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Mon 18th Aug 2008

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BlueFlameBat commented on Tournament of Legends Trailer Smacks Us With a...:

This also reminds me of War Gods which I have mixed feelings about but do not hate as much as the magazines I've read do. This game doesn't look like something I want to use motion controls for so I think I'll pass, especially if there is no GameCube or Classic Controller option.



BlueFlameBat commented on Sticking a Laser Projector to a Wii Zapper Bri...:

I like the concept, but this looks like something that would be better played inside a big cylinder or ball. I hope Nintendo actually takes positive interest if they find out rather than trying to file some cease and desist order.



BlueFlameBat commented on Complete Your Living Room: My Fireplace Stokin...:

You have got to be kidding me!! The stupidity with this is second only to the DVDs and VHS tapes I've seen that also have fire footage. At least this is interactive, but it could easily be an even bigger waste of money than Pop.



BlueFlameBat commented on Five Minutes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Better Th...:

0:35, 0:53, 1:54, 2:08, 2:35 (except for Yoshi being there), 2:43, 2:59, and 3:10. I probably should have said "gameplay" rather than "footage". It looks more like an expansion than a sequel, but hey, if that's what you want, more power to you. Personally, I found too many issues with the first one to justify purchasing this game if it's mostly more of the same.
I also have an "irrational" hatred for Bowser Jr and Mario's voice.



BlueFlameBat commented on Don't Worry, You May Get More 2D Metroids:

"...some would be happier with a straightforward 2D Samus adventure like the days of old..."
So they want a sprite-based Metroid or was I right about Other M not being a complete side-scroller? Do you duck when you press down on the d-pad or move toward the foreground?



BlueFlameBat commented on Nintendo Unlikely to Invite Apple to Parties A...:

I'm not taking either side in this. Apple's stupid slam ads with John "Obnoxious" Long and Nintendo and Sony slamming each other at E3 makes this whole thing look like an argument over who has the biggest package. And no, I'm not in MicroSoft's corner either.



BlueFlameBat commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

I hate censorship. Having said that, it might be better to have some stuff trimmed or changed rather than get nothing at all.
In this case, I think it would be stupid to raise issue over exposed female breasts on statues. Of course, I'm one of those people who think it's moronic that female breasts are considered inappropriate in the first place.



BlueFlameBat commented on Review: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii):

Relax. I think you're reading too far into my post. Yes, it was unfortunate that the first Sin & Punishment never made it outside of Japan and Australia in its original form. I get the feeling the game would be much easier for me to play with an N64 controller rather than a GameCube or Classic one. I also miss the rumble. I don't see it as any crueler than dangling Earthbound 64 for N64 though ... and then again for GameCube. I was personally disappointed that Nintendo Puzzle Collection never made it to the U.S., but that's another matter. I was simply pointing out that a lot of editors have a tendency to make something seem more serious than it is.



BlueFlameBat commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

It wouldn't hurt the Wii to be able to play DVD movies without being hacked. Yes, I have other devices to play DVDs on, but the Wii is the system I prefer to travel with because it's small. And yes, there are places I sometimes go to that do not have DVD players.



BlueFlameBat commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

I don't think having the bonus disc playable on your Wii would make things easier, especially if you're going back and forth between playing the game and watching the bonus disc. The Wii can only hold one disc at a time. Would you rather have two systems (or a Wii and a DVD player) on and switch signals or swap discs? Although whatever is on the DVD probably should have been put in the game as something you could access any time if there's enough space left on the game disc.

"Nintendo is well aware that some players didn't enjoy the original as much, finding it confusing and tough to control."
See?! I'm not the only one!! Actually my main issue was getting Mario to backflip onto platforms he couldn't get to by jumping regularly.



BlueFlameBat commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo May Need to Rethink its Onl...:

I don't think Nintendo should charge to do a job they're supposed to be doing anyway for free. I already put up with that crap from MicroSoft, who is apparently considering raising the subscription fees for adding some kind of Spike TV channel.



BlueFlameBat commented on Hey Now, Kirby Wii Might Actually Be Happening...:

@Kevin If You're right, Nintendo is really shooting itself in the foot and slapping its fans across the face in the process. What the game needs is simple Wii-remote-held-sideways gameplay with the option to use the Classic Controller or GameCube controller.

Hoshi no Kirby was unfortunately canceled for GameCube because Nintendo was needlessly quick to dismiss GCN after Wii was released and now what's left of the game hangs in limbo. I'd rather the game was released for GameCube as originally planned, but I'd settle for a Wii release.



BlueFlameBat commented on Kick Back and Relax with Some Super Mario Kart...:

Organs and flutes?
I always associated jazz with saxophones and pianos.
Color me confused, but this looks like it's worth checking out.
**Checks it out.***
Oh yeah, this is definitely jazz. It reminds me of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and certain parts of Sonic Adventure. I don't recall any organs or flutes though.