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Wed 21st May, 2014

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blaze8937 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Defiantly can't wait for smash bros and bayonetta. I might pick up watch dogs if any place has it on sale at on Black Friday. The only thing im not to excited for is anything coming out on the eshop. I hope there are couple surprises in store for the eshop because as of now nothing to exciting and to think of it i really dont have any games from the eshop on my wiiu....besides two capcom games and zen pinball.



blaze8937 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (North America):

Only looks like I will be getting hyrule warriors at ganestop. I might check out yu gi oh later on especially since it looks like its not the european version that I heard got a lot of content cut out and its only $20 so why not.



blaze8937 commented on Atlus Just Can't Stop Offering Discounts, With...:

Its great to see these games on sale again but they should just drop the prices permanently because I swear I feel like atlus games are on sale every month lol. I wish they had a sale on the SMT4 dlc and conception 2 dlc.



blaze8937 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

After playing the demo I seriously enjoyed it compared to the traditional dynasty games. I think its only because I actually care about the characters from the legend of zelda. I actually like dynasty warriors type of games but never could get into them or complete them because I never really cared for the characters.



blaze8937 commented on Game Schedule Outlined for Nintendo Treehouse ...:

@Kuhang your not the only one when I first saw the single player I thought it was complete garbage but after they showed the multiplayer...I was blown away how much better it looked then the single player.

Is it sad that im more excited for the multiplayer then the main game?



blaze8937 commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

Yet again Nintendo screws me over. I could go to the city and get it but I already preordered it somewhere else and I unfortunately cant take the day off from work XP I wish we were at least able to preorder it so I could get it later in the day and I was at nintendo world a couple days ago to -_-



blaze8937 commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (North America):

Nothing for me this week besides the curtin call wallet can use a break after last weeks releases and sales but I do hope the smash sale is the same as the european sale, I wouldn't mind picking up some of the games.



blaze8937 commented on Nintendo Shows Off 38 "Kisekai Plate" Changeab...:

This is nice I would buy like one or two...and when I think about it this will save many people money because it could potentially estimate limited edition consoles and they could just relase like a limited edition plate for $20 instead of a limited console for around $200



blaze8937 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Uh I would get one but when I see the placment of all the buttons it seems like it would feel weird to use....but I said the same about the wiiu gamepad and ened up loving it but I dont know about how I feel about the smaller circle pad. And it seriously sucks for people who want to play xenoblade on the 3ds because now they need to buy a new system just to.



blaze8937 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

What in the world is going on...we haven't had the best updates as of lately and now they throw a curve ball and slam us with stuff oh god my wallet is going to kill me. I already got all the mario kart dlc but im definitely getting x3, gunvolt, finally gonna try zen pinball and get the walking dead table and thank you capcom for the sale I been waiting for phoenix wright to go on sale and I was just about to buy alpha 2 yesterday thank god I waited. Thanks Nintendo for this outstanding update.



blaze8937 commented on Limited Edition Steelbook Bundles Announced fo...:

I really want this I love steelbooks and the figures look great. We might have a chance of the figures coming to america and I only say that because we got figures for heartgold and soulsilver and i think platinum but forgot if we did with any other pokemon game.



blaze8937 commented on Fret Not, A World of Keflings Is Still On Its ...:

Day one purchase for me. Always wanted to play this on the 360 but never actually got around to buying it, and with all the new enhancements and included dlc definitely warrants a purchase. And its nice to see a company actually recognize the wiiu as a next gen console



blaze8937 commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

Preordered the dlc and seriously can't wait for November to come. Im seriously happy that Nintendo is keeping their word when they talked about how they would be handling their dlc. So far in my opinion the dlc they have been offering for their games (mario kart 8, mario golf, new super mario 2 etc) have been amazing and the prices have always been great for the content you get.



blaze8937 commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

I would never hack my system. Im one of those people who just isnt to big into doing something like this to my consoles for things such as getting my system bricked in the future. I just find it cool that Iwould be able to play jap games.