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BakaKnight commented on The Next Splatfest in North America is About H...:

So glad this is the NA Splatfest, train is the only travel option I can really say I like and it's not there XD

Hopefully the European Splatfest will have a theme I can relate more with (then again it's not THAT important, any excuse is good for toss some extra ink around XP).



BakaKnight commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

A ton of people here are taking too lightly what copyright means and most importantly what could happen if a company doesn't apply it for defend their properties ^_^;;;

I'm sorry for the guy if this will cause him troubles, but he left the Pokemon company with very little choice... Promoting around the PAX his own event with official Pikachu and Snivy images, the PokeCompany not only had to stop him, but they had to stop him with as little discount as possible for make sure noone will be tempted to follow his example.

That's usually the biggest problem with these cases, be too nice once and then you are screwed when someone else will make the same "mistake", you can't really have exceptions lying around in a court, you know? >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (Europe):

The day finally arrived! At the worst time however I have no time in my schedule for an extra game... Maybe I'll buy it only for support the serie with the naive hope they'll consider in future to release in the west the most recent titles for 3DS.



BakaKnight commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

Not sure about the full matter, there are a ton of details that need to be addressed one by one for understand how much these voice actors are right in their demands, but at least getting the infos about what you are getting casted for sound fair enough, I can't believe they usually have to accept the job without knowing what they signed into >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Extreme Exorcism (Wii U eShop):

"It would have certainly benefitted from having online capabilities for this mode, but it's hard to fault it for lacking connectivity when the core gameplay is so much fun."

Is it wrong that I'm positively shocked, almost moved, in reading this line? ;_;
It's so rare to see a review not destroying a game for the lack of online, I find it so incredible that I keep reading the paragraph cause I doubt I read it correctly XD;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

No challange really drop the interest I have for this game...

It's quite ironical, I was hoping the game to not be too strict as sometimes this kind of games limit too much the player creativity with their super picky characters, but having them completly agree with whatever you do is equally terrible DX



BakaKnight commented on Review: Star Sky (Wii U eShop):

I couldn't agree more with the review, this "game"/"poem" have some kind of charm and magic that makes it perfect for short breaks between hard challanging games, but the contenent is too thin.
It's great to see for a change a minimalistic game where the player is invited to fill the blanks with imagination instead than having every single pixel explained, but Star Sky have so many blanks that my imagination pretty much had to do all the work and I'm still unsure if that makes the game very weak or really ingenious XD;



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pai...:

Kimishima does sound like a good safe bet for Nintendo. He has a ton of experience where Nintendo need it most and he has the right "wingmen" for cover where needed.
However I have to say... he look so serious he scares me a bit XD I can't see him acting fun like Iwata, if anything I hope he won't scold us youngsters if/when he'll show up in a direct ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI DX (3DS):

Can't wait to get this game, and hopefully I'll do so day one, even if I couldn't care less a week ago XD
Loved the demo, first time I'm really eating away the limited uses (and it's not a joke on the one use, the demo actually have 30 uses, probably they did a huge mistake when they uploaded it the first time).

Demo plus a very good review that show and underline how the game is rich of fun contenent, I ignored vocaloid for years, but Miku finally managed to trick me this time around! XP



BakaKnight commented on Video: When Nintendo Life Met Shigeru Miyamoto...:

And people think clickbait articles are the worst, what about this one made only for show off? Damn you lucky b... XD

Anyway I'm very glad for you guys, but if all this happened unexpectedly... gee, be careful for the next year or two, you probably have no luck left for a long while ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (Europe):

I can't believe it, but I'm tempted by Project Mirai despite my complete lack of Rhytm; a good excuse with music and rules for mash buttons, really stress releaving!

I'll have to totally avoid Super Mario Maker instead, as game making I like to have fun in Unity, I don't need a fix in that way (even if the results I could have in Super Mario maker would be 1000000 times more playable and fun XD;;; ).



BakaKnight commented on Mario Slam Basketball Rated By The Australian ...:

Loved this game, perfect for doing quick matches on the Handheld, I lost the count for how long I played this game on the train.

Having it on a home console could kill a bit its longevity I'm afraid, but it's always great to see new titles getting easy again to retrieve, in Italy this was a game not easy to find in stores even at launch if I remember well.



BakaKnight commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

Honestly I had lag matters both with japanese and not-japanese players, if anything when there is the lag then it's crazier from japan, with people getting splatted five seconds after I hitted them XD (But I underline, if and when lag happens).

