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Fri 26th March, 2010

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bofis commented on Actos Games Announces Wii U eShop Exclusive ps...:

Always love seeing developers actually take advantage of the WiiU Gamepad, especially when it lends itself to better uses than I've seen on almost any touchscreen game for phones, like the touch levels in Rayman that are the single best use of a touch screen in a platformer I've seen.



bofis commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wave Race 64:

There has been no greater satisfaction for me than unlocking the dolphin mode in this game by doing every single trick on a stunt run.



bofis commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

As long as the games work on the older 3DS and 2DS systems, and just work better or differently on the new ones, that's fine. Sorta like how Game Boy Color games would play in color on a GBC, but if they were the black carts, they'd play fine on the original Game Boy



bofis commented on Giana Sisters 2 In Development, Could Be Comin...:

Perhaps if they want to show how much support WiiU has gotten they could patch the audio for the gamepad and give us the DLC they promised ages ago because I enjoy the Giana Sisters games, but wtf?



bofis commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

I'd much rather they released this on the 3DS EShop, maybe even with 3D visuals, but I don't really see the appeal for WiiU nearly as much so I'll be skipping it. Now if Nintendo wanted to offer some kinda cross-buy for VC titles, I'd think again



bofis commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

No idea why MicroSD would be an improvement since SD cards are faster and cheaper at higher capacities, and I already have a big card in mine that's not nearly full. Upgrading would now require buying a new MicroSD card and transferring over all of the data from the SD card in my 3DS. Also, why did they make the base model larger than the original? And, finally, why is the cart slot and power button along the BOTTOM now? That's where my pinky fingers both rest while I hold the 3DS :-/



bofis commented on Video: Flying Carpet Level in Shantae: Half-Ge...:

So having played the past two Shantae games, and Kickstarting this WiiU game, I've really mostly been looking forward to Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on 3DS...when is that coming, because "summer" is almost over!



bofis commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

Booooooooooo, the WiiU is totally capable, esp if a 360 can handle the game. Rayman was the BEST on WiiU, but it's sad if Ubisoft is dropping support. At least we'll have Project Cars, which is looking even better anyway



bofis commented on Rain Games' Upcoming Wii U eShop Title Teslagr...:

If the price is competitive the retail at least means it does not use up precious space on my WiiU, and also is then loanable to friends unlike a digital copy. As for what people are saying about Humble Bundle making it harder to support Indies on consoles, I agree somewhat, but I've actually resisted picking up some titles, like Teslagrad, because I knew it was coming to WiiU (mmm delayed gratification).



bofis commented on Steel Empire Blasting A Path To The North Amer...:

SO EXPENSIVE for a remake of a Genesis game...especially compared with the M2 Sega 3D titles (of which I'm still waiting for OutRun to exist in the US). I'm tempted by this game, but I'll wait for a price drop or sale. Perhaps I'll use this time to try out Yumi since everyone seems to love that and now it's slightly cheaper at least



bofis commented on NES30 GamePad Brings Old School Control To iOS...:

@ueI If it acts as a WiiMote I do not see why not, older, even non-motion-plus WiiMotes work fine with the WiiU, it just won't do any motion or pointing, but it would work perfectly for VC and anything that needs a sideways WiiMote I suspect.



bofis commented on Ubisoft Confirms Exclusive 3DS Mode for Tetris...:

I just hope this is remotely good enough to actually replace Tetris DS, which I carry with me to play on my 3DS to this day. The vs. mode in Tetris Axis was a JOKE and far too easy compared to even Lvl 4 CPU in Tetris DS



bofis commented on Guide: All You Need to Know on Mario Kart 8 Ch...:

And no recommendations for bikes? Or any mention of how only a few of the bikes can inside-drift, while the others drift more like karts? Also, I disagree that Yoshi isn't good at anything and your assessment that heavyweights dominate, which is really not always the case either.



bofis commented on It Doesn't Look Like We'll Be Seing Sega Games...:

The Sega 3D Classics games are some of the best Virtual Console titles available to date and we are STILL waiting for OutRun and a few others to even make it to the US. It would have been nice to have Sega games on WiiU, but at least bring over the ones they made for Japan 3DS!!!



bofis commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

They should merge ALL purchases from the same Nintendo ID and let you download or play games on any platform where that title is available, not just as a single-game promotion when you buy the 3DS one, though this is still a welcome idea and I hope it gives us a taste of the future.



bofis commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

It's fairly silly to not allow you to use WiiMotes, Pro Controller, Classic Controller, or the GamePad for controls, especially if you're playing it up on the TV. I don't care about utilizing the touch screen as much as allowing for control options.



bofis commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

This is a no start without 3D graphics, will be picking it up on the WiiU I guess...thought wouldn't it be awesome if purchases were linked to NintendoIDs and you could download any purchased title on either available system? ;-)