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Thu 3rd January, 2013

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BakaKnight commented on Review: Rabi Laby 3 (3DS eShop):

Can't wait it to arrive in Europe ^o^

I guess it's a bit of a shame that they didn't used the jump on 3DS for innovate the gameplay, but much better to get "more of the same" than an innovative unplayable mess; Afterall if it's not broken, don't fix it XP



BakaKnight commented on Giana Sisters Developer Under Fire Over Diesel...:

I think Black Forest should be the one considering to change name immediatly >o>;;;

The Diesel fashion brand already dealed with videogames in past, it sponsored Devil May Cry 2 and there were even costumes based on the brand to unlock in game.
Considering DMC2 was a terrible game that almost killed its own franchise maybe Black Forest should be the one to fear people could associate their game with the fashion brand ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Video: Darunia Rolls and Pounds His Way Throug...:

First time a trailer of this game dissapoint me XD

I mean... Darunia is cool with all that powerful hammering, but I hoped in more rolling action... you know, like Link using the Goron Mask in Majora.
I guess there is still hope however since characters have different fight styles.



BakaKnight commented on The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 U...:

I have the feeling these won't be very powerful good weapons...
Then again I made my signature in MH3U to use equipments I love even if they are kinda weak, so no problem for me ^o^ (But I can already hear my friends' complains coming XD)



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

Nothing for me this week, but I totally recommand Rage of the gladiators to who still didn't buy it, it's a very fun game ^o^

Not wanna sound picky NintendoLife, but it's ra"G"e of the gladiator, not ra"C"e, I guess you all played too much Mario Kart this weekend XP



BakaKnight commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS User Interf...:

"Games and more", I love the sound of that button! ^o^

Okay, surely it will contain the database (Trophies etc), the new minigame for get trophies, the options and most likely even the amiibo management, but that alone not sound like enough "Games"... wonder what else that little button is hiding...



BakaKnight commented on Tomodachi Life Stage Drops Into Super Smash Br...:

Not sure what I like more of this stage, the fact is based on Tomodachi life or the resemblance to the Luigi Mansion stage in Brawl.

I can't avoid to wonder if it will be possible to even destory the whole building... Those pesky always demanding Miis need to learn a lesson in the hard way XP



BakaKnight commented on Review: Pokémon Trading Card Game (3DS eShop ...:

Awesome game, didn't manage to buy it as a child and finally after 14 long years I got my chance and the waiting was worthy ^o^ Plus it was such nostalgia trip to see all those cards; I used to play exactly with those sets as a kid :D

Still I'm kinda surprised the review is so positive, the game is good, but now got really outdated, some rules are different in the modern game and the 200+ cards was outstanding as number at the time, but feel almost too small nowaday.
Not complaining, it's an old game, of course it's outdated, just saying that VC games can be evergreen classics or titles that unfortunately show their age and this is definitely the latter case.

Anyway great game and great review; can't avoid to hope that Nintendo will consider to publish a new title like this one day even if it's very unlikely >.>;



BakaKnight commented on This Super Smash Bros. Screen K.O. Shot is a G...:

@Einherjar My bad for not being specific ^_^;

I was only refering to the fact the action get obscured while a character slam against the screen. While watching the tournament I had the impression those KOes (despite looking awesome and hilarious) were long enough for have the effect of a shorter version of the Nintendog assist trophy.



BakaKnight commented on This Super Smash Bros. Screen K.O. Shot is a G...:

The KO against screen are hilarious XD

But am I the only one that during the E3 Smash tournament found them lasting too much? Granted it's a matter of few frames, but I got the impression it was enough for cause troubles to other players >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

Geez... so it doesn't just look like a "simple WIP first person horror game demo" made in Unity, like many free ones that overflow the web, it's exactly as those and not even the best of its kind (maybe it could be the worst of the pile actually >.>; ).

Really unbeliavable that they dared to sell this on the eShop -.-



BakaKnight commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I think it's pretty clear that Lucina made the jump from costume to full character really recently, she is not even having the full "new character" treatment in the smash site I the only one who saw the question mark at her announcement? O.O

Just an opinion, but I think the cartoon was a joke, tricking us to think they added her when instead Robin was the only actual new character. Ironically Lucina became part of the roster for real between the make of the video and the reveal XD



BakaKnight commented on One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Arrives, Wit...:

@WoottWinds Thanks a lot for the infos :)
I'm afraid it would be not shocking if the DLC was already removed, other games had day-one DLC aviable only for a week on the eShop, but now I know it was and maybe it's still there!

Still I feel like they are making all confusing for nothing, even your point about crossbuy is interesting. DLCs are cool (and awesome even when done right), but it wouldn't hurt if they explain a bit more how they work >.>;;;

Edit: Just did what I should have done before instead than going off-topic here and wrote to BandaiNamco asking about the DLCs ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Hooks In Permanent Price Dr...:

It's definitely becoming a deal at that price. It's a fun challanging game that deserve attention.

