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Sun 28th Apr 2013

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bluesun commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of Europe Didn't Want "Boi...:

Here's the full EU convo, plus my own amateur translation of the Japanese convo. I don't have the US version for comparison.
Source for JP:

Nowi: Tharja, it's so nice and shiny [note: no ending punctuation]
Tharja: ...What?
Nowi: Didn't you hear me? I said it's so nice and shiny!
Tharja: And what does that mean, exactly? ...Do I even want to hear this?
Nowi: You know! Your hair! it's so sleek, and shiny and stylish! [note: it's should be capitalised]
Tharja: Gods. Is that your idea of a compliment? One moment I'm dealing with a simpering innocent, and the next... sigh
Nowi: Sooo...can I comb it? Oh please, say I can...
Tharja: Why are you even asking ME, anyway? There must be others with more exciting hair than me.
Nowi: Oh, no. I've checked out EVERYBODY in the whooole army, and you know what? You've got the best hair of them all. ...Trust me.
Tharja: What an honour. Perhaps you should check again to be safe? Now go on. Run along.
Nowi: FINE! If you're gonna be like that, I will! CHROM! HEY, CHROM! Tharja wants to know what you think about h-
Tharja: WHAT?! Grr... Pipe down, or I'll hex you into next week!
Nowi: But you just TOLD me to-
Tharja: I changed my mind. No more asking anyone about my hair, you hear?
Nowi: Boo. Well, if I can't comb it, can you at least tell me what it's like to touch?
Tharja: What is this all about? Why do you want to know?
Nowi: Well, I heard some of the men talking about your hair... And they said they bet it was as sleek and soft to the touch as silk. That sounds pretty nice to me! So I decided I had to see for myself.
Tharja: Grrr... When I find out who these men are who've been talking about me... Well, let's just say there are about to be some new toads hopping around camp...

JP (names replaced):
Nowi: Tharja, you've got big ones, right!
Tharja: Nowi, what...?
Nowi: I said, Tharja, you've got big ones!
Tharja: B-Big...? What? That... doesn't sound like a spell. I don't understand what you mean...
Nowi: Tharja, I mean your breasts and buttocks are big !
Tharja: ...!? C-Children may seem innocent, but they can blurt out the most frightening things now and then...
Nowi: Hey~ Tharja, let Nowi touch your big ones!
Tharja: N-No... Touch someone else's, please... There must be someone with even b-bigger ones than me, no...?
Nowi: Whaaaat~! There's nobody like that~! Tharja has the most biggest ones out of everyone Nowi's ever seen!
Tharja: I see... Well, if that is just your personal impression, you may be wrong, no...?
Nowi: Hmph! Well then, I'll ask someone else! Hey! Big brother Chrom~! Tharja's big o-
Tharja: H-Hold on! I'll get mad at you if you say any more!!
Nowi: Aww... Nowi doesn't want you to be mad at Nowi, so Nowi just won't touch them then!
Tharja: Hmph... As long as you understand...
Nowi: Then instead, tell me how soft your big ones are!
Tharja: ...And what is the reason you wish to know?
Nowi: Well, it's what a soldier guy said earlier! "Tharja's big ones must be the best, they're so huge and springy!" That's why Nowi wanted to touch them!
Tharja: !! What a thing to say...! That man... If I ever find out who said that, I'll put a curse on them that never ends...