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BakaKnight commented on Poll: What Are You Most Excited About in the M...:

200cc and new tracks are the best updates, or at least those I'll surely abuse a lot, as characters and veichles... knowing myself I'll stick to the same I used since the game release XD

Still a thumb up for Isabelle, with her added to the roster we need a new PEGI icon for excessive cuteness XP



BakaKnight commented on Natsume Has Eight Game Boy Advance Titles Prep...:

Medabots games?!?! OoO

I thing I have one of those maybe, recently bought a GBA medabots' game since I never manage to find one in italy. Neverthless I will download all the ones they will release on VC in the foolish hope to prove there is a market for localize the newer games on 3DS ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Yo-Kai Watch Busters Hitting 3DS This Year, Ma...:

Can't wait for Yokai Watch to reach the west, even if I can't believe we are getting it with such a huge delay as it happened with Inazuma Eleven (speaking for Europe, since in US the Inazuma release is even worse).

Level 5 is so good at making great franchises as it is great in making sure to limit their success Worldwide XD;



BakaKnight commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

Really can't wait to hear more about the European version.
Western directs made sound like we will get a single game containing the path choice. Or they are already planning to release it here as a single "ultimate edition" or they were too afraid to mention it's a two versions thing and tried to raise some hype without getting caught in a dangerous backfire XD



BakaKnight commented on Let's Educate Parents About Mature Titles, Sug...:

I definitly agree, there is still a huge ignorance around gaming and those parents that know nothing about videogames need to be aware of the risks, especially since it's surely not rare for kids or teenagers to get involved in gaming (so obvious it was pointless for me to point it out XD).

The age rating sadly it's still too weak for do the job, in Italy it's not even legally recognized. Sure, it's right there on the box, but stores have no obbligation to stop minors from buying mature games and with no law forcing them, they have no intention to deny a sale.

Maybe that letter sent few days ago was a bit harsh, an excessive "slap", but there is surely a need to raise the awareness of those parents that still consider a CoD or a Resident Evil on the same level of Monopoly ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

Thanks for the reminder NL, that was too close XD

As many pointed out, Nintendo delayed the close for register products, BUT many recent games have their registrastion cards expiring today. I would have totally lost those stars without this reminder >_>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

Pheeew... the article made me panic for a moment, I won't be at home at 3 PM, but luckily that's not the EU time XD

I wonder if they'll dare to place a fake reveal/news in the announcement since the date. Unlikely since the too dangerous backfire, but I wouldn't mind some crazy fake news between great real ones XP



BakaKnight commented on Monster Tale on Its Way to the 3DS eShop in a ...:

Good news, I really liked it on DS, I wouldn't mind to buy it again if this version will get released worldwide :)

@SpriteMaster Cause it never got released outside the US sadly, I had to import it after an italian magazine said ton of praises about it togheter with the develloper comment that was confirming no intention to publish it in PAL territories. If I remember well they feared no sales cause in their opinion most pal players interested would have pirated the game by the time the localization was ready.



BakaKnight commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I can wait, not a big deal.

BUT I hope the game will be rich of dungeons AND open world won't mean huge vast empty lands full of nothing. Making us wait will raise hype and expectations, you better be careful Aounuma-san ^___^



BakaKnight commented on Here’s How the Fate System Works in Shin Meg...:

Nothing shockingly new, but it's definitly interesting when a game actually give a deep story-meaning to choices in dialogues.
I would place a classic "hope for a release in EU", but first of all I must find the time to play the first Devil Survivor ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

I'm not interest only cause I already have the Wii version and considering the game is so so huge I never manage to finish it, I'm very glad this new version offers little to no reasons for a double tip.
It's surely a game worthy a rivisit, but I'm not sure I wanna pay for fail to complete it again, luckily I can risk for free without missing anything important XD



BakaKnight commented on Video: The Minimum Percentages to KO with Jigg...:

Jigglipuff is a beast, rest is surely scary, but even her smash attacks are very powerful. She's considered a pathetic character cause the extremly low defense, but if controlled by a very good player she's one of the character to fear most >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Preview: We Take Aim at Splatoon to See if It ...:

This game is really getting my attention more and more, I barely cared for it when it was announced, but now I really can't wait for its release!
But they should stop to show updates and allow these previews, I understand the need to build interest around the title, but for those already hyped this is pure torture T_T;



BakaKnight commented on Fossil Fighters: Frontier Stomps its Way to St...:

Honestly, the game is coming out in few days and I heard until now no news about it except this one, I doubt it's gonna get any spotlight at all... more like, the title seems to trying to intentionally pass unnoticed XD;

As @Tobias95 asked however, I have no clue if the article mean NA only or also Europe. Almost surely the former, but a minimun clarification in the article or a source link for dig out more details would have been nice O:



BakaKnight commented on Reaction: DeNA and Its Games With Disney:

@Chaoz Your point is very valid O.O;
DeNA japanese page have tons of stuffs that look pretty cool. Make me wonder much less why Nintendo decided to partner with them. Even if to be fair, the Disney games referenced in the article seems to have more quality then the average licensed mobile game.
There is still to much Nintendo and DeNA need to clarify before reassuring every fan, but I totally see how realistic it is for this partnership to have some interesting results.



