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Sat 27th Oct 2012

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ashman87vg commented on Talking Point: Splinter Cell Director Doubts T...:

@GameLord08 I totally agree with you there. The threshold of graphics on a home system is being met due to the extreme costs of developing games such as COD ect.. I recently read an article from Crytek who have said they got the technology to move graphics to another level but financially its not viable for a few more years at least, it would make the next gen xbox or ps at least 3x the cost it is now. The public just wouldn't accept a console in the region of £500-£600. Nintendo have been smart, releasing there console now with the HD capability and the franchises that could come to the console will almost gurantee it outsells its competitors again. How many people grew up with games such as Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Donkey Kong all these franchises in full HD could be amazing.



ashman87vg commented on Wii U Stock Shortage Reports Surface in UK:

I pre-ordered mine early september very much hoping i'll recieve my pack. Amazon has stopped pre-orders in the last week, my local GAME store (Gt Yarmouth..UK) have stopped pre-orders on the basic bundle. Stock allocation must already be known by these companies for them to stop pre-orders. I believe with the UK adverts starting that nintendo's comment on stock maybe a stunt for panic pre-ordering people will inevitably panic to get there pre-orders in. Hope you all recieve your bundles.