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Tue 16th Apr 2013

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bblazek commented on Game Freak: The Pokémon World Will Be Evolvin...:

I would like to see a customization of your character in the new series! I am part Caucasian, but also African America. But my skin color does not resemble that of my character in the games! I actually get tired of being a white trainer! I think it would be pretty cool to customize the skin, hair style, glasses, accessories, etc. & on your adventure, you could pay different clothes for your character to better match your style & personality! Another thing I would like to see is you be able to battle Ash, Gary, & others! I also think you should be able to travel the next game with others, just like in the tv series (ex.: Ash, Misty, & Brock)! I love to see Team Rocket (Jessie, Meowth, & James) as well as whatever other bad guys in the game. I would love for us to be able to record our voice, so when our character get dialog, our character can talk(Awesome idea, just don't know if it can be done!) I would love for them to bring back the Secret Hideouts from the Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald series! Another thing to bring back is the Rival meeting from the original Silver, Gold, & Crystal; where after you battle a friend, the game will save the friends' Pokemon used at that time, and you can come back once a day to battle them for Experience points. & as you rebattle a friend, it will update their Pokemon used! Love to have them bring back the rebattle the gym leaders (from Platinum, Diamond, & Pearl). I'd also like them to bring back the Pokemon who could be out of there Pokeball and venture with you on your journey! I would love for us to catch our own starter. I would love to actually be a champion of the Pokemon league, instead of always having to come back. What I mean is, lets say I beat the champion, then IF I WASNT THE CHAMPION IN THE GAME & NEW CHALLENGER COULDNT BATTLE ME, and i had to go rebattle the elite four, then a registered friend could be the champion, with an update on there most recently used pokemon. Hope that made sense? But other than the customization of the character...I really want to be able to TRAVEL EVERY REGION! Example, start from the Kanto (only with Kanto Pokemon, then Johto, etc.), all the way to the present generation! It would make the game long, but funnier and players would not get bored after beating the game. & finally have an actually Unova league or Region league set in the game, where friends, or other online players may face off to be able to call themselves a champ! I think that would be cool!