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Thu 3rd January, 2013

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BakaKnight commented on NIS America Confirms Euro Launch Dates For Etr...:

I still have to complete Overclocked and I'm not sure if I'll even continue it (so many games, so little time... ), I doubt Record Breaker will get on my list ^_^; But the 30th October is still far away, maybe I'll be ready for more Devil Survival by then!

(By the way, I had to check the game's page for see the release date, did I missed it or this article about release's dates have no date whatsoever in it? >.>;;; )



BakaKnight commented on Curve Digital Discounts Wii U Titles By 50% in...:

Got Stealth Inc 2, now I understand why it was so praised at launch, really a great game!

By the way, these discounts started a week ago, I don't think they were made cause the humble bundle, unless Curve Studios expected an european backslash and did a preemptive attack/discount XP



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Wanted To Make Its Humble Bundle A Gl...:

Considering the Humble Bundle right now have games not released in EU I doubt they are talking of this bundle or anything happening really soon.

Anyway I'll be really glad to see an offer like this open Worldwide, if I understood well this is doing charity while getting amazing games in return right? I can't really see anyone not be interested in that :)



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (Europe):

Nothing for me this week as I preordered Splatoon retail, after all this hype and those fun testfire I'll surely being busy the weekend with Splatoon alone, no need to download anything else XD



BakaKnight commented on Inazuma Eleven GO: Light & Shadow Kicks Off In...:

@TheMONADO36 Any? I played all of them >o>;;;

An amazing serie, it's definitly fun with a catchy gameplay and a ridiculus soccer-focused story; it's not perfect to be fair, but I spent hundreads of hours having fun with it before the flaws managed to annoy me, so I can only recomand it a lot XD

@DEAD I was wondering the same... If GO is the first title getting there, then they are doing a mess, especially since the GO serie is heavily influenced by the original trilogy, with ton of references and key story elements related to it >.>;

I guess we should remember this serie as an example of how to NOT export a game Worldwide, I really hope Level 5 will do a much better job with Yokai Watch...



BakaKnight commented on Reminder: The Final Splatoon Global Testfire i...:

Can't wait for this testfire!
I missed one of the previous three hours for a very stupid reason, but now I'm gonna recover it :D

@ultraraichu That group is not just a tease, it can cause serious cases of envy XD
I checked it today and for that little I saw it's pretty obvious that many of the ones holding a review copy are not even reviewers. It's not new that there are people with the right contacts getting games very early, but that miiverse shows that there are much more damn lucky "squids" than I thought >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I guess I'm "victim" of the discount trend, and not from digital habits. Even when games were only retail it was pretty common to find discounts after a shortwhile (it was just a matter to check regularly the stores instead than a comfy tapping on a screen); cause of this I always considered a game NOT worthy of full price if a long period passed from the release >.>;

If I'm REALLY interested in a game and the wallet is healthy then I get it at launch full price, no problem or complains, but, if I can't get it at launch or I'm simply not enough interest in the game when it launch, then I'll never consider to pay full price for it and I'll surely wait for a discount (or, as I still do with retail, hunt down a discounted copy, it's actually the only "shopping" I love to do XD).

Just for be clear, I don't mean that my logic is right, ack, if a game is a month old I could already not consider it worthy of be payed full price and I can imagine how many would disagree with me, but this is just how discounts influenced me, so I can see very directly one of the many problems of excessive sales.



BakaKnight commented on More Club Nintendo Goodies Coming To The Europ...:

Darn, so many good stuffs, makes me regret I ordered the Majora Lamp O.O;

I expected a couple of updates, but not such a huge one! Luckily I still have some stars, I should manage to get one or two of those goodies (the come back of the Zelda case is very welcome indeed).



BakaKnight commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

Maybe because I didn't play many shooters in my gamer experience, but I had no trouble using the motion controls of splatoon, if anything it feels very natural to move the gamepad around for have a less rigid view of the surroundings.

I admit however that I had troubles sometimes in splatting the opponents, especially at close range, but that wasn't a problem of the controls, it's my aim that is terrible XD



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

I wonder "how" they hope to hook those not owning a Wii U.
The Global TestFire was good for convince Wii U owners on the fence, but what can catch the attention of those not owning a Wii U? Advertisment? Events? Friends talking about it? Sure these things could work, but they're barely the tip of the iceberg...
I hate to say so since I'm not one of those particularly against Nintendo's policy for youtube, but that's the ground where most shooters grew their audience in the last years and probably also Splatoon would benefit a ton from it, maybe even more than those shooters thanks to its charm and very wide target audience, but we all know why it won't happen >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

Maybe I'll get one or two of Curve Digital's discounts, the only thing that could stop me is that I already have some discounted games that are waiting to be started, not sure I wanna make the list longer XD



BakaKnight commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

It always bother me to hear that "Mobile is where the future of gaming lies."
Sorry, but.. no, simply no, it's surely a strong market and can't be ignored by the industry, but if gaming in future will lie there then it means it will be also lying in a coffin >_>;



BakaKnight commented on Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest VIII For Th...:

DQ VIII is awesome, loved it on PS2 even if I admit it was such a huge epic adventure that I didn't reach the end of it ^_^;;;

Still this remake sound really tempting despite I own the original, what I don't understand is why between the preorders bonus there isn't some "special" equipment only for Jessica?!?! D:<



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

I know these things take time, but they need to speed up, since some figures never even got on shelves is very obvious how many potential customers there are out there still with the money in the wallet.

