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Sat 8th Aug 2009

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blank_user_1 commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

I have waited so long for this and the fact that it will finally be available "at no additional charge" is fantastic news. I'm surprised that no one else thought of this, but the disc makes sense if you know the technology it already takes to stream movies off Netflix. The installation process (for Windows) involves MS's Silverlight and DirectX, so the fact that Wii has none of that means Netflix and Nintendo have to build their own optimized drivers. Wii has limited memory built in, so the video rendering software shouldn't be there, and the SD card has delayed load times (think SSBB load times for custom stages on SD card). Thus, the software should be on the DVD.



blank_user_1 commented on Nintendo Trademarks "WiiRelax":

I doubt the validity of any piece of news from Siliconera, so I discourage further reposting of it. Regarding the vitality sensor, now, that is not what I bought my Wii for.



blank_user_1 commented on Review: Blaster Master (Virtual Console / NES):

Superb title. At first, it seemed just like Mega Man, only with tanks. Well, I couldn't believe it when I saw my dude jump out of the tank (like Metal Warriors in SNES). I was especially astounded when he went indoors and the action switched to top-down view (like Pokemon on Gameboy). Graphics make it transcend the 8-bit system, a feat in itself, and sound is very complementary. Absolutely worth a shot for any gamer/nongamer.



blank_user_1 commented on Just What Is The Nintendo Zii?:


@ReZon: that is enlightening. Everybody see that post. Tch, everybody goes crazy off of these rumors from places like "Siliconera"....



blank_user_1 commented on Review: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nint...:

I haven't come across a Nintendolife score that I disagree with more than this one here. 6/10? Dang, this isn't a mediocre title-- it's one of the 64's great games. The review doesn't even mention the collectible Challenge Points; just try finding all of those. Or the numerous glitches (like being a freaking wampa). Or all the weapons, yeah, like the stunner, pulse, flame, missles, or the nuke-like disrupter. There is plenty of fun to be had in this game. No, I'm not talking about speed runs or graphic novels. I'm just recalling the high times I had with this game, complete with tense ammo conservation, escaping those nasty sewer monsters, and frantically trying to take down a wampa just feet away from swiping the life out of me.

Just a bit of last ranting advice: save your ammo for IG-88. You'll need it for that bad boy. Whoa, I just remembered the jetpack. What an awesome jetpack. I'm sure this reviewer was not soaring the heights of levels looking for extra disrupter ammo.

EDIT: Yes, as another Sabrewing said, switch to First Person perspective. It really is different (and harder) to do it in third. I rarely went out of first.



blank_user_1 commented on Review: Copter Crisis (WiiWare):

I'm having a policy of simply not buying WiiWare games anymore. Seriously, check your Nintendo Channel game playing records. I've spent so much more time on disc games than I have on digital ones. WiiWare games do not have the value a fiscal buyer like myself looks for.



blank_user_1 commented on Aonuma: Prepare for Zelda Surprise Next Year:

Co-op would be pretty sweet, if done right.
I had heard that the spirit next to Link is his sword, which fits, since it does have the same features and Link is never without his sword....
FPS(wordfighter?) would be so unZelda.
Just a crazy thought, but it would be cool if you beat the game, only to have to go back in time to really beat the game. One last thought: Link's horse should fly. That could really be amazing. Yes, I have lost my mind in anticipation.



blank_user_1 commented on GoldenEye 007:

I bought this used (because a new copy is so expensive) last Christmas for my bro. Great game, but makes me nauseous nowadays. No, I'm not a geezer, but the foggy graphics can be hard on a spectator's eyes.



blank_user_1 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

@Tate24: You know, the Conduit made us believe what you're saying, in original, unique Wii games, but it let us down. Ports can be just as good, if not better, in some regards. Graphics, sure Conduit takes it. But Reflex wins for sheer scope. I got to get Reflex.

I didn't go for World at War, so I'm due for a good shooter.



blank_user_1 commented on Electronic Arts Less Than Happy With Wii Sales:

There are a lot of comments on this one. I, for one, have played DS: Extraction and I can see why it wasn't promoted more (although I did see ads for it on IGN and I think Hulu). It was really short. Who wants to buy a game they could finish in less than a week? It took 6 hours tops. I bought it used on eBay and sold it right back. Best deal for me considering how long it took to beat. The game averages a little over $30 on eBay because few people want it. Besides being rated M, and having few ads, it isn't worth much, gameplay-wise.