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Thu 26th Jun 2014

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bellaprime commented on Dead Pixel Entertainment Announces Sync, A Wii...:

Wouldn't get your hopes up and why do people keep writing articles for this "company" they have promised games for the last 5 years, yea thats right, 5 and haven't delivered a single one. They are a bunch of students hoping to get onto nintendo and have never actually made a single game. Do your research before producing articles like this please you just get people's hopes up for nothing.
They have changed their company name many times and are all talk.
another article on them

and you'll see on their website a bunch of other titles they've never made

pixel entertainment, dead pixel entertainment, now they are just dead pixel lol.

Until i've actually seen a bunch of gameplay footage of it actually on the console, wouldn't get your hopes up on this at all. just a waste of time