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Wed 1st Dec 2010

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Ayer99 commented on First Impressions: Trine 2: Director's Cut:

Meh..... I've played the first two (yes, there is a first) on the PC.... And they were good games, but get somewhat repetitive near the end..... As a note to all Nintendo gamers (like my self) on the fence about this game, approach with caution. There isn't really any great platforming elements, and the puzzles, while challenging, are often frustrating and somewhat gimmicky. Still fun games, just not great.



Ayer99 commented on Petit Computer Lets You Make Games on Your DSi...:

Being a somewhat experience game programmer, it is hard enough with a full keyboard in front of you. Yes, some people will make use of this, but at the end of the day, they could be doing so much more in a more capable compiler....



Ayer99 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Xenoblade, Skyrim, Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Portal 2, Civilization V, Chrono Trigger..... Yeah, pretty busy right now. Dang mothers day gotta get in the way though! Lol (just kidding of course)



Ayer99 commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Over-Reliant on Sup...:

I am by no means tired of Mario. Do I think that it would be nice to see Link and Samus getting the spotlight a little more often.... Of course. But at the end of the day, nothing sells quite like a Mario game....



Ayer99 commented on Rising Star Explains Rune Factory: Oceans Wii ...:

This game was by no means bad, but it felt much more bland to me than Frontier. Farming isn't nearly as fun and combat isn't much better..... There are cooler dungeons though, so I guess you Europeans have that to look forward to if this ever goes your way (which it absolutely should).



Ayer99 commented on North America Nintendo Video Service Due "Late...:

Okay people, stop complaining about NOA. I would like to see you guys run such a giant company that has to deal with so many issues and still try to go out of their way just to provide us with stuff that we don't really need, just to keep us from going online and complaining about how we don't get this or that.



Ayer99 commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

If you judge this game only on it's story, sure, its a 5. But look farther into multiplayer, it is an 8.



Ayer99 commented on Sega Lets Loose with New Conduit 2 Screens and...:

Hopefully this won't be like goldeneye. A lot of game modes that are only available online. I wish Activision would have put more effort into local multiplayer, as that is where the original game excelled.