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Sun 4th May 2014

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bananaking123 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


You're focusing a lot on how people spend time breeding and how it is not "fair" for them to get perfect pokemon. So is it justified for the huge load of 6IV dittos(obviously hacked from B/W era) breeders are using to make 5/6IVs, and then trading them for hard earned 5IVs that aren't bred using those dittos? As long as the pokemon doesn't have moves/abilities it isn't supposed to have, all is fair in battling.
This also leads to another point, that is the obsolete form of IV breeding. Sure, back when it was fresh and new (RBY/GSC) it was to make the game more hardcore. Now that it has been thoroughly exposed and evaluated, all pokemon should come with 0IVs (or max IVs if that's your thing) in everything with each Hidden Power being a separate TM.



bananaking123 commented on Nintendo Looking To "Harvest" 3DS Success To A...:

Nintendo could roll out limited edition 3ds xl as normal, but the main thing to do is to secure big titles on the wii u and perhaps, introduce a new IP.

Nintendo is an old fashioned company that is milking it's cash cow like crazy. Mario, Pokemon, Kong, Zelda, Kirby and probably Metroid(in the next year or so). One can see how these game would sell, but how long can nostalgia last? Hell, even Megaman (though not a Ninty IP) is appearing now in VC after Mighty no.9 surfaced. It will benefit greatly from a new IP project that can capitalise on it's current fanbase, yet reach out to older ones.

The Wii U requires a severe make over. They have to rebrand it, make it fun, make it unique. Currently not one person I know owns a WiiU, partly due to the lack of AAA titles(also, other consoles run it better). Despite all the heat given to the console; other companies mocking it, "previous gen" branding, not much has been done by Nintendo to counteract these.

Iwata might really have to move over for a different perspective. Much as I enjoy his efforts, the lack of trying rebrand the wii-u's current image, even to the extent of wanting to make a "budget" wiiu for China all makes it seem like the console has been abandoned.



bananaking123 commented on Cult County Kickstarter Ends Without Success, ...:

Aiming for half a million dollars for an indie game with little to no appeal, and showing a trailer that has graphics similar to the 3ds won't get much backers. Get some hype through Moon chronicles and Treasurenauts before aiming too high