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Re: DreamRift: Publishers Are Scared Of Piracy


To this day I've resisted the VERY REAL pull of piracy (EarthBound, Mother and Mother III being the exception. Goddammit! I HATE YOU NINTENDO! HATE YOU!). But it becomes ever harder, especially when you actually stop to think that you could be playing games you cannot afford, if only you'd cross that "moral line" that so many other folks have no problem crossing.

I'm a Christian, so holding strong to that moral line comes naturally in the face of bitter dissent and mockery. Regardless, piracy can be overcome if the product itself is strong enough. Minecraft is the perfect example, as are most Nintendo games. Which still, generally, sell extremely well and are commercial and critical successes. I think developers are too quick to point a finger at piracy. At the same time, people are too quick to dismiss piracy as having an effect, when everyone knows that "every vote" does indeed matter once they are all added up (and Obama wins the popular vote by only 5 million votes).

Having said that, piracy is still no guarantee whatsoever that the pirate would have actually bought the product. And no one can claim that, since the pirate could just as easily got his hands on the game second hand, through rental, through keeping a rental (bad credit be damned!), outright physical theft, borrowed it from a friend, bought it used (wherein the developer sees no profit, so its the same difference) or a ton of other options.

Plus companies like Nintendo bite their own ass when they keep games like EarthBound from the consumers who want them. Square is being smart by releasing all their old classic RPGs that matter into every market, from Android to Kindle to iTunes, etc. If a person can pirate something much easier than they can buy it legitimately, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

Re: Didn't Pick Up The Pink 3DS XL? Hard Luck


I'm one of the few straight men who have always wanted to buy a pink portable game system and would have no problems using it in public. I love pink. And this thing looks gorgeous. Since I never have bought a pink portable in the past (hey I love pink, but other colors like black kick ass too) maybe I should start with this one! lights goes off in head

Re: Virtual Console Games Will Eventually Be Playable On Wii U GamePad Alone


@Rapadash6 I couldn't agree more. Nintendo really needs to get their act together. Although they seem to think it doesn't harm them, because sales of games they do release on eShop/VC are good, it does hurt them in the longrun, as it ensures people will simply go to PSN/XBLA/Steam to get their retro fix instead of buying a game they were looking forward to. That, or they simply download it illegally. With good reason.

I don't yet own a Wii U, but hearing this type of thing makes me more hesitant to get one. Having said that, it will be nice to be able to download GCN games (even though I still buy/trade for them regularly. And play them more than current gen stuff) and very cool to be able to play VC games on the GamePad.

Hopefully Nintendo will continue to make progress forward and not go backward in regards to not forcing people to re-purchase digital titles. Ease-of-use and satisfying the core gamer/Nintendo fan who spent lots of money on your last system should be TOP PRIORITY. Especially with the 720 and PS4 still to come, Nintendo needs to do everything they can not to alienate their base one iota.

Re: GameStop Reports 320,000 Wii U Sales Since Launch


GameStop is kinda like Walmart, popular to hate. Yet not without good reason. Yet at the same time, you can often save money/time by simply going to GameStop/Walmart rather than going to a better store, but having to pay more.

I shop at GameStop quite often, it's fun to just go in and browse and see if they have any used retro games for cheap to pick up. You can always find amazing deals, of course you can also find amazing deals online, but then you have to pay for shipping and wait for it to come in the mail. GameStop offers that instant gratification.

It does completely depend on the employees as well as far as your experience goes. Sadly I can't STAND the stupid manager at the GameStop near me, and his presence sometimes stops me from going in. I love everyone else, so that's what sucks about it. Regardless I still go in quite often and have applied for a job there a few times. Never got any calls back though... like Walmart, maybe it's for the best, eh.

Re: Toki Tori Flying Over To North American 3DS eShop This Week


Awesome news. I still remember when I read the PREVIEW for this game way back in 2001 in EGM, and was very sad that it never came out.

For many, many years I never forgot the name "Toki Tori" and considered it to be a lost gem that I always hoped they would someday release.

Happy to see that that day is NOW!

Re: Review: Mickey's Speedway USA (Nintendo 64)


I remember the praise for this game pretty clearly, and like someone else said it's one of those titles that I always wanted to play but never got around to it. Although I have a vague remembering of renting the game and being disappointed. I think like someone else said, I may have found it too "bland". I think if I went back and played it today I might enjoy it though.

I recently went on a little Mario Kart bent by playing all the way through Mario Kart: Super Circuit (and then failing to be able to pass the FINAL track before the unlockable one the final cup on 150cc. Still is pissing me off to think about it) and then Mario Kart 7 (which I hated. I promptly traded it after beating and reviewing it for VideoGamesBlogger). I kinda had the itch to go back and play all the Mario Kart's and ones I didn't care for before like Mario Kart DS. Thinking about it, I also never got around to playing Diddy Kong Racing even though I own a loose cart of it.

Reading this review makes me wanna go and get both of them and play through Diddy and Mickey. Still to this day I always want to buy Mickey's Speedway USA whenever I see it at an entertainment exchange shop... I've thought about it many times. So I'll probably actually pick it up next time.