The only real warning is about the frustration, a couple of levels are nightmares able to turn even a monk into a demon!
Pure old-school evil level design in all its glory XD



BakaKnight commented on One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Arrives, Wit...:

Saw the DLC earlier today, but without the game is pretty pointless I guess XD

And I doubt I'll buy the game soon, all the options are so confused @.@;
There is very little online for compare the Wii U and 3DS versions and there is the "dayone DLC matter" making hard to choose between digital and phisic retail >.>;
Actually in stores the day one version is still avaiable, while I can't find any clue if the eShop versions still have (or ever had) the dayone DLC... I guess not, but can anyone confirm it? ^_^;

(Sorry, I definitely went off-topic, but this game is driving me nuts! I miss the days games used to came out with no time-limited stuffs and not so many purchase options, it was all so much easier and less chaotic XD; )



BakaKnight commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Definitely I'm not part of their datas, only had a Wii last generation and upgraded to Wii U.
Still their point sound pretty weak for all the reasons others mentioned, from PS3 been a cheaper and still valid option to many only-Wii owners harldy be interested in Sony (be them casuals or Nintendo's fan with just money and/or time for a console every generation).

I don't doubt their data, but maybe they are jumping to the wrong conclusions, I hope this won't fire back at them >.>;



BakaKnight commented on First Impressions: Throwing Down in Shigeru Mi...:

This game sounds very simple and fun, still from the description seems like it also have some deep silly creativity-required aspects in it.

Can't wait to hear more about it, from pure gameplay to its destination as game project :)



BakaKnight commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):

I waited so long this review for decide if get this game, but now I'm fighted as before XD

Anyway great review, but I have a question... are combos all avaiable from the begin or they need to be unlocked? And in the latter case how does it work?

Unlimited Cruise was kinda fun, but blocked all the moves behind a system that get very pretentious as characters grew and made the game more boring intentionally. Totally gonna avoid this game if that mechanic is a mark of the unlimited serie >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival (3DS):

Wait... so no need to buy packages, all cards unlocked from start OoO;

This YuGiOh game sounds like the perfect one for an ex-fan like me, a lot of free possibilities to go with against many CPU opponents for when I want to play this (for me) nostalgic game.



BakaKnight commented on Video: This Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Off ...:

I still can't believe they picked her, it's just... well, purely unexpected XD

Still her umbrella-beat/bugs-summoning style looks fun (and I'm not even a fan of bugs >.>; )

Still hope one of the next characters to be revealed will be a Goron, I wanna roll without control against all those skulls and goblins XP



BakaKnight commented on Soapbox: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Lo...:

Got Tomodachi at launch, but I admit I bought it with a voice in my head that was whispering "you gonna regret this OoO".

So glad I didn't listen to that voice, Tomodachi is one weird unique experience that I would reccomand to anyone ^o^
It's so hard to explain, but there is really a charm in seeing Miis taking life, sometimes acting in funny unexpected ways, sometimes acting exactly the same as the people they are based on (which is actually creepy how the game somehow know things I had no way to input into it >.>;;; ).

Good to see NintendoLife is still talking of this game, it really deserve some pushes forward :)



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

Nothing for me this week.

I was really hyped about Chibi Robo finally be back in Europe, but the demo was disappointing... Maybe is just a demo fault, but Let's go Photo seems just a weak shadow of the game and little robot I loved >.<;



BakaKnight commented on Two Separate Bayonetta 2 Retail Releases Confi...:

NA sounds pretty clear, it's what they promess at E3, it will be just a bit more confusing to do since going digital means to buy both games with discounts instead than get a download code.

Problem is tha I am in Europe and that's very unclear... biggest doubt regard digital and special edition prices. It almost sound like phisical will allow a better deal (even if sound strange considering past offers). I hope Nintendo will clarify soon.

We are all hyped and grateful for the double Bayonetta, but even the best parties require a clear invite ^o^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

Damn, I regret I saw a speedrun of this game few months ago, this game would have been an interesting experience without knowing what I was getting into... but who would ever expect such an old game, I never heard of, to show around again? >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

Save backups, that's what I absolutely need on my Wii U >_<;

My external HardDisk failed twice in a year and I lost lots of save datas. Problem is that it's very hard and complicated to make a backup copy of save files for downloaded games cause the Wii U allow only copy of software, updates and saves all togheter.

It would be nice the option to be able to copy only save files from HardDisk to Console or the possibility to hold the software on the external HDD and make it read the save files from consoles.



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 19th June (Europe):

I waited eagerly an extra day and there is nothing for me this week, dammit! >.<;

Still in general it's not a bad week, ack, a very good one indeed with things like Pullblox arrival and TokiTori ultradiscounted (for not mention the rest) ^_^



BakaKnight commented on Review: Van Helsing sniper Zx100 (3DS eShop):

From the trailer and the review sounds like this game would have needed just a little more of variety in its formula and presentation for be a reccomanded purchase.
I'll keep an eye on it if/when it will arrive in Europe.



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

Mii fighters are a nice additions, can't wait to fight personally against the heroes of my childhood or ally with them for defeat their nemesis ^o^

Plus after Tomodachi Life I got very attached to some of my Miis, it will be great to have them joining the fight too :)