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Re: There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hardcore as Melee


real talk, i don't see what was so hard for ssbm for those who didn't get into it competitively.

it seems like the vast majority of people here don't know anything about smashboards or the competitive scene (except for the misconception of fox dittos on fd, hence my vids), but yet most remember the game fondly even without knowledge of wavedashing, l canceling, dash dancing, and the likes.

Re: There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hardcore as Melee


noobking, bringin in the knowledge from canada.

anybody who thinks melee was too fast wasn't getting into the game enough.

wavedashing is simple. you jump. and then you airdodge into the ground. it was a great useful part of the game and intentional or not, it added an amazing dimension for moving quickly while being able to act, without turning around.

fox, falco, marth, sheik, jiggs, peach, ganon, falcon, doc, luigi, and samus are all true legitimate threats to win a tournament as far as i'm concerned in melee.

Metakinght, snake, diddy, falco, olimar, DDD, marth, and wario is about where i'd draw the line for potential tourney winners in brawl.

both games require skill to be good at a competitive level.

melee is more challenging for the hands, and requires faster reflexes to ascend to a higher level.

idk anything as far as the one player modes but I personally don't play the games that way...and playing a fighting game by myself seems silly anyway.

the fact that its slow doesn't make it a bad game. but to say that melee was imprecise button mashing that was too fast shows the lack of focus.

that, is melee now. and we will never see anything like it again. (except in project M)

edit: just rewatched this. best match ever. but there is hype, so uhh...13 and up only should watch.