BakaKnight commented on Review: Zombie Incident (3DS eShop):

@TomServo_89 You got me spot on, I played it in one sitting the afternoon it came out XD Even if to be fair I had to take some pauses cause of the various frustration flaws you also mentioned in the review.

By the way, great job there, it's a very interesting review to read and portraits very well this little game and its background.



BakaKnight commented on Review: Zombie Incident (3DS eShop):

Agreeing with the review, it's definitely a interesting game, well worthy the extremly low price, but I still don't understand why they made the "jumping on enemies" as annoying as possible when that's a needed action for progress in the game. Most enemies take many hits before dying, have quite a long invincibility animation between them and during such animation keep moving along their programmed path, usually leading them in areas with low ceiling, forcing the player to wait over and over again for manage to defeat them; I honestly got to the point of feeling like half of my time with this game was spent waiting, not playing ^_^;;;

I'm not an expert of MSX, so maybe the devellopers couldn't avoid such matters, but it's really a shame, especially when the rest of the game is really great with the tight controls and the retro-styled well done atmosphere.

Luckily it's a very cheap game, it's very easy to forgive a good game for some flaws here and there when it didn't try to steal from your wallet XP



BakaKnight commented on Review: 3D Out Run (3DS eShop):

This game, I had no clue what I was supposed to do when I had the MegaDrive's version, it was a nightmare!!!
I know it sound silly, but I was VERY young when I played it, maybe one day I'll download this 3D version for finally get my revenge after 20+ years XP



BakaKnight commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

Glad to hear the game is great, I admit I rushed a bit the demo and I'm not even sure if I liked it or not ^_^; "Luckily" we have to wait till May in Europe, plenty of time for check it again XP

I'm surprised however that the amiibo feature couldn't be tested... Really no figure was avaiable? Their stock is really becoming a mistery for me, I know Marth is still missing in America, but here Ike has been common since launch >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo's Implementation of Cross-Buy is Surp...:

I'm maybe the only one glad of this "exploit" so that I can abuse it in a legit way XD
I avoided this game cause the 3DS linked to my Wii U is NOT the 3DS where I would like to download the game, making the crossbuy a problem instead than the nice gift it is. Now I can buy the game and get a Wii U and a 3DS copy where I wanted :)
(Or at least I will do so happily if this won't change with future crossbuy titles, regarding OlliOlli my interest collapsed thanks to the great Europe update scheduled for tomorrow ^_^; ).



BakaKnight commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

Totally want to buy this game, the first one was as fun gameplay and story wise as bouncing in the graphics.
But I'm a bit disappointed that they are considering the phisical release as preorders only... I can understand the reasons, but it would be a shame to not see that cover in stores XD



BakaKnight commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

You better Sega, I have a Sonic amiibo ready to be used for unlock awesome amiibo features in an amazing well crafted Sonic game for Wii U. I honestly don't expect such crazy dream to become true, but try to get at least a bit close to it!



BakaKnight commented on GameStop Italy Lists Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

Honestly I'm not sure what to think of those preorders, it's a week they are open with no problem while the original preorders for the launch closed in less than a day.
I admit I made my order in case the listing is true, but I start to have doubts about it >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

If I got it right these reasons are those that consumers mentioned/pointed out, so what we have here is also a picture of what impressions each console left with its advertisment.
It's pretty obvious everyone did a good job in the image department since the consoles are selling with their strong points being exactly what Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft wanted them to be.



BakaKnight commented on Super Smash Bros. Soundtrack Release Has Been ...:

Considering that it's a gift and they are still guarantee to send it to everyone, I see no problem, plus it's only a delay of a month.

As long as they make sure to inform clearly and mantein the delivery promess, then they can even delay the dispatch in europe if needed of two months or more, I would have no problem with that (however I'm not sure how many fans would take it so lightly XD ).



BakaKnight commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I really hope most of those stories are fake, so many awful attitudes for only a small profit O_O; I mean, it's not like scalpers can manage to resell amiibo for thousands of dollars and hopefully we will never get to such a crazy point...

