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Re: Ubisoft Is "Optimistic" About Wii U, But Would Like a Price Cut All The Same


Ubisoft, this comment can be targeted to you even more. People pay for a console once and it should theoretically be an investment for 4-5 years or more. A cut of 50EUR/POUNDS/$ is not as critical as cutting game prices by 10EUR. People will on one hand buy 2-3 games instead of 1 in the same time frame but also, attracted by the cheaper games, people will invest on this system and increase the customer base. Win-win! I'm not saying games should be free, i understand there are developers etc to be paid and some profit as well, but cutting game prices i find pretty helpful for both consumers and devs. I work and i still think 10 times before dishing out 50+EUR on a game on the WIIU (especially pre-released unproven games that could potentially end up bad/short/etc)

Re: Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD For $59.99


well, a lot of people are saying lets's think of this as adults, it's a new remastered version etc. So it's worth the 60$. Think it through:

  • Why do companies charge people for games. To cover costs and make profit right? Costs go to various development departments and physical resources. In this game, various departments that are usually needed for making a game are not required such as character design, story, dialogue, gameplay etc. Assuming they're doing the environment and music and everything from scratch that's still not involving as much development as any new game where they have to imagine Link, Zelda etc. from scratch. So it's not worth full price, no!
    Also, people saying Nintendo haven't let us down for 20 years and wont anytime soon, that's destructive thinking, Nintendo innovates and have always innovated to keep itself apart and above competition, the more gamers blindly buy Nintendo stuff despite bad games/hardware, the worse it will become, it's the duty of the gamers to support only when its worth supporting and basically vote for what is good and what is not. I also so far have had little reason to complain regarding Nintendo and am buying this game maybe when the price drop as i never played it, but blind fanboyism is not a good reason to just worship and say it is a good move regardless.

Re: Marth's Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Debut Confirmed


Well this is an example of a DLC done right. DLC is supposed to be extra content, not really part of the main game you paid for, just an extra thing if you like it such as costumes, characters, side-missions etc. it's nice as long as it does not add a great value to the actual storyline or gameplay. But yeah the problem is that if those few DLC attempts go well, there's always a fear of companies producing games in which you have to pay to battle the last boss or pay to have access to the map etc. Time will tell...

Re: In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent


Am I the only one who used to think the deaths can be part of the game story itself, with the characters epically sacrificing themselves for the sake of the others continuing... especially with their death one-liners
I will keep perma-death and will never restart if a character dies unless it's one of my absolute favorites dying because of a stupid mistake then i just live with my shame and restart