worth that, especially IN A MONTH.



bofis commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

UGH, but what about those of us with launch 3DSes who were excited by the prospect of a normal, new 3DS? Because I've never been interested in the XL, and so will just hang onto my 3DS and ignore any games that won't work with it instead of buying a new system and embracing it if they had released both sizes here :-(



bofis commented on Review: Breezeblox (Wii U eShop):

looks like something that would have lent itself well to the 3DS as well, wonder if they'll release it there too, maybe even for slightly cheaper ;-)



bofis commented on Review: Midnight (Wii U eShop):

Weird it's a square and not a ball, but hey, Angry Birds/NightSky are fun, why not? Though it would be nice if they also had some setup for using gamepad controls instead of just touch



bofis commented on Week Three of the eShop Throwback Sale Goes Li...:

Having only ever played the first Metroid Prime on GameCube, I may have to pickup the Trilogy for $10...especially since they feature superior wiimote controls. My biggest issue with FPS games on consoles is that two sticks do not have nearly the control that a mouse and keyboard setup do. I think aiming with the wiimote is about the best you can hope for on a TV



bofis commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

If Nintendo was really smart they'd do more runs of rare or limited Amiibos to eliminate that 3rd party market as well. Look how much the less-common Amiibos go for on eBay and all that money Nintendo is leaving on the table.



bofis commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

When I hold my 3DS right now, my left and right pinky fingers rest under the console itself, RIGHT where the power button and cart slots were moved to. This is one of the things I'm upset about with the new designs, as the top-loading slot would never get in the way of your hands or need some piece of metal to make it better.



bofis commented on Shantae And The Pirate's Curse All Set For Fes...:

@Tops Totally loved it on 3DS, and btw, Pirate Mode is unlocked after you beat it once, and means you start the game with all of Risky's pirate weapons from the beginning, rather than finding them in each labyrinth ("Den of Evil" in this game).



bofis commented on Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Delayed Into 20...:

@StarDust4Ever The game we Kickstarted is 1/2 Genie Hero, which is the 4th installment. It's confusing since the Kickstarted ended so long before this game finally came out, but Pirate's Curse has been in development since Risky's Revenge came out and was originally only going to be on 3DS. The WiiU version was added in during the Kickstarter cuz I guess they were having fun with it. Having played almost all of the game on 3DS up to the final boss I'd have to say this might be the best Shantae game yet, and the graphics look great in 3D. I almost enjoy the art style of this game (and Risky's Revenge) better than the 1/2 Genie Hero art, but we'll see.



bofis commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

@Ralizah Agreed, I'd love to hear a more in-depth comparison against TetrisDS, which I still carry with me always and play on my 3DS. How are the Vs. CPU modes? Didn't Marathon used to be until LVL20? Also, shouldn't it only add a line in multiplayer if you clear 2 or more lines, as it adds one-fewer line than what you cleared? Also how is the music, and can you select different backgrounds or tracks as the default?

As for Tetris Axis, that was a huge pile of crap compared to Tetris DS and the only 3DS game I ever bought and then immediately resold...the Vs. CPU was far too easy as I could beat it immediately on the highest level. Whereas in Tetris DS, lvl 4 CPU is a good challenge, and lvl5 is basically impossible unless you get lucky.