Personally I levelled up my rank till reaching A+ and S while playing and even splatting Japanese people, I really see no technical/lag problem with them, if anything most of the Japanese players are incredible allies and fearsome opponents and I can't really complain about that.



BakaKnight commented on Video: Even Reggie Is Crazy About Runbow:

This is great advertisement for the game, Nindies are surely getting a nice treatment from Nintendo.
To be fair I'm avoiding Runbow, the preview made me totally uninterested in it, but with all the attention and love is getting, they are making me feel like I should buy it anyway >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Video: Splatoon's Rainmaker Mode is Possibly t...:

So Rainmaker it's a name that actually respect the cultural origins of the weapon and make a ton of sense?
The italian name just turned in a terrible choice then, "Bazookarp" is just a terrible pun with no history in it, it's kinda sad that some localization teams decided to ignore the cultural references in favor of fish jokes (as if the game doesn't already have enough of them >.>; ).



BakaKnight commented on Splatoon Version 2.1.0 Update to Fix Some Bugs...:

The field of view change and in a problematic way when using the Roller? I use the roller so much I barely remember how to use a gun and still I never noticed that prolem ^_^;;;
Then again... I use the Carbon Roller, when I lift it overhead the animation last a second or less, maybe the camera doesn't even have the time to change the view XD



BakaKnight commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Will Shoot Its Way ...:

Great games and I had fun playing them, but I honestly don't feel to double tip ^_^; But anyone that still didn't play them should totally do themselves a favor and download them. With these new collection there are really no excuses left XP



BakaKnight commented on 3DS Saber Rider Game Back In Development, Kick...:

They only forgot the goal for port the game to NX, PS5 and the next XBox, and there was litterally everything there XD

It's even a weird kickstarter... usually these projects are very realistic professional ideas or crazy impossible dreams of beginners; in this case the main project sound very legit, but those stretch goals pretty much cover everything, from ports to people cameos to additional contenent, it's like they grabbed any idea they had and tossed it there >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

@gatorboi352 The figure is the main appeal right now and my point is that it will remain the main appeal sadly ^_^;
I love them as figures, but I'm not the only one that was hoping to see Nintendo doing more interesting stuffs with amiibo in games, especially involving already released amiibo, increasing every figure data-value and charm game after game.
However that value is now pirated and if the piracy will prove popular enough then Nintendo could decide to play safe with amiibo and keep pointing mainly on the figure value while leaving to a minimun any in-game use.



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

Not sure anyone already pointed this out, but my problem with devices like amiiqo is the way they could potentially kill amiibo future.
Since amiibo datas now can be recovered without purchasing the figures then there is no way that Nintendo will make a bigger use of amiibo in games. Giving a true and big data value to those pretty figures would be just a piracy incentive now -.-;;;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe):

Wait... Senran kagura is 30€ on the eShop?
I wonder how much the game will cost in stores if they'll decide to distribute the phisical release then... I'm gonna take the risk and wait for now, my apologies to Marvelous I know this is not the good helpful attitude a supporter of these games should have ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Looks at Dr. Mario...:

@Henmii To be fair it's not just an anime, Journey to the west is an old famous oriental novel that received ton of adaptations and inspired many works along the centuries, I wouldn't be surprised if they even teach it in schools since the cultural impact it had.
In Bowser's design case the anime is the clear reference since it's the oax of that adaptation that inspired Miyamoto, but it shouldn't be the case with every work and element inspired by the novel (or maybe it could be the case, most old literatures nowaday are know cause of cartoons based on them instead then the original work >.>; ).



BakaKnight commented on Freedom Planet Release Bound by Bug:

A painful, but understandable delay, I wonder how unlucky a develloper can be for manage to build a game with a bug that happens only on the customers' consoles.

Anyway I really hope they'll beat this bug, after the preview this is probably my most anticipated Indie title and my pc is not an option for gaming >.<



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Announces Another Run of the Splatoon...:

Is it bad that I'm tempted to play the demo? It would be SO relaxing to massacre some newbies after all the hard battles in rank mode XD

Then again I don't want to ruin their fun and risk to damage Nintendo's sales on this awesome title >.>;

@Nicolai You got me even before I could say/post it...



BakaKnight commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Snappy Coaster Sets in...:

They really exagerated with the star cost this time...