Plus I think the lack of stock is damaging the brand, one of the main electronic stores in Italy already gave up on amiibo two waves ago, no more restocking and the few they already have are scattered around the WiiU games instead than have an "amiibo" area.
It's a shame to see nintendo having a product with such high demand and keeping the stock so low, at this rate amiibo will fail and dissapper from stores despite being a very succesful product (which is REALLY ridicoulus ^_^; ).



BakaKnight commented on Review: Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons:...:

Can't wait for this game(s), with a bit of luck I'll get it tomorrow at launch!

The iOS version was very fun for 2-3 hours, but the ridiculus grinding and low drop rate for push the Free2Play formula and the purchase of "magic stones" was game-ruining for me. I'll take the lack of complains about slow progressing in the review as a good sign I can trust this version(s) and finally get a P&D game I will be able to enjoy fully :)



BakaKnight commented on Yooka-Laylee Character Designer Spills on Crea...:

Hard to complain about the design, there is surely a Banjo-Kazooie feeling, but it's impossible to define this new duo a "clone".

Still there is a contradiction in Mayles' words or am I wrong?
"There's no fur here. My initial idea was a tiger..." But last time I checked tigers had fur!!! O_O;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 R...:

A review almost as long and deep as the game itself, of course it could be only Morgan's work XD Great job as always!

Very interested in this game, but actually glad we'll have to wait in Europe, I only started recently Overclocked and I'll surely need some time for beat it and be ready for Record Breaker.



BakaKnight commented on Yooka-Laylee Double-Jumps Through Final Kickst...:

This is definitely good news, I was afraid this game would have been just a small thing cause low budget, now however they can put togheter a true spiritual sequel with no funds limitation.

But I think they are running out of stretch goals... A new rap and video walkthrought? People should slow down the funding for give them time for proper strech-goals' planning XD



BakaKnight commented on Here's How the Combat System Will Work in Shin...:

@CaviarMeths Agree, I finally started to play Overclocked in these days and I don't see many differences here (maybe just some color scheme in the menu changed, there is a lot more blue here XD).

It's not a bad thing anyway, so far I'm loving the first game and a "more of the same" sequel can even be a good thing time to time .



BakaKnight commented on Weirdness: eBay Listings for the Club Nintendo...:

This sound crazy, that's surely a neat prize to get in exchange for stars, but pay it directly it's not worthy ^_^;

Then again I have no right for judge I guess, I'm one of the few that waited for use the stars, ordered this lamp and still have some stars around in case something cool like this or more will show up in the next months.



BakaKnight commented on Video: Check Out the Surprising Complexity of ...:

Defintely interested in this game, May appear like a wonderful month, starting with P&D and ending with Splatoon ^o^

But what worry me of P&D is not the complexity, that's a selling point even, but I wonder if this retail release is well balanced as it should. The original game have obvious excessive grinding and low dropping of rare stuffs cause the F2P nature, if Z and the Mario Edition didn't receive a good balance-fix then call me out ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Bravely Second Offers Over 100 Hours Of Gamepl...:

Sure, 100 hours of gameplay...
In the first one I stopped after 50 hours when the game suddenly ramped up the challange, I could almost hear too clearly what it was saying -.-;;;
"Come on, buy those SP bottles, else you need some long boring grinding here for procede further ^____^"

Probably most people grinded without problem or ignored the extra challanges that were playing that trick, but personally that killed my mood and stopped my playthrought >.<



BakaKnight commented on Review: Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament (Wii ...:

@Grumblevolcano Unfortuantely you could be totally right, but I think there is enough room for some hope.
The VC service already had in the past games that originally didn't get released in Europe afterall!

The only reason I see for them to not release the US version here could be the languages since the game is only in english... Which sadly for many publishers is enough of a reason for not release a game in Europe, but hope is always the last to die, right? ^_^;;;;



BakaKnight commented on Hacked Passcodes Leaked For 3DS eShop Microtra...:

Honestly I doubt this will hurt the incomes of the game and/or require to punish player who "abused" this, the passwords allow to get up to 30 diamonds while it seems the ballons require more than that even at early stages (with the last one requiring 200 diamonds even O_O; ).

This hackers just opened for everyone the christams gifts in April, that's all XP



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

Some tempting stuffs, but I'll probably download only the MK8 DLC.

