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Wed 23rd May 2012

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bigpale commented on E3 2012: Watch the Nintendo Press Conference L...:

I mean, if the WiiU was coming out NEXT year, then fine.

But this sucker is dropping in 5 months. Where is Retro Studios? This is the biggest stage to show off games before the holiday release. Unless there's a special Nintendo-only conference (like a Spaceworld) that I'm missing...



bigpale commented on Feature: The Evolution of Nintendo's Controllers:

NES = Revolution ( control with your thumb)
SNES = Evolution (shoulder buttons)
N64 = Revolution (Control Stick...analogue control with your thumb)
NGC = Evolution (wireless with WaveBird)
Wii = Revolution (motion...3D control with your movements)
WiiU = Evolution (touch screen on a home console)
next???CANT WAIT