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Fri 29th Oct 2010

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avalanche commented on You Can Gaze At This Super Mario 25th Annivers...:

Looks like a decent package. I too wish they included Super Mario World, as that was the last "classic" side-scroller for Mario before the "New" games.

I wonder if it will still be 4x3, or if there will be 16x9 support.



avalanche commented on Review: Fester's Quest (NES):

7/10 here.

I sunk many, many hours into this one. Pair Fester's Quest with the NES Max controller, then power up your gun to the maximum. The turbo buttons made it easy to lay waste to the aliens.

Never was able to get past the third boss. This game was tough as nails.



avalanche commented on Review: DuckTales (NES):

I received this game for Christmas shortly after getting the NES, and played it to death. Managed to find the sequel used - about 15 years later - but never really got into that one.