I almost forgot that the new Kirby game is coming XD Sorry pink marshmellow, but I have no intention to buy your game at launch and those discounts are nice, but not mind-changer >O>



BakaKnight commented on Review: Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament (Wii ...:

The review's intro is so true... Klonoa is one of the best platformer heroes, the few adventures he had can easily compete in quality and fun even against giants like Mario, but not even Namco itself ever recognized his value >.<

Really hope this title will arrive in Europe asap, if I'm right this is (sadly) the only Klonoa's game I still have to play.



BakaKnight commented on Poll: What Are You Most Excited About in the M...:

200cc and new tracks are the best updates, or at least those I'll surely abuse a lot, as characters and veichles... knowing myself I'll stick to the same I used since the game release XD

Still a thumb up for Isabelle, with her added to the roster we need a new PEGI icon for excessive cuteness XP



BakaKnight commented on Natsume Has Eight Game Boy Advance Titles Prep...:

Medabots games?!?! OoO

I thing I have one of those maybe, recently bought a GBA medabots' game since I never manage to find one in italy. Neverthless I will download all the ones they will release on VC in the foolish hope to prove there is a market for localize the newer games on 3DS ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Yo-Kai Watch Busters Hitting 3DS This Year, Ma...:

Can't wait for Yokai Watch to reach the west, even if I can't believe we are getting it with such a huge delay as it happened with Inazuma Eleven (speaking for Europe, since in US the Inazuma release is even worse).

Level 5 is so good at making great franchises as it is great in making sure to limit their success Worldwide XD;



BakaKnight commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

Really can't wait to hear more about the European version.
Western directs made sound like we will get a single game containing the path choice. Or they are already planning to release it here as a single "ultimate edition" or they were too afraid to mention it's a two versions thing and tried to raise some hype without getting caught in a dangerous backfire XD



BakaKnight commented on Let's Educate Parents About Mature Titles, Sug...:

I definitly agree, there is still a huge ignorance around gaming and those parents that know nothing about videogames need to be aware of the risks, especially since it's surely not rare for kids or teenagers to get involved in gaming (so obvious it was pointless for me to point it out XD).

The age rating sadly it's still too weak for do the job, in Italy it's not even legally recognized. Sure, it's right there on the box, but stores have no obbligation to stop minors from buying mature games and with no law forcing them, they have no intention to deny a sale.

Maybe that letter sent few days ago was a bit harsh, an excessive "slap", but there is surely a need to raise the awareness of those parents that still consider a CoD or a Resident Evil on the same level of Monopoly ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

Thanks for the reminder NL, that was too close XD

As many pointed out, Nintendo delayed the close for register products, BUT many recent games have their registrastion cards expiring today. I would have totally lost those stars without this reminder >_>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

Pheeew... the article made me panic for a moment, I won't be at home at 3 PM, but luckily that's not the EU time XD

I wonder if they'll dare to place a fake reveal/news in the announcement since the date. Unlikely since the too dangerous backfire, but I wouldn't mind some crazy fake news between great real ones XP



BakaKnight commented on Monster Tale on Its Way to the 3DS eShop in a ...:

Good news, I really liked it on DS, I wouldn't mind to buy it again if this version will get released worldwide :)

@SpriteMaster Cause it never got released outside the US sadly, I had to import it after an italian magazine said ton of praises about it togheter with the develloper comment that was confirming no intention to publish it in PAL territories. If I remember well they feared no sales cause in their opinion most pal players interested would have pirated the game by the time the localization was ready.



BakaKnight commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I can wait, not a big deal.

BUT I hope the game will be rich of dungeons AND open world won't mean huge vast empty lands full of nothing. Making us wait will raise hype and expectations, you better be careful Aounuma-san ^___^



BakaKnight commented on Here’s How the Fate System Works in Shin Meg...:

Nothing shockingly new, but it's definitly interesting when a game actually give a deep story-meaning to choices in dialogues.
I would place a classic "hope for a release in EU", but first of all I must find the time to play the first Devil Survivor ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

I'm not interest only cause I already have the Wii version and considering the game is so so huge I never manage to finish it, I'm very glad this new version offers little to no reasons for a double tip.
It's surely a game worthy a rivisit, but I'm not sure I wanna pay for fail to complete it again, luckily I can risk for free without missing anything important XD



BakaKnight commented on Video: The Minimum Percentages to KO with Jigg...:

Jigglipuff is a beast, rest is surely scary, but even her smash attacks are very powerful. She's considered a pathetic character cause the extremly low defense, but if controlled by a very good player she's one of the character to fear most >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Preview: We Take Aim at Splatoon to See if It ...:

This game is really getting my attention more and more, I barely cared for it when it was announced, but now I really can't wait for its release!
But they should stop to show updates and allow these previews, I understand the need to build interest around the title, but for those already hyped this is pure torture T_T;