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Mon 3rd Sep 2012

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birdie1923 commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

I don't see where he states that they'll be used in Smash Bros.:

"L'E3 sera aussi l'occasion de montrer l'utilisation de la technologie NFC [technologie utilisée dans Skylanders et Disney Infinity, permettant d'utiliser des objets réels - ici, des figurines - dans des jeux vidéo] dans les consoles Nintendo."

"E3 will also be the chance to show the use of NFC technology [technology used in Skylanders and Disney Infinity, allowing the use of real objects - here, figurines - in video games] on Nintendo consoles."

I just read this straight from the link in the post, and it doesn't mention that the figurines will be used in Smash Bros...only on Nintendo consoles in general.