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Wed 17th Oct 2012

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azelsperch commented on Under-Age Workers Allegedly Worked on Wii U Ma...:

@Shworange When Jobs said there was nothing he could do to move manufacturing here, he didn't mean that manufacturing couldn't exist here, but that the current laws and environment couldn't make it financially possible. If all of Apple's competitors are using Foxconn and they aren't, then suddenly the competition has a huge leg up in terms of turnaround speed. The only way to bring manufacturing back would be to change the rules of the game such as increasing taxes on foreign made goods. Look at Brazil and how they refused to accept Apple products made from China. They heavily taxed the items and forced production to take place in Brazil. The cost went up, but it worked out. Similarly, if change is to really happen, it likely won't be Apple, but the US government that makes it happen.