Thanks for the review!

Re: Gnomz


I'm really intrigued by these titles. I just wrote an article about them on my website. They look fun, sadly I don't have friends to play the first one with, but 2 Fast 4 Gnomz looks like a game I'm seriously considering trying out. Although I never played Bit.Trip Runner so...

Re: Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS


This was a nice little feature.

I've been immensely satisfied with the first year of the 3DS, I play it more than any other system. Having said that, I'm also a diehard oldschooler, so the game I've played more than any else in the past two months or so was.... 3D Classics: Xevious. And this coming from someone who never played the original Xevious.

And before that it was Mario Kart: Super Circuit from the Ambassador titles. Sooo,mI also played the heck out of Ocarina of Time 3D, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Mario Land and Super Mario 3D Land. I think Nintendo has done a fine job so far.

@k8sMum I think this is true. It's funny, the other week I didn't bring my netbook to a Bible Study because I was in a rush, but I ALWAYS bring my 3DS with me (because of the pedometer, actually. I love to take a look at it and find out how many steps I've taken) and I ended up using Swapnote for the first time, to take notes! It was funny to see the reactions of the young college-age kids there with me, a few gave me questioning looks lol. But it actually worked quite well. The guy in front of me (we were at Starbucks) had his giant laptop on the table blocking my view, so it was actually nice to have this little system in front of me that can also take notes. I say this as a guy who doesn't own and hasn't owned any Apple products, so no iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad for me. If I had one I may have used that instead.

I think it's great that Nintendo seems to really be pushing Spirit Camera, and with the fact that Resident Evil: Revelations and RE: Mercenaries 3D and Snake Eater 3D just came out, I think it bodes well for the future and for Nintendo getting behind some more Mature titles. Revelations is the game I want the most BY FAR on any system, and I'll likely be buying it after I pick up Xenoblade Chronicles.

As mentioned in this article though, it'll be really interesting and a real test of the 3DS' strength (or lack thereof) once E3 comes around and we learn more about the Wii U and a release date. Will the PS Vita overshadow the 3DS? Will the hype for Wii U hurt the 3DS? I think the 3DS has done quite well with a number of original games, but it also has a TON of ports. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think ports like Devil Survivor OverClocked and Tales of the Abyss are GREAT examples of ports done right. As is Snake Eater. I also am surprised at how many great fighting games the 3DS has: Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Super Street Fighter IV 3D and BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, the 3DS is doing a pretty good job of covering all the bases when you really think about it. And it has enough RPG, Fighting and Survival Horror titles to satisfy those hardcore niche audiences that love those games,

I think that bodes well for the future. Personally I'm most looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 2 (never played the original... yet. Always wanted it), Paper Mario (another series I've never played >_<), Fire Emblem (ditto. Sending a pattern?) and Animal Crossing. Those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. But I'm really looking forward to what Nintendo has in store at E3. I'm hoping for a new 2D Metroid or a remake/remastering of Super Metroid.... And I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo will bring the whole Mother series or EarthBound to 3DS in reworked/remastered form.....

Btw I was really surprised to hear all this talk of the StreetPass as if it was a feature... I think there's something I don't know about... I've still yet to click on the Mii Plaza so maybe that's what all the talk is about?

Re: Review: 2 Fast 4 Gnomz (WiiWare)


I've never played Bit.Trip.Runner or any of these auto-run games, but this game looks REALLY awesome and like a heck of a lot of fun to me.

I may actually pick this game up sometime. Think I'll write an article about these Gnomz games on my website, they seem like the type of hidden gems that few know about but that can offer quite a bit of fun if you go into the games knowing what to expect. Thanks for the great review!

Re: Review: Gnomz (WiiWare)


Wow I had never heard of this game. I got here from the Nintendo Download March 29th page. This game actually looks like tons of fun to me, I just wish I had people to play it with. I don't, so it's a no-go for me since there is no online multiplayer. Even if I were to buy it, I only have three Wii Remotes .. guess we could play three player. Looks like a simple but fun title. And I love the hilarious style.

Re: Review: 90's Pool (DSiWare)


It always completely bewilders me that Nintendo releases games like this or allows them to be released. I mean does anyone actually buy these types of games? I guess the answer is "kinda" from the few people in the comments who have, but it still mystifies me. If Nintendo is going to release a game like this, they should release a high quality title alongside it, and not 90s Pool alone or leave it as the only DSi title.

Re: Out Now: History of Nintendo: Volume 2 - Game & Watch


I'm a big fan of videogame books so I can't wait to get my hands on this. Of course I am penny-less (much less dollarfull... get it? ) so it'll be some time before I can get my hands on one. But I'd definitely love to give it a read. I remember back in the day, I used to go to my local library to do nothing but peruse their videogame-related books section. Although it was usually slim, that's where I read awesome titles like Masters of Doom and Opening the Xbox.

I wrote a long article recently on the History of Portable Systems at my website, give it a read if you're so inclined. I did lots of research for it and was fascinated by the Game & Watch stuff. You can find the site on my profile.