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I get paid BILLIONS just to read Nintendolife ALL DAY hahahaha.

Mon 4th March, 2013

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audiobrainiac commented on Matters Of Import: Final Fantasy Explorers Fig...:

@Dipper723 yeah I know that's where I played them originally. That's just my wishful thinking talking. I doubt Nintendo fans will ever get them. At least we Bravely Default. Other than that, Square Enix disappoints me. TheatRhythm seems like a taunt for the games we never had on Nintendo consoles and they'll never give us. But I digress, Xenoblade is coming.



audiobrainiac commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

Tryin' to melt the ice surrounding the New Nintendo 3DS are ya love? Nice effort, but i KNEW he wasnt gonna give up THAT goose just yet. Wont be for a while. Surely he knows we're all aware of it by now. Dual simultaneous perspectives in the new Star Fox? That makes me so happy. Perhaps that concept can be applied to a new Metroid for Wii U somehow so as to satisfy 'Prime AND traditional side scrolling Metroid fans? Afterall multiple perspectives seems be the gamepad's strong suit. Could be neat.



audiobrainiac commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

I love Nintendo but, I don't feel very rewarded with this selection. I mean I have had all the ones I love off this list for quite some time. We at least need some new VC releases. Guess they're just gonna ride Smash and Pokemon out the rest of the year as the best new offerings but, dang man. Throw us a frickin' bone here.



audiobrainiac commented on Star Fox (Tentative Title):

It'd be awesome if they give players the option of a first person, cockpit view and free roaming in space battles instead of everything on rails, though I love the old games :)



audiobrainiac commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

He certainly earned his vacation and honestly if he feels he needs to step away from Smash for a long time/forever, I wouldn't hold it against him. I'll cherish these current Smash games play the heck out of them. I'm sure Nintendo won't put just anyone in charge of future Smash games as valuable as the franchise is to them and consumers.



audiobrainiac commented on Kickstarter Project Wants to Turn Your Game Bo...:

It's be great if I had a Gameboy but I just, don't LOVE Gameboy games THAT much. I always wanted one when I was a kid and I respect what it did for the industry and love it. Now that I'm grown and can afford all the games I want, I'm quite happy with playing my fav Gameboy games on my 3DS XL :)