Personally I only try to get the amiibo I like at default price, especially since Nintendo still have to show a very good game-related reason for buy them (actually without such reason I already considere the ones I have to be way more than I need >.>;;; ).
Indeed the only amiibo I bought this year was Sonic, no matter how useful/less the figurine will be or how uncertain his gaming future is, I'm still cheering for the fastest thing alive ^o^/



BakaKnight commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

What really surprise me of the review is hearing that the original canvas curse is very highly considered between Kirby's games. Not that it was a bad game, a good one indeed, funny to play and easy to enjoy, but nothing really really great or remarkable.
Sounds like this sequel still didn't manage to find the right idea for upgrade the concept further; a bit of a shame, but at least it did not break it either, I'll take this game in consideration when it will eventually get in Europe.



BakaKnight commented on Pre-orders Now Open at GameStop for the Wii U ...:

Seems like Gamestop is having quite the restocking upcoming, the adapter in USA while in Italy (or Europe?) the Majora Mask 3DS.
I wonder if these restocks are just units Gamestop somehow failed to sale in stores or if Nintendo is producing more after seeing the actual demand.



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

So many temporary discounts, but most of those games fall down to prices still higher than on phisical shelves...
I guess it's nothing for me this week, even if I would have gladly played some Kirby at a lower price... unluckily for me the only announced Wii title I don't own wasn't in the discounted first releases, but (of course!) it's the first full priced one XD;



BakaKnight commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

Those prices to me sounds quite fair compared to what most games on mobile do. Still I have no intention to pay for temporary play time, I'll try the game and see if the "free-pace" leave it enough enjoyable, else I have battleLink/Trozei to fix the itch for PokemonPuzzleMatching.



BakaKnight commented on Hasbro To Bring Yo-Kai Watch Toy Range to the ...:

I hope they''ll speed up in getting the games in the west or at least not fail the 2015 window, they already demolished the inazuma eleven potential with the ultra late europe releases and a single even later american one, Yokai watch seems to clearly have much more selling potential, ruining it by repeating the same mistake would be crazy DX



BakaKnight commented on Launch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N...:

I understand the wish for get an awesome special edition, but I won't pay more than retail price for get it. Plus, personally, I just want my XL to be limited instead than of a plain color, surely there will be more limited editions announced in future.
What however worries me is nintendo's stock, if they'll keep their limited editions so litterally limited then I could risk to never get one >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Sonic Boom Sales Struggle to Explode as Sega C...:

It had no chance to sale well, the critics surely reduced the number of gamers giving it a chance, leaving mostly the sales to kids loving the tv show... which back when the game come out was a brand new show probably very few kids even heard about. Not sure what Sega was thinking >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Masahiro Sakurai Discusses his Thoughts on Vir...:

Sakurai already said all.
VR will have at least a chance of raising in the industry if it will offer something new and unique. If it will be just an extra gimmick for first person games then it won't last long.
On Nintendo side I doubt we will see anything, the VirtualBoy is a wound that started healing only recently afterall. Probably Nintendo will keep a close look at how the Oculus and other upcoming VR systems will do before decide if join in.



BakaKnight commented on Ubisoft's Unreleased and Finished Wii U Game H...:

Very likely this is the game they are not releasing O_O;
This is the definition of "unappeling to gamers, trap for casuals" a genre very strong on Wii, but the WiiU need a bigger userbase for turn such games in easy profits..... for the first time I'm almost hoping the WiiU to never succed, at least not too much ^^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Appears t...:

Definitely I'm not interested in games offering this option. As soon as Hyrule Warriors offered me to do it I refused and made sure to never hear of it again ^_^;
Still if there is any positive point in achievements that noone can deny then it must be the random weird names and seems like the devellopers of DK:TF were getting them right XD



BakaKnight commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

Personally I give little to no weight to a review score, I find way more useful to read the actual review for understand if a game is for me. However I admit I find useful a list of scores if I'm only curious to check how the critics and/or the public received a game.
To be fair scores as concepts are not a bad thing, they are just a little data at the end of a review; problem is that nowaday those little numbers, stars or other random unit are considered much more important then the review itself. A reviewer can be right or wrong only depending on how he/she scored a game, no matter what he/she actually wrote about it and too many people seems to decide if purchase a game depending by the scores alone (for not mention the "Metacritic" matter).

It's not even useful to change scores for an "advice word" as gamexplain or Eurogamer; people will just start to give a value to every "advice", -Recomanded- so it's a 9-10 game, -Average- could be a 7 or 6, we are all too used to scores for not translate any sort of evaluation into it.

Still I think Nintendolife could manage to remove scores pretty easily, the Conclusion at the end of each review is usually a well written short text covering the resume-purpose of scores or one-worded advices without however sacrificing the meaning. On this site for remove scores is only needed to phisically remove that number and those stars at the end of the review, no need to change anything else or replace them.

Still I doubt any sites will follow Eurogamer example and I wonder if EG will last on its decision, afterall review sites need users and to be highly rated in the community and sadly scores conquered such an important place that for some sites I'm afraid it could be an half suicide to try to take them down...