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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Pulled from Virtual Console


I was completely addicted to this when I was little, and could beat Shredder on a semi-consistent basis. (I had to use Don and time the strikes perfectly, since giving Shredder ANY room would result in him one-shotting you into a regular turtle.) Loved the difficulty and the soundtrack.

Re: Review: And Yet It Moves (WiiWare)


I love the quirkiness of this game, yet after the second chapter I just started feeling bored. There are a couple puzzles that really put the rotation mechanics to good use, but overall they felt underutilized. Don't know if I'll ever go back to it.

Re: Review: Nanostray (DS)


Nanostray is a decent game, but the sequel completely overshadows it. I absolutely hated using the touch screen to change weapons, and that was fixed in Nanostray 2.

Re: Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS)


I agree with ReZon. This was definitely the best DS game of 2009. Capy (the developers) have flawlessly created an rpg-puzzle hybrid that, with just a few simple rules and the randomness of troop placement, becomes insanely addicting in an instant.

Re: Review: Star Fox (Super Nintendo)


I'm STILL in awe of this game. The SNES shouldn't have been able to run this, but it did in spectacular fashion. The Star Fox games have gotten progressively worse (I didn't even think Star Fox 64 was that great), and it's sad that this isn't on the VC yet. Great review!

Re: USA WiiWare Update: Gradius Rebirth


Finally! I thought they'd never release this in the U.S. I've only gotten past the first two stages but I like it; the graphics are definitely retro, but there are some cool effects that could definitely not be done on the NES.

Plus you can actually level other abilities besides speed, like missiles and lasers, and save your score attack replays. Well done, Konami.

Re: USA VC Update: Life Force


Perhaps it's because I never had a C64 system myself, but I don't understand why a gamer would get excited about this. There are still a TON of NES, SNES, N64, and Genesis classics that have yet to be released, and with the U.S. only getting one VC game a week, we can expect to see fewer of these releases as C64 games get added to the mix.

Could someone please enlighten me?

Re: USA VC Update: MUSHA


Looks pretty good. My problem is that, besides Ikaruga, no vertical shooter has really intrigued me. I prefer horizontal shooters. This looks interesting, though, so I might give it a try.

Re: USA WiiWare Update: Planet Pachinko and Jungle Speed


I second Cosmic Encounter, although I just ordered the new boardgame version. There are a ton of great Eurogames that take a long time to set up and would benefit from going digital. Still, all that tactile feel will be lost, and there would be no board to flip or bits to throw when someone gets upset.