I admit I like those coasters, 2500 stars for get a set including two coasters of each kind (like in the article's picture) could have tricked me maybe, but luckily it's 2500 for only two coasters of the same type, my stars are safe XD;



BakaKnight commented on Video: Drench Yourself in Splatoon's New Rainm...:

Love the new mode, played it a lot Yesterday and it's a wonderful mess when the rainmaker get dropped in the wrong places XD

I even managed to get a crazy victory by grabbing the rainmaker and shoot-dash towards the goal from the start point, 10 super intense seconds in which I had no clue where allies and opponents were, I just swimmed as fast as my inkling could XD;;;



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

The main problem is not what he said, but that he said stuffs that the company filed under the "not share or you get fired" label. There are surely a ton of really sensible infos in there, so it makes totally sense that he got fired, else if the next time an employ will reveal something really important they won't be able to do anything (exceptions and precedents can really become a matter in these cases).
The fact that Nintendo is keeping under secret even less important informations is a different matter, they should/can/could/whatever change their policy and what kind of infos are "supersecret", but if you work there you should first make sure the company changed such policy before speak at a podcast.

That said I'm sorry for him that he lost the job, he tossed it upon himself, but it's pretty clear that he didn't meant to harm neither gamers or Nintendo, he only took too lightly what he could or could not say; not forgivable on a company side, but understandable on the human one (and honestly I'm not sure if in his place I would have avoided to do the same big mistake ^_^; )



BakaKnight commented on Exclusive: Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of...:

I admit the cast is great, even super ultra awesome, but more than hype me it makes me wish such cast was in another game ^_^;

Nothing against Runbow itself, but having so many unique characters in a game where every character play the same is almost illegal! I don't pretend a indie smash bros, but I would love to see such cast in a game where every character can at least show off one of their unique abilities.

Anyway this is a start, hopefully we will keep seeing this indie-crossover approch going on and taking more risks



BakaKnight commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

@Aromaiden Your right about experience, even if, of all the things points influence in Turf War, that was the only one I didn't consider ^_^;
For example points influence the special gauge and are even used at the end of the match for rank players. I'm aware the first can be considered a balance thing while the latter means nothing in gameplay afterall, but in my opinion a little fix to the difference between inking little by little versus inking ground a lot at a time is needed in the core of the game, not just in the gear's skill the update mention.



BakaKnight commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

"There was a slight difference in the special gauge increase when inking ground little by little versus inking ground a lot at a time."

That's not just a matter of the special charge up, for what I saw the same happen in collecting points in Turf War, it would indeed explain while chargers barely does any point vs aerospray getting up to a thousand without even trying. I hope they fixed this completly, not just for the gear ability.

That said... what I most care about the update anyway is getting to try new weapons and gear, I leave nerfs and buffs to the "pro-gamers" XD



BakaKnight commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

@Dakt Pixels (I mean THE pixels, not the movie) and arcades are not that old come on! 50-something is a stretch, I'm in my 20-something and I have a fond memory of pixels and arcades, and some of those historical games were still around and working too when I was a kid (althought I admit the popularity of arcades was starting to decline right in that period). Anyway, age-knighting apart, I totally agree with you.



BakaKnight commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Bursts Out Onto ...:

Gah! So soon?!?! I thought it was coming in Autumn!!!
It should be a great news when a game arrive sooner than expected, but I do NOT have time now for add new games DX
It's not even the first time I'm leaving a comment like this in few days, good thing that August as no game releases XD



BakaKnight commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

Interesting, that's pretty much like playing a 3D game and 2D game at the same time, it looks very cool, but I also fear it a lot, how am I supposed to focus on a screen when both look so great and different? I can already feel my eyes like in a pinball, bumping up and down desperately XD

"Luckily" the risk is null since how much Squarenix love to localize Dragon Quest in the west >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

Legend of kay for me! ...or so I would like to say, but it has a bad timing for try to join my games' list and the highest of its range prices on Wii U, a very bad combo ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

Oh, I see, that's why the European Splatfest was Eating versus Sleeping, it acted as a reminder too XD

Anyway I hope they won't blindly raise the level cap, that thing was useful for slowly unlock weapons and therefore discovery the game little by little instead than be overwhelmed with contenent.
I'll see a reason in a new level cap only if they'll add in such update also a TON of new weapons and gears; else they'll end to add only a skinner box and this game already have enough tricks and traps keeping us hooked ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Vote For The Next Character To Appear In Disne...:

It's hard to believe to some of those entries, they should be in the game since the first game... Then again even Donald joined only in 2.0 cause it's totally a secondary Disney character >.>;;;

Well, I should be glad, I'm not interest in Disney Infinity, but too much nostalgia could have tricked me. Good thing they focus mostly on the franchises made after the begin of the century.