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Re: New Super Mario Bros 2 & Kirby announcement


warioswoods wrote:

Hmm... I don't know.

I loved NSMB on the Wii, but I found the original DS game to have the blandest level design in the history of Mario's main series. Now, if NSMB2 were to take a cue from SMB2 and feature a crazy, imaginative alternate world filled with all the odd elements from that black-sheep classic, I'd be all over it. But if it uses all the same art assets as the first game, what's the dang point?

I thought so as well, and I sold the game after playing through it the first time. However I was then forced to go back to it to create a guide showing all of the Star Coins for work (www.videogamesblogger, now my former gig) and you know what happened? I fell in love with it. I don't know, I think it's like with a music album.... often times, such as with Flyleaf's Sophomore effort Memento Mori, I didn't like that album until I listened to it beginning to end and then some for the FIFTH time. And then I loved it. Same with NSMB DS, not until I was forced to get every Coin did I somehow come to the realization that it was actually brilliantly designed. Because I had the SAME exact opinion as you, in so much that I hated the game and thought it was THE worst thing Nintendo had ever done (I should add that I never have, still, gotten around to playing the Wii version). But I ended up changing my tune.

And now that my tune has changed, I'm thinking I should revisit Yoshi's Island DS, cause I had the same opinion about that game when I first played through it for my review:

My chief complaint with both games, and some of Nintendo's more recent titles, were that they weren't memorable. NSMB DS was like the epitomy of that. And I still think so, although now I no longer think the level design was horrible. Although BLAND, I do think I agree with you there for the most part. But I still think you should think about revisiting it and really playing through it with the goal of finding all the Coins, and see if your opinion changes.

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