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Mon 3rd June, 2013

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b5234 commented on Feature: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U - What D...:

This is what we know for certain about the new Zelda on WiiU:

It will have a Collector's Edition that will sell out immediately and be sold for 5 times the price on eBay thanks to Nintendo not making adequate quantities.



b5234 commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

There are ACTUAL problems for women in many countries today, spend your time helping them instead.
To think that a group of American women can try and push a feminist agenda on a venerable Japanese company like Nintendo brings a whole new meaning to the word narcissist. It is THEIR ART alone and is not up to you to decide what they do with it. They chose to make Link a man and Zelda a woman because they felt like it, end of story. If another group was calling for Samus to be a man in the next game, I would be JUST AS ANNOYED.

To those who feel like they can push their agenda/religion/beliefs on to others for their own gain: F*CK YOU!!!



b5234 commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

What a lazy thing to do. This is a massive insult to long time Nintendo supporters such as myself. I have noticed a huge drop in the quality of prizes the last few years, but this takes the cake. The cool thing about club Nintendo was that you could get EXCLUSIVE prizes not found anywhere else. This sucks.



b5234 commented on Developer Interview: Next Level Games And Nint...:

Can the developers please tell me why when you are moving left or right in this game, the camera won't scroll until Luigi gets close to the side of the screen, and he gets even closer when running. This hinders your ability to see things you are about to walk or run into. I think everything else in the game is great, but that honestly ruined the experience for me. Having the character in the center of the screen or towards the back when scrolling left or right is ideal since you can see more before running into it. The new animal crossing seems guilty of the same thing. WHAT GIVES?!?!?