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Wed 23rd Apr 2014

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astrogamer commented on ​Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The ...:

People probably aren't paying attention but leaving the CONSOLE game business isn't the same as leaving the game business. Mobile is a huge market as is arcade machines. This means their IPs aren't going to be sold for the most part. Virtual Console and Playstation Classics will likely be supported, but new games won't be all that common. Heck most of the talent has already left Konami so it will be hard to say how they will approach the market with new games



astrogamer commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

Youtube can be very helpful... if your game falls in certain categories. The problem is Nintendo doesn't really hit those categories. The first category is how easy it is to buy. Nintendo games require the Nintendo console so that limits convenience of purchase (ignoring Nintendo's site as that's something no one knows). Looking at the list, most of those are significantly less than $60 which is signifcant easier to buy into. Youtube games (games successful from Youtube) tend to be ones that align with the personality of the Youtuber as well so, games where you can create your own fun like Sandbox (Minecraft, Garry's Mod, GTA V, DayZ) and competitive games (Every other game on that list besides Super Mario, Destiny and FNAF). FNAF is the final notable categories with its poor horror mechanics and heavy emphasis on lore (Which causes channels like Game Theory to properly join in these charts as an asset). Note that this chart doesn't even necessary improve sales as shown with Destiny's sales trajectory after September (it's been pretty abyssmal after the holiday season and wasn't exceptional during after September). I guess the reason behind Super Mario 64 is up there is the nostalgia or rather "hipster" nostalgia as I doubt the majority of those views were derived from Viewers older than 18.
If Nintendo wants to use Youtube to their advantage, they can't rely on a lot of their old IPs since most of them fail to reach these categories. This eliminates new Mario except Mario Maker, new Zelda, new Kirby, new DKC, probably new Metroid and Star Fox.



astrogamer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@XCWarrior The game was likely delayed to this May from Summer 2013 because they weren't going to finish it by the end of Summer of 2013 and golf games tend to sell the best between the period of May to August. The DLC was likely started to be implemented in the last couple months