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Thu 10th Mar 2011

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azz1844 commented on Review: Play with Birds (WiiWare):

Nintendo have consistently shown they don't care about their online services at all. They have put so little effort into anything. Online gaming is half-and lacks many basic features that are standard for XBOX360 and PS3 games, WiiWare games are mostly crud (compared to a lot of awesome XBOX Live Arcade games), and re-releases of games on Virtual Console are incredibly lackluster (some missing features that even the originals had, compared with XBOX Live Arcade HD remakes which tend to have improved graphics, features, and added online).
It's a shame that a company like Nintendo, who can make such quality game franchises, should put such a poor effort into these features. It makes me wish for the first time ever that Nintendo would give up on hardware and just work on games and peripherals.



azz1844 commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

The blue shell doesn't particularly help the person who usually gets it (unless maybe it's a 2 or 3 player only race). The people most likely to get one are those at the back, who are always more likely to get the more powerful weapons. However, from Double Dash!! the blue shell only hits the player in first place... so there's still a load of people in front of the person who fired it who are unaffected... meaning it's not THAT useful to them, it just screws over the person in 1st. It should at least return to the N64 style where it would hit other players on the way through, and make more of an impact on 1st place.

Whilst Mario Kart: Double Dash!! might not have been everyone's favourite (I loved it, personally), it was by far the best in terms of options and customization (various options for items, can change lap numbers, co-op grand prix, all-against-all battle mode [instead of teams only, argh!!], Shine Steal and Bob-omb mode). They should bring back these options, including individual item options for vs races.