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Male, 22, United Kingdom

20yr old Somerset born & bred, who loves drawing, sports, playing my ukulele & hanging out with friends. (Huge fan of Rhythm Thief ^-^ Sequel please Sega!)

Mon 30th January, 2012

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bennyt commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I have no regrets about buying the WiiU last November & it's been nothing short of a blast & tons of fun with family & friends. Yes, Nintendo could have done things better (but they're slowly getting there, lil' by lil'), the lack of third party support has been a tad disappointing & that i prefer to draw nowadays on MV instead of gaming, i still love the console & thoroughly enjoy the current games on it -The Wonderful 101, LoZ: WW, Pikmin 3, MHU, Nintendo-Land & others.

There's lots to be excited about the console for 2014 with X, MK8 & more on top of the upcoming indie games, so i think the console will do fine. Not great but good enough. But i think SM3DW will be the deciding game for Nintendo - it looks absolutely fantastic & definitely has nailed the Nintendo factor but whether it is successful or not as much should show where Nintendo future stands with the console.
But hey, who knows whats gonna happen this gen with the xbox one, ps4 & WiiU - the world is full of surprises - just sit back, enjoy the games & please give all these arguments/bashing Big N back & forth a break.

Happy gaming.



bennyt commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Aut...:

Wow, the next couple of months running up to Xmas are looking terrific!
Tough choice as they all look fantastic especially SM3DW & Sonic Lost Worlds. But it has to be LoZ WW for me ^-^ never experienced/played the original before & it looks absolutely stunning so i can't wait.

Looking forward to that lil' figure too with the limited edition version.

♪ Wake me up when September ends♪



bennyt commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt: 3DS and Vita Have Ve...:

Pretty much what datamonkey said - the ps vita may not have a particularly large gaming library compared to the 3ds, but there are games there for sure & whats there is certainly good enough - LittleBigPlanet, Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted & Gravity Rush, not to mention the upcoming titles like TearAway, Freedom Wars & more.

I love them both - my 3ds (especially for Rhythm Thief) & some Nintendo goodness & my vita for the games above & its great indie library.

Once X & Y are released though, i'm gonna be all over my 3ds. Do love my Pokemon games ^-^



bennyt commented on Warren Spector Hints At Epic Mickey 3:

I was looking forward to this game and planning on getting it at launch but reviews have been off putting, mentioning the camera, platforming, AI, and several other issues.
Seems it had alot of potential but failed to deliver. As dartmonkey said, Spector does remind me of Molyneuxs, in that he talks the game/series up too much and the end result is disappointing. (I love Fable 1, 2 was good but such a buggy mess and 3, well, don't get me started after all the talk hyping it up)

I would dip into the series if a third epic mickey was released but only if they actually made some improvements and not release a rushed and unpolished game.



bennyt commented on Talking Point: Test Running Rayman Legends:

Played this earlier today and I was very impressed. Loving all the game-pad features such as tickling monsters, moving platforms and omg, the music to the last stage, so catchy, i could listen to that all day...please ubisoft, release a collectors edition or something with an art book and soundtrack, that would be amazing.

Day one easily



bennyt commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

Although i haven't got the game just yet (waiting on the demo), Ubisoft deserve credit for doing something other devs wouldn't have. They took a risk, put a new spin on a genre and sat back waiting to see where the path took them. I've followed the game through onm and each time, it amazes me how much creativity they've put into the game.

As far as reviews go, it seems like Marmite, you either love or hate it. Although i'm not keen on horror games, this game has sparked my interest. High difficulty, no hand holding, pure terror, a showcase of what the game-pad can do...what game offers that nowadays?

Hopefully come next week, ill be experiencing the game and cacking myself....its all good. I would love Ubi to work on Killer Freaks/They came from outer space (with the man-eating rabbids)that would be sick



bennyt commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

Just picked up my Nintendo-Land bundle from Game about an hour ago along with NSMBU and Batman but due to work, won't be able to set it up and play til five or six. Looking forward to playing N'Land the most.

Just need Royal Mail to drop off Sonic Racing and I'm all sorted.



bennyt commented on Some Euro Wii U Buyers Reporting A Distinct La...:

Sorry to hear. I'd be gutted if it happened to myself tomorrow as Nintendo Land is the one main retail game I'm really looking forward to the most

Same here. I'm going down early to pick mine up from GAME as I don't have work til midday so I'll give me enough time to collect it, check its all there, head back and hopefully set it up.



bennyt commented on Review: Trine 2: Director's Cut (Wii U eShop):

Sounds good. Does anyone know when this is out in the UK/Europe. If its on the 30th, it may sway me from getting AC3 on Friday

Thankfully its pay day on friday and all my overtime will pay off



bennyt commented on Rayman Legends Won't Arrive Until Q1 2013:

Shame, was my most anticipated game but I'm sure the extra time will be worth while.
Another game to look forward to in 2013 alongside Monster Hunter, Game and Wario and Pikmin 3.
Leaves me with:
Nintendo-Land and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed as getting on day one and Assassins Creed 3 and NSMBU as possibles

I'm really hoping though that The Wonderful 101 and Scribblenauts Unlimited will make launch day/before Xmas in EU



bennyt commented on Wii U Price And Release Dates Confirmed:

@ Capt N

Thanks, erm yeah you could say i'm a newbie : )
First time posting, but i've been following the site for over a year now, its a great site.
Just sooo pumped for the wii U, thanks goodness my birthday is the 26th oct. I know where my b'day money is going



bennyt commented on Round Up: Wii U Launch Window Games:

For the time being i have NSMB, Lego City Undercover, Rayman, Pikmin 3 and Scribblenauts on preorder from Zavvi

However, Rayman and Lego City and NintendoLand will do me fine



bennyt commented on Wii U Price And Release Dates Confirmed:

Hi all

Just a heads up. Just preordered my white and black wii u from for £220 (white) and £260 (black premuim).

White so far is confirmed for nov 30 whilst the black is